The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

the Quick and the Dead
(edition two - game balance my ass)

Maybe not as crazy-ass as the previous sytem, this one still has it's merits. It is both easier to administer and a lot more balnaced for game play.

This version of the Initiative rules allows for a larger span of initiatives, as well as giving solos a slightly stronger advantage in combat instead of just in awareness. This system is perfect for those who want multiple actions in their game without the unlimited number originally offered by the original rules and without hte munchkinizing provided by the first edition of these rules.

The New Initiative Base
Reflex + (½ Intelligence) + Combat Sense
The Initiative Roll
The normal character, barring any exceptional Cyberware, rolls 1d10 and adds it to his initiative base and calls out the total. Characters get to act in order of their initiatives from highest to lowest. When a character gets her first action she also has to call out how many actions she will be taking this turn. The maximum number of actions is equal to the character's Initiative divided by 15, and each subsequent action happens at 15 initiative points lower than the previous. For each action declared above 1, a cummulative -3 penalty is imposed on EACH action. So if a character on phase 47 declares that he will be taking 3 actions this turn (phases 47, 32, and 17) (out of a possible 4 actions), each action will be at a -6 on all appropriate rolls.

Movement under this sytem is initially declared on phase 40, and anyone sprinting may move their MA in meters in this phase (allowing for quick moves between cover before most firing will occur). Persons sprinting or running may move their MA in meters again on phase 20, and persons sprinting, running or walking may move their MA in meters on phase 10. Please note that running characters get a -3 on all non-athletics actions, and sprinting characters get a -8 penalty on all non-athletics actions.

Cybernetic Augmentation
So, what does this mean for the up-and-cybered? Old (2020 rulebook) Reflex Boosting boosts a character's Reflexes as indicated (+1 or +2 permanent or +3 temporary), but in addition they grant a bonus to initiative rolls depending on the cyberware (+1 or +2 for the permanent boosting, only +1 on the temporary boosting). This means the character effectively can get a +4 boost to his initiative base (+2REF, +2Init). "But that is paltry! How do I crank my character up to 46+ initiative then?" you ask...

Hardwiring 50% Boost$5,0003d6HL+1d10 initiative
Hardwiring 100% Boost$10,0006d6HL+2d10 initiative
Hardwiring 200% Boost$20,0009d6HL+3d10 initiative
Owari 50% Boost$2,5004d6HL+1d10 initiative
Owari 100% Boost$5,0007d6HL+2d10 initiative
Owari 200% Boost$10,00010d6HL+3d10 initiative
Stage I Synaptic Accel$2,5001d6HL+1d6 initiative
Stage II Synaptic Accel$5,0002d6HL+2d6 initiative

Characters can only have one item implanted from the above list. Hardwiring triggers on demand, Owari boosting requires a dose of a custom drug (HardFire) designed by the military but now relatively commonly available, often mixed with Speed. Synaptic Acceleration is a permanent boost.

It's kinda embarrassing to admit this, but a lot of this concept came from a game of ShadowRun, that most evil of RPGs... But I love their SPEEDWARE!