The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Night City Sites

The Night City Sites is a growing collection of maps of locations and milieus for cyberpunk games and encounters. The floorplans were originally drawn using Borderbund's 3D Home Architect software, exported as *.wmf files and then converted to .GIFs.

If you or one of your group needs floorplans for a type of location that you cannot find elsewhere (a bank, or a new nightclub, etc), email the BlackHammer CyberPunk Project at and we'll see if we have anything appropriate on file or if we can whip something up.


Special thanks and kudos have to go out to our inspirations: FASA's Sprawl Sites with maps of a few dozen locations for game play, (as well as some good adventure ideas and micro adventures easily adapted to CP2020 as long as you ignore the Manticore in the back of the cargo van) and to GDW's Twilight:2000 second edition with a bunch more maps for sheds, bunkers, old buildings, train depots, etc.