The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Alternate Settings,
New Places,
And the Corpzone

Verona Beach 2020
Alternate Game Setting: Verona Beach, the setting of the 1996 Romeo + Juliet, as translated to CyberPunk 2020 with new rules, weapons, characters, etc. Best used for low-end games.

Police State 2020
Alternate Game Setting: The Police State is a setting where the players are very undergunned, and the best tech belongs to the government, not the corporations.

Conspiracy in Theory and Practice
Conspiring Secret Societies (are there any other kinds?) and their influence on the world of 2020.

The Guns Of Oz
A full-length adventure by Black Rage.

Night City Sites
A growing collection of floorplans for generic environments and encounters.

CyberPunk 2020 vs Quake II
A submitted conversion from Quake II to CyberPunk!

Tank Girl vs CyberPunk!
A selection of equipment, weapons and rules from the Tank Girl RPG.

BlackHammer ShadowRun Project
Conversions with illustrations from the Street Samurai Catalogue from FASA's Shadowrun RPG - Guns, armor, cybertech... We've got it all.

The Pickle Bar
"Why officer, this ain't no drug bar, it's a pickle stand." - Synners

Dark Age
Richard Harris's CyberPunk game, with it's own character generation system, magic, careers, and genetically altered / surgically created races. Check it out!


Corporate Fichier 1: BioMai
Merril, Akusaga and Finch Corporate Fichier on the history, products and operations of BioMai, a minor player in the BioTech field. Includes several new products from their R&D and Sales divisions

Corporate Fichier 2: Technomancy Designs
Merril, Akusaga and Finch Corporate Fichier on the history, products and operations of Canada's Technomancy Designs, a minor competitor in "Security" hardware development. Includes several new products from their R&D and Sales divisions.

Machine Guns of Loving Grace
Machine Guns of Loving Grace is not your typical firearms sales and service chain!

Carnivore Inc.
"...and no flesh shall be spared." This corporation came onto the scene to provide Borgs and ACPA with anti-meat toys for the Real Big Boys.

Only Heavy Military
A moderately sized arms dealership, specialising in the design and augmentation of high velocity weapons from DartBoard

 Welcome To Night City 


Whas'dat Choomba?

Ya think Los Fraggen Angeles has a monopoly on smog?

We don't want no Lo-Phat, Granola-Munchin, So-Cal / No-Cal, Dolphin-Dodgin, Silicone Valley, Ninety Two-Tenners in our Night City!

Our Night City is deep in the Rust Belt, on the East Coast where it belongs. "Smack" in the core of D-K and cheap-cut drugs... Hop the BAMA RapidTransit Train from Montreal to the Keys (what's left of 'em) and get off somewherez between New York and Boston, on the ruins of Arkham. Chiba ain't across the sea from us, it's the damn never-never land - second star to the left and straight on til mornin, Gonk.