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Kill Everything


Chromebook 4 armor system
Although the armored clothing in ChromeBook 4 encourages more style in characters, it also made it so that all the original body armors in the CP2020 system cost far more than they should if they were made usign the ChromeBook 4 rules. These rules (still somewhat under construction) bring the ChromeBook 4 armors up to the cost of the original armors.

Chemical Warfare Agents
A nasty selection of chemical and biological warfare agents to use to wipe out those irritating Player Characters who keep messing up your carefully laid plot-lines.

Head's Up, Cyberpunk!   (Polish Translation)
The pro's and con's of armouring your head. Includes new rules for dealing with head armour, as well as a selection of helmets and other head-protecting hardware.

Ammunition Calibers and Damages
A full listing of ammunition calibers and their corresponding damages and costs. Usefull when you notice that the firearms on this site do not list damages, but just the caliber.

Rechambered Handgun Loads
Following a currently popular trend, this is a selection of proprietary ammo loads and the barrel / receiver modifications needed to fire them.

SmartGun Systems and Optical Sights
Richard Harris hashes out his ideas about image enhanced smart guns and equipment that could be used by non-modified users.


"Delta Force" Suppression Fire Rules
An alternate system for dealing with suppressive fire adapted from Task Force Games' "Delta Force" RPG.

Reload That Beast!
Two sets of alternate rules for handling reloading weapons in combat.

Light 'Em Up! - Alternate Bullet Damage Rules
An alternate system for figuring bullet damages with more "punch" and accompanying article detailing it's origin by Luci

Initiative System (version 1)
A system borrowing heavily from Shadowrun to determine your initiative and the potential of getting multiple actions in a combat round.

Initiative System (version 2)
A system borrowing a little less from Shadowrun, and being somewhat easier to run. Also more in-tune with CP2020 game balance.

Statistically Sound Hit Location Table
A new (d12-based) hit location table based on the CDC report on firearms assaults, only slightly different than the CP2020 / CP2013 hit table, but scientifically sound!

Hit Locations and Called Shots
A hit location table, slightly modified from CyberPunk 3, with new called shots rules borrowing from CP3 and a few house tweakings.

Hit Locations / SP Chart
A nice graphical chart for tracking your SP values over the 16 hit locations called for if you are using the Fuzion hit tables or the one from the above article.

Hit Locations, A Retrospective
An article detailing the many hit location tables we've used, tweaked or considered for BlackHammer Project games over the past 10 years until we settled on our current table, above. Many of these never made it into play, while others were staples of our game environment for many a year...

Alternate 2D10 Hit Locations
A hit location table using 2D10 created by Randy Robertson.

The Stopping Power of the Human Body   (Polish Translation)
(Human Shield rules) House rules that indicate the amount of SP a person will provide to the person(s) standing behind him or her. Quite different than the "offical" answer that R.Talsorian provided, these rules allow for the effects of Armor-Piercing or low-penetration rounds, as well as providing a more "appropriate" amount of SP.

Wound Effects   (Polish Translation)
A synopsis of the wound effects rules from both first and second edition CyberPunk, with a set of rules drawn from first edition for use in second edition, providing for more detailed wound effects.

Martial Arts Table
A new, reivsed list of martial arts with their modifiers and key maneuvers.

Krav Magá
A new martial art, Krav Magá is an Isreali self-defense art, with rules for use in CP2020.

Firearms Combat
A house system to handle firearms combat, based on the system from Twilight 2000 (1st Edition). While slightly more complex than the original CP2020 system, it lends for slightly more credible combat.

Skills Improve With Use, Weapons Don't
An article detailing somewhat complex rules for dealing with abusing firearms in the course of gameplay. Now if you drop that H&K SmartGun, who knows what'll happen to it...

Firearms Reliability and Fumbles
A system somewhere between the simplified CP2020 firearms fumble rules and the overly-large table from Hardwired.

Explosives Rules
A slight re-build of the "Explosive Multiplier Table" from Listen Up You Primitive ScrewHeads, to allow the table to be extrapolated to any quantity of explosives.

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