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These rules for increased detail in dealing with grenades were created just before the release of Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads! and were then subsequently forgotten for quite a while. Now that I've dug them up, I thought I might as well convert them to HTML so everyone can forget about them instead of just me.

Prices listed are Black Market base price. This is usually 2-5 times more than the commercial price of these weapons, should they become commercially available to your players for whatever reason. BlackHand's Street Weapons 2020 lists the commercial and military price for MOST grenades at being between 20 and 30 euro each.

Fragmentation Grenades$75ea
(aka Frags or Pineapples)
Standard "Room Clearing" explosive charge wrapped in a fragile steel case designed to shatter into hundreds of sharp steel fragments. Standard charge has a 3m explosive blast doing 4d6 (1/2 real, 1/2 stun - SP not applicable, damaged 2 levels), as well as a "danger zone" of 10m, where targets must succeed at a difficult athletics roll or be struck by d6+2 steel fragments doing d12 damage each (1/2 SP for soft armors). Anyone within 20m must make a luck roll vs 7 or catch one stray fragment.


Defensive Fragmentation Grenades$75ea
(aka Duds)
Same design principle as the fragmentation grenade but loaded with less explosive and a somewhat sturdier metal casing, reducing the burst effect for "safer" use in confined environments. Explosive charge has a 1m burst doing 4d6 (1/2 real, 1/2 stun - SP not applicable, damaged 2 levels) as well as a 5m "danger zone" where targets must succeed at a very difficult athletics roll or be struck by d6+2 steel fragments doing d12 damage each (1/2 SP for soft armors). Anyone within 10m must make a luck roll vs 7 or catch a stray fragment.


White Phosphorous Grenades$150ea
(aka Willy Peters)
Designed with an explosive core wrapped in white phosporous surrounded in oil in a sealed steel cannister, this explosive charge scatters burning white phosphorous over a large area. White phosporous burns on contact with oxygen in any form and will continue to burn until oxidized completely. Anyone caught within 10m of a WP grenade must make a difficult athletics roll to avoid d6+2 phosphorous and steel fragments doing d12 damage (1/2 SP) each and then burning for d4 damage each round for d3 rounds (no SP).


FlashBang Grenades$40ea
(aka Flashers or Bangers)
A flashbang grenade combines three half-million candlepower strobe flashes with a very loud bang to stun, blind and deafen opponents. All people within 5 meters of the blast (15m if indoors) must make a Stun/Shock Save at -2 to avoid being stunned and deafened for 2d6x10 seconds and a Difficult (20) REF test to avoid being blinded for 2 turns. Anti Dazzle protection negates the flash effect.


Incediary Grenades$100ea
(aka Napalm or Flamers)
Incendiary grenades spread a mass of moderate-intensity incendiaries over a large area, saturating the area in flame. The small explosive charge distributes the incendiary over a 7m radius, anyone caught within (failing a Difficult Athletics roll) will take 4d6 damage from the burning, plus an additional 2d6 the next round and 1d6 the round thereafter. Body armor has no effect against this damage unless it is a full suit of fire-retardant armor or ACPA.


Anti-Personel Flechette Grenades$75ea
(aka Porcupines)
Anti-Personel grenades are designed much like frag grenades but the casing is made of a specially designed high-density polymer which breaks into very long thin slivers of impressive penetrating ability. Anyone caught within 1m of the explosive charge takes 4d6 (1/2 real, 1/2 stun, SP not applicable, damaged 2 levels) from the explosive blast. Additionaly the grenade has a 10m "danger zone" where anyone failing a Very Difficult Athletics roll will be hit by d8+2 polyceramic frags each doing d8 damage and penetrating soft armor at 1/4 SP. Anyone within 20m of the explosion must make a luck roll vs 9 or catch a stray frag.


Stun Grenades$50ea
(aka Poppers)
Stun grenades are made up of an explosive TDX charge well encased in a ballistic nylon sphere. When it explodes it causes little damage as the explosion is mostly contained in the grenade (anyone in contact with the grenade takes 6d6 dmg - 1/2 real, 1/2 stun, SP not applicable, damaged 2 levels), but the blast and shock created by the explosion usually knocks people over and often renders them unconcious or imobile (all within 8m make a stun save at -5, make one more stun save each round at -4 for two rounds, all failing are unconcious for d6+1 minutes). Anyone within the 15m is deafened for 3d10 minutes.


Explosive Grenades$60ea
(aka Thumpers or Boomers)
Explosive grenades are very much the same as a stun grenade but is designed to spread the blast, not to contain it. Anyone caught within 4m of a detonating explosive grenade takes 6d6 damage (1/2 real, 1/2 stun, SP not applicable, damaged 2 levels).


