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Both JackAttack and the BlackHammer Project are always accepting submissions of quality cyberpunk materials and ideas for publication. Submissions do not have to be compatible with the BlackHammer Project CyberPunk rules changes, and can be for either CPunk 2013, CPunk 2020, CPunk 3 or the BlackHammer Project rules.

We are especially eager for settings and flavour material, fiction and fan-art. Although the project has so far been the work of a small group, we hope not to keep it thus. (Hey, it's not like the editor has a family and a job to keep up with too...)

All contributors will receive full credit for their work, images etc, and will retain copyright where applicable so long as it is understood that this copyright in no way challenges the copyrights held by R.Talsorian Games for Cyberpunk or any other game.

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Réthe was a small-time fixer who hooked up with Carlucci, a major arms dealer in the BAMA, as his new face-man. Carlucci saw in this man a disturbing lack of regard for human life, and slowly moved him towards enforcement instead of dealing. Réthe still maintains his own and a few of Carlucci's contacts, but he truly comes into his element only when he assembles his weapons and sets up to take care of one of Carlucci's "problem cases".


24 hours

Sprawl Scenes
A selection of minor encounters and mini-adventure seeds from the mind of the Hound.

Wot? No Guns?
A free-form scenario involving a possible paradigm change for the CyberPunk universe, as gunpowder weapons just ...stop working...

The Guns Of Oz
A full-length module by BlackRage. A great adventure incorporating many elements of the Wizard Of Oz.

A two-in-one article detailing an NPC central to an adventure as well as a concept for a campaign for multiple players where only one player is available for each game.

ScumPunk 2020
The campaign notes for our current CyberPunk campaign. A very low-end game where the players struggle their way through. Includes overviews and notes on the sessions completed.

Stimular Archetypes
Hot new tech being used as a driving plot-device in our ScumPunks campaign.

The Perfect CP2020 Villain
An article on forming and playing an excellent villain in your game.

Paranoia is Your Friend
Plot hooks and "random" encounters to screw with your players minds, and hints on keeping them on the Edge.

Musik Ist Macht   (Music Is Power)
A selection of game ideas derived from or inspired by the lyrics of various songs.

Monolyth On CyberPunk
Monolyth brings us on a tour of her gaming style along with excellent tips on running a successful and exciting CyberPunk campaign.

HiRise 2020
Monolyth presents her thoughts and findings on running a high-level, high-resources cyberpunk campaign without losing sight of the basic premises of the game.

Environmental Maladies
Article from the Stranger presenting rules for various illnesses caused by the high-pollution world of 2020, including emphysema, skin cancer, toxicity, malnutrition, and so on.

The Function of Fashion
Sunglasses at night? High-Heels and hand grenades? Rules for fashion accessories!

On Guns and CyberPunk
Walrus Slayer's Opus on Guns and CyberPunk from a discussion on violence and Punk originally posted to the alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo newsgroup. Excellent reading.

EuroSlang 2020
Some excellent tid-bits of EuroSlang for spcing up the cross-pond hops in your favourite CyberPunk campaign.

Dance Music
While we all know what we can about Chromatic Rock, Neo-Punk and Thrash Metal in 2020, there will always be dance clubs, and therefore dance music. This is the Dance of 2020.

Hard Rock Music
And while we're on the topic, what exactly do we know about Chromatic Rock, anyways?

Rap Music 2020
The music of the streets - rap music is still going strong and evolving like any music style in 2020. Here's some pointers to get you in line with the local urban musicians.

Condoms in 2020
So you aren't terribly afraid of your gamemaster infecting your character with AIDS III, and even if it did happen, he'd probably die a violent death before it got him anyways, right? So why bring back the good old condom? Here's a few reasons, direct from the British SAS Handbook!

Gun Laws in 2020   (Spanish Translation)
Just pulled down a great score, and yer cred-stick is flush with euro? Forget paying up yer Trauma Team account or rent, yer itchin ta go shoppin, just like any other beaver brat bitch. Before ya stock up on all the latest guns and ammo or harass yer fixer to find more hi-tek toys, better get familiar with the laws governing carrying firearms, cuz for some reason the NCPD don't take too kindly to gonks walkin the streets with Gyro-Stabilized Squad Automatics plated in Metal Gear.

Medical & Evacuation Services of the 21st Century
An overview of Medical Care and Emergency Evacuation Services as well as other medical support and rules for hospitals, insurance, etc...

Literary Tech Toys
Wonderful tid-bits of tech scrounged from various literary sources. All the trappings of the sci-fi CyberPunk.

NeoNerd's Art
13 pieces of NeoNerd's excellent original art in a thumbnail gallery for your perusal.

Character Sketches by Glenn Hall
Several black-on-white character sketches for a few PC edgerunners and the band logo for Apocalypse.

Rogue Gallery 2020
Here's a few character sketches with brief bios.

Things to do During DownTime
A semi-humourous list of things for your BlackOps character to do between jobs. Get a Life already!

More Things to do During DownTime
Chopper of FID sent this along after reading the above. If your characters haven't gotten a life yet, Buy One Already!

Novelties for 2020
Several items, including a catalogue from a cp2020 toy/joke company called "Mr Haha", who sell cheap junk and toys of a kind that are readily available in 2020; manufactured without concern for safety or environmental impact, as well as two "weapons" that even ChromeBook 5 wouldn't touch.

Send In The Clone Jokes!
It's about time, Clone-Oriented CP2020 humour! A lighthearted companion for our Cloning Technology article.

More CyberPunk 2020 Jokes! Don't laugh too hard, looks like your new implants might be rejecting!

Submitted CyberPunk 2020 Jokes! Seems there is a bad comedian in each one of us...

I couldn't resist whipping up a few more Cyberpunk-related jokes to draw groans of agony from you all

The Combat Bible
Dartboard's list of the rules of combat, to Murphy's Laws of Combat and Beyond!

You Might Be A Gamer If...
A classic "you might be if" list for gamers. It strikes TOO close to home sometimes...