The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Fumbles and Misfires

This system assumes that you are using a percentile firearms combat system. Otherwise fumbles occur for SR through UR weapons when a 1 is rolled followed by a roll of 1 to 5. X rated weapons fumble on a 1, XX on a 1 or on a 2 if a second roll is 5 or less. And so on.

This system was developped to provide something more streamlined than the system presented in Hardwired, yet not as over-simplified as the system in the original 2020 rules.

ReliabilityFumble Roll (%)Chance Of Malfunction
  SR 01-05 1 in 10
  VR 01-05 3 in 10
  ST 01-05 5 in 10
  UR 01-05 8 in 10
  X 01-10 100%
  XX 01-15 100%
  XXX 01-20 100%
and so on...

Super Reliable weapons are restricted to the Stolbovoy series of firearms (presented in CorpBook 3). These weapons are world-renowned for their incredible durability and dependability regardless of the stresses put to them.
Very Reliable weapons are those weapons that are known for their dependability; weapons with excellent design, well-built receiver groups and little space for dirt to get into, or which are capable of operating smoothly even under adverse conditions.
Standard Reliability weapons are the standard by which the reliable and unreliable weapons are rated. These weapons rarely jam, and generally work fine as long as they are well maintained, cleaned, kept from severely adverse conditions and are not loaded with excessive ammo loads.
Unreliable is the catch-all category for weapons which just don't measure up. Either because the feed mechanism is clumsy or prone to failure, or because the gun jams at the first sign of dirt, or the gas exchange plugs up, or the slide just doesn't fit quite right. These weapons are generally mistrusted by those who know much about guns, because they fail to perform in a pinch.
Dangerous weapons are weapons which have been badly damaged or which are using heavily overcharged munitions or that should just never have been built from such cheap materials. Most Polymer One Shots in my game have been modified to be X reliability.
Very Dangerous weapons are actually very little more dangerous than X rated weapons, they just tend to screw up even MORE often. This, and all categories below it, are reserved for weapons firing HV munitions, or otherwise being used far beyond their capabilities.

Whenever a fumble is scored, roll d100 on the following table. If the fumble was on a roll OVER 01-05 (only possible with X and worse rated weapons), roll at -40.

Roll Effect
-39 to -20 Gun Explodes! take the gun's rated damage to your arm! Roll luck dif 8 or take the damage again to another random location from shrapnel!
-20 to +30 Misfire / Jam (check malfunction chance) Bullet goes off but feed mechanism jams. Average REF roll to clear weapon next round.
31 to 50 Severe Misfeed (check malfunction chance) Something really screws up in the feed mechanism. Requires 1 action and a Difficult Weaponsmith roll to clear.
51 to 55 Firing Pin Breaks (check malfunction chance) The firing pin breaks, until repaired by a gunsmith the gun is innoperable. For electrothermics and solenoid trigger weapons, the capacitor burns out (with the same net effect).
56 to 60 Action Breaks (check malfunction chance) The action is shot. The slide broke or the the weapon fails to cycle, or something equally nasty. The weapon will require a Very Difficult weaponsmith roll to repair, requiring 20 hours or so in the shop. Cost of repairs will be about 100% of weapon cost.
61 to 80 Whoops! (automatic) Shooter stumbles, falls, loses balance or whatever seems to make sense.
81 to 95 Shoot Wrong Target (automatic) Shoot someone or something else. Preferably someone or something the player didn't want to hit. Gas cylinders, friends, pets, favourite bar or hangout... etc.
96 to 100 Direct Hit! (automatic) Unfortunately... this is on yourself.