Gas Grenades 
Gas grenades spread a cloud of gas, smoke or paint with a 5m radius around the grenade and 15 m downwind. In a sealed environment they produce a 10m rad cloud.
Spray canisters of gas can also be pruchased. A spray can with 3 uses in it costs as the normal grenade. A spray can with 8 uses costs double the base cost of the grenade.


Smoke Grenades$20ea
Produces a cloud of vision obscuring smoke in a variety of colours (buyers' choice). Anyone firing through a gas cloud is at -3 per 2 meters of gas between him and his target. (-15 through normal grenades, -30 if contained indoors).


Scatter Smoke Grenades$50ea
Produces a cloud of hot, vision obscuring smoke containing reflective and heat absorbant particles. The cloud is not only impenetrable to normal sight, it also makes IR and thermal imaging useless.


SprayPaint Grenades$25ea
This grenade has a small explosive charge which sprays a liquid paint over a 3m area. Paint is available in 27 vibrant colours. Anyone caught in the burst effect looking towards the center must make a Difficult (20) REF roll to avoid being blinded for d3 minutes.


Tear Gas Grenades$60ea
Tear gas is available in a clear or opaque carrier (buyer's choice - but most agencies purchase it in an opaque carrier making the clear smoke rare) the opaque carrier is treated as a regular smoke grenade. The effects of tear gas are unpleasant at best, inhalation of tear gas will reduce Int, Ref, Cool and MA by half unless a difficult (20) Bod roll is made each round of exposure. Anyone without optics will also receive a -5 to awareness from tearing that will last for d6 minutes after exposure.


Vomit Gas Grenades$90ea
Vomit gas is much the same as Tear Gas and is introduced by the same vectors, but the results are a lot messier. BOD is reduced by half and REF and MA are reduced by half again if the victim fails a Difficult (20) Body save to avoid convulsive vomiting for 3D10 minutes.


Stench Gas Grenades$20ea
"Stinkers". Few weapons can clear a room like the putrid odor emitted from the Stench Bomb after acivation. All within the area of effect not in protective gear must make a Very Difficult (25) Bod or Cool roll to remain in the area. The gas sticks to any surface and such surfaces must be cleaned to remove the odour.


Mustard Gas Grenades$80ea
Mustard gas is a strong acidic agent that causes D6 damage to D3 locations each turn that the victim is exposed to the caustic gas.


BlackOut Gas Grenades$200ea
Blackout is a powerful neurotaoxin that enters the skin and attacks the brain and motor system. After 1 round of exposure to the gas, the subject must make a Bod roll vs 23 to resist unconciousness lasting aprox 3 hours. Subjects recovering from Blackout suffer mild ahllucinations and Anxiety (+6 Stress, +2d6 Alienation, +d6 Paranoia) lasting for 2-12 hours.


Spaz Gas Grenades$250ea
Based on the same neurotoxin as Blackout, Spaz attacks the motor nerves with conflicting signals that force the muscles to lock up in a rigormortis like state. After one round of exposure to the gas, the subject must make a Difficult (20) Bod roll to resist muscle lockup lasting an average of 4 days, or 24 hours with a full tissue flush.


Joker Gas Grenades$200ea
A muscle spasmotic and hallucinagenic, Joker causes the target to curl up in roaring laughter for 2d6 minutes. The subject must make a Dif 18 Bod roll or Int, MA and Ref are reduced by half. After the drug wears off the subject suffers mild hallucinations and anxiety (+4 stress, +d6 paranoia, +d6 Alienation) for 2 hours.


VXX Neurotoxin Grenades$400ea
Death. Nice and simple. Subjects of this colourless, flavourless gas must make a Bod roll vs 15 or Die. Rolls of less than 21 result in unconsciousness.


BioToxin I Grenades$150ea
Beta-Fomoral and many other analogues cause 4D6 damage to anyone exposed to the gas. The only way to avoid this damage is a full containment suit.


BioToxin II Grenades$400ea
Alpha-Fomoral and many other analogues cause 8D6 damage to any subject as Beta-Fomoral.


Nerve Gas Grenades$600ea
Nerve Gas is a generally fatal neurotoxin causing 8D10 damage to anyone coming into contact with it.


Claymore Mine$150ea
Claymores do 6D10 damage ( real, stun) to anyone in the 60 degree arc up to 20m in front and 5m behind the blast. Anyone up to 50m in front or 10m behind the blast takes 4D10 damage ( real, stun).


FEN Dz 22 Fragmentation Grenades$65ea
The "Perforation Puck" of saucer-grenade fame. This disc shaped grenade has +2 accuracy because of it's aerodynamic design. Anyone caught in it's 7.5m burst effect takes 2d6+3 damage to two locations (from the FNFF Shotgun table) from the spray of steel or brass pellets.


FN Dz 22c Concussion Grenades$65ea
Same design and benefits as the "Perforation Puck" but anyone caught within it's 7m burst radius must make a stun save at -5.