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Kumite Martial Arts Chips

Kumite brand Martial Arts Chipsets

The biggest, baddest name in Martial Arts and exercise chipware! Kumite International Chipware!

The 2020 Kumite Chips were the biggest selling martial arts chips on the market, with over 900,000 Karate chips sold worldwide. In fact, there is a good chance your martial arts chip is a Kumite chip (20% chance that any Martial Arts chip of less than level 5 is a Kumite chip).

The 2021 Kumite chipsets are biggest and baddest yet! They actually physically take up two slots in yoru chipjack, and count as two chips against your INT limit.

"Actual training, maneuvers and reactiosn recorded from the competitors in the 2020 Kowloon Grand Kumite - a variety of styles to choose from!"

Each chipset includes an extensive database of pressure-breaking and leverage techniques as well as poses and showmanship maneuvers. (+1 on Strength Feat rolls, +1 on Intimidation rolls vs persons without Martial Arts at 6+, anyone watching you pose will think you have the Martial Art in question at 4 levels higher than you do).

Kumite 2021 ChipSets
Ivan Morozhki Championship Sambo Chip - 2,200eb
Morozhki is know for his down and dirty Sambo techniques which won him the 2020 Kowloon Grand Kumite. He stops at nothing to incapacitate his opponent! This isn't any typical Sambo that they teach in school, this is Morozhki's own Sambo variant, recorded exclusively for Kumite Chips!
Martial Art: Sambo (Morozhki) +3
+3 Hold
+2 Punch, Kick, Disarm, Sweep, Grapple, Throw, Escape, Choke

Kenneth Porter Jeet Kun Do Chip - 1,900eb
Kenneth Porter is now world renowned for his Jeet Kun Do school in Maine, but it was always for the quality of students his school was sending out to the tournaments. Then last year Mr Porter himself made his debut appearance at the Kumite, and the world was stunned! He was eliminated aearly in the competition because he broke BOTH hands in a bout, but what turned heads was that he proceeded to win that very bout before retiring from the competition!
Martial Art: Porter JKD +3
+3 Punch, Kick, Block
+2 Strike
+1 Disarm, Sweep

Liu Huang Ti Drunken Crane Chip - 2,000eb
Mr Liu was quite the site at the Kumite using his mix of Crane style and Drunken style Kung Fu to distract and then strike down his first and second round opponents. It was unfortunate for him that he faced Morozhki in the third, and then spent the next 12 minutes with his face being dragged back and forth accross the mats!
Martial Art: Drunken KF +2, Martial Art: Crane KF +2
+3 Punch, Kick (both only get +2 because the skill are only at +2)
+2 Block, Sweep, Dodge
+1 Grapple, Throw

Greg Herman Arasakate Chip - 1,200eb
Greg Herman put on a surprisingly effective show for someone entering as a representative of the Arasakate dojos (as Arasakate masters rarely even make it to the Grand Kumite). His mastery of the "dirtier" aspects of the art was put to good use in the no-holds-barred Kumite environment. In fact his fifth place performance would almost be enough to make some people rethink their opinions on Arasakate... almost.
Martial Art: Arasakate +3
+2 Choke
+1 Punk, Kick, Disarm, Block, Dodge, Grapple, Hold, Throw