The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Industrial Supply 2020

Industrial Supply 2020 provides top-quality non-cybernetic Industrial Equipment for the 21st Century workplace. Items in our catalog are mass-produced in standard configurations, allowing us to sell them to you for less! In addition these items are significantly tougher and more wear-resistant than most equivalent items available through non-industrial sales houses.
In addition, all of our products come with a special paint-proof surfacing to stop the accumulation of paint, dirt and steel that may inhibit the ease of use, protective qualities or bright, visible safety colors of our equipment!

SmartGoggle Protective Edition
These SmartGoggles come factory-equipped with image enhancement and anti-dazzle as well as having plug-ins for up to two more optic options (costing 90% of standard cyberoptic options) and are wrapped in an impact-resistant SP15 polymer shell with bulletproof (SP20) lenses.
Available in Yellow or Yellow/Black stripes. 449.95eb

EarBudtm Protective Gear
These Ear-Plug style adaptors come factory-equipped with Sound Editing and Noise Dampers (as the cyberaudio options), but can be simply placed into the ears just like standard ear plugs or hearing aids, thus preventing damage to your employees' hearing through exposure to loud machinery as well as rendering them more able to hear what co-workers are saying over said noise. EarBudstm must be fitted individually to your workers' ears so as to fit properly into the ear canal thus blocking exterior noise.
EarBudstm are sold in black, blue and flesh-tone, and may include your company logo on the visible surface for a small additional fee. 399.95eb

EarBud Protective Gear
SPM-2 CyberGloves
An Industrial re-design on the old 2018 SPM-1 BattleGloves, the SPM-2 is designed to be less encumbering and innacurate (-1 WA instead of -2) allowing for more precise performance in the workplace. The new myomer package still allows for the standard strength of the SPM-1 without compromising speed and agility. In addition the SPM-2 comes in a sturdy SP15 armor-grade Epoxide cover that is also fully resistant to acids and alkalis (SP25 vs acid). The SPM-2 has sufficient interior space to include one CyberArm option.
At Industrial Supply 2020 we recommend the purchase of heat-displacement fibre gloves to be worn under the SPM-2 Glove when it is to be used in hot-work conditions.
CyberGloves are available in bright orange, safety blue, danger yellow and hazard yellow/black stripes. 999.95eb

"Sniffer" Nasal Filters
These nasal filters have an included analysis sytem to determine what they are in fact filtering out of your breathing air. It is only useful if linked to an Evironmental Biomonitor, Optics with Times Square Marquee, or a ChipJack with a recording chip. The filters handle tear gas and CS gas as well as most industrial contaminants with a 99% rate, and handle most combat gasses (such as knock-out gasses) 80% of the time. Because they have to be linked to another piece of cyberwear, the surgery is moved up from Neg. to Minor surgery, but it is quite worth it to help settle workman's compensation disputes.
200eb . 3HL . Minor Surgery

Envrionmental BioMonitor
This upgrade on the standard Biomonitor does all the usual health-tracking functions (pulse, respiration, brain waves, blood sugar, temperature and cholesterol levels), the Environmental Biomonitor also keeps track of a whole slew of other factors (radiation exposure, ultra-violet index, blood-oxygen level, blood-nitrogen levels, manganese, sulfur, lead, mercury, aluminium, biotoxins, current gravity, air pressure and pre-programmed drugs). Because the Environmental BioMonitor needs access to the lungs for data, it is mounted just over the rib-cage, but leads to a read-out in the usual forearm location or linked to a cyberoptic with Times Square Marquee.
400eb . 1.5HL . Negl. Surgery

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