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MicroMissiles For CP2020

Micromissiles are state of the art smart weapons capable of in flight maneuvering to ensure a hit. A miniaturised sensor head feeds information back to an onboard computer that controls the missiles flight.

The F.I.D approved rules system for using Micromissiles
  1. Point missile at target in your LOS, initiate launch
  2. Roll for missile lock
    • If missile locks on to target, roll to hit, ignoring any modifiers for visibility, cover or LOS blockage and adding the missiles WA to your roll.
    • If the missile doesn't lock, roll to hit anyway, but with WA= 0 and all modifiers.
  3. Missile in flight.
    • If the lock failed, or your roll to hit Missed, roll for a lock again.
    • If missile locks, them roll to hit again. If you hit, the missile will hit the target
    • if both the locks failed, but you hit, then the missile hits the target
    • if you missed and both locks failed, you missed.
  4. and 4 you catch the man... du dum dum du dum dum...
Special cases.
  • If the missile launcher is laser sighted, +1 to lock.
  • If smart gunned, +2 to lock (+3 with a target scope as well) (laser sights and smart guns are NOT cumulative for this)
  • If the Lock roll ever fumbles (natural 1) then the missile will attempt to lock onto the nearest viable target to its line of flight

Types of Micromissile
Choose the missiles' Intelligence and Sensor System, add the multipliers together and multiply by the warheads base cost This gives the Cost PER MISSILE.

Dumb GyrojetWA 0 can't lockCost 1/2 no sensors Dumbo (i sin a elefant fly)
Smart WA+1 Lock on 8+ cost x1 Smart
Smart WA+2 Lock on 6+ cost x2 Genius
Smart WA+3 Lock on 4+ cost x3 Einstein


Heatseeker - cost x1
These home in on the hottest object in the line of flight. They must roll 'lock on' whenever they pass fires, flares, running engines etc. If they lock, they swerve and hit the heat source.
countermeasures-any heat source

Smart Heatseeker - cost x1.5
These are set to only register body heat. They will never lock onto other heat sources.
countermeasures-IR cammo's, water/mud coolant

Smart Heatseeker II - cost x2
these are set to only register HUMAN body heat patterns They will only ever target humans
Countermeasures-ir cammo's

Lock and track IR - cost x3
These have a one shot memory that records the thermal patterns of the target they lock onto. they never fumble the second 'lock on' roll, and never hit anything except the target in memory. Can lock onto ANY heat source
countermeasures-alter your IR signature

Preprogrammed - cost x4
These have a pattern or series of patterns in memory already, and so can be programmed to target only these patterns, or to ignore there patterns and not target them.

Programmable - cost x4
These are programmed in the gun, in the moments prior to launch.
If no pattern is loaded, they act as 'lock and track'.
If the gun is connected to a thermal imaging camera, or to a cyber eye with thermo (via a smart gun) the gun can feed the target into the missile. Thermal patterns can also be saved and passed via the matrix.
The GUN must be specially made to feed information directly to the missile loaded. (cost of launcher x2)

Laser rider - cost x1
These lock onto whatever is illuminated by the pre-set frequency of laser light (usually the gun, but can be any other source of the correct frequency) If the laser hits (roll to hit as normal) then the missile can roll to Lock at +1 when fired and in flight.
If it locks, it hits the illuminated area.
(aiming laser = cost as laser sight)

Cephalic - cost x4
These are cutting edge technology, as they have a body map processor fitted, allowing them to recognise the human body from any angle and target a specific part (usually the head)
When they hit, roll for Lock on. If it gets a lock, it hits the preprogrammed location (chosen when made)
Must be combined with another sensor type.[if the missile is also 'programmable' them the location can be chosen at the moment of firing]

Extended range - cost x2 or more
All micromissile have a basic range listed with the launcher, but with longer missiles, with more fuel, better endurance on the batteries and airframe, the missile can go a lot further.
  • cost x2 gives base range +100m
  • cost x3 gives base range +200m
  • cost x4 gives base range +300m
  • etc

Short range - cost x 1/2
Base range reduced by half. this needs less fuel, and the whole missile can be made of cheