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Krav Maga
The Isreali Martial Art to the World
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Krav Magá is not a martial art. Krav Magá is the only style world-wide known as an art of self-defense and not as a Martial art. There´s no tournament competitions, rules or forms (katas or katis in some martial arts).

The technique of Krav Magá is based on mind and intellectual force, no matter what the physical strength you have, and had as a goal the transference of weight as explosive force. As physics tells us, strenght is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. The strike brings to the target the striker’s bodyweight. The strike’s movement works as a spring released: the speed does not have continuous acceleration; it is released at maximum speed. Its like an explosion.

All the Krav Magá moves were created based on natural body movements and are all very simple, what makes their use easier on danger and surprise situations. The moves are short, and by consequence, fast. There are no rules. The technique was created for real-life situations application. The strikes are intended to body sensible targets, what makes the Krav Maga practicioner and his adversary even, independently from their physical strength, and makes the defense more objective. In short: Krav Magá is a simple personal defense system, fast and objetive, acessible to anyone.

This art is also taught in a few major cities in the United States (Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and several in the Los Angeles area) as well as Israel, Brazil, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden. It's taught as a means of self-defense, as well as a sport. Indeed, it's particularly well-suited to purposes of self-defense; it's full of counterattacks and ways to repel and subdue an attacker, including a lot of action to sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes and groin.

Among law enforcement agencies in the United States that use Krav Magá are the FBI; the US Coast Guard Tactical Unit, Park Service, and Treasury Department; the Texas Department of Public Safety; the State Police Departments of Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, and Pennsylvania; the Beverly Hills Police Department; and many others. Thus this is a good martial art for PCs and NPCs alike who are members of those outfits.

Game Bonuses:
IP Cost x3
Strike +2 (with staff, knife, and rifles used as staves)
Punch +3 (most often to vitals)
Kick +1 (a few good kicks)
Escape +4 (advanced training is mostly in getting out of trouble)
Block +3 (same)
Grapple +2 (to achieve the next maneuver)
Choke +3 (a very effective way to subdue an enemy)
Disarm +2

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