The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

cyberspace from NEUROMANCER game

Programming Languages
Bringing back the old "Expert: Complex Computer Language" skill with "ooomph". Based on the programming languages from the CyberSpace RPG.

Pushing the Ihara-Gubb Algorithms
Yeah, sure, "shared conceptual hallucination" and all that, but what does that mean to me anyways?

Tripping on the Ihara-Gubb Algorithms
Mighty long words for "screwing up in the net" eh? This is a table for fumbles occuring in the net. Watch yer data chummer!

Software Glitches and Holes in Yer Code
Didn't quite roll well enough on that programming roll? Or are you buying inferior-grade products, or just Beta-Testing for the Black ICE division? Here's what could be wrong with your warez.

Cheap-Ass SoftWare!
Can't afford "Succubus XVII" or "Hellhound v97.029b"? Well, dig up the Beta-Test editions or grab yourself a shareware copy! They might be less potent, but You Get What You Pay For.

BlackMarket Warez
So you need some big softs... big Illegal softs... and you don't have 2 weeks to code it yourself eh Choombatta?

Wet Warez of the Wild West!
Hot new products and all original software. Not just souped-up killers, but unique uses for old software styles and a taste of the viral / anti-viral arms race.

DartBoard Softz
A selection of new softwarez from DartBoard, trying to keep J'son on his code-toes.

CyberModems and Personal PCs
Pick up the newest in stylish personal electronics. Nothing for the weefle-runners in here, just the best munchkin boxes for your netrunner.

Pirate ChipWare
"Do you want MRAM with that, sir?" Rules for the methods and equipment involved in pirating commercial MRAM and APTR chips, as well as our rules for chips with more than 1 MU of storage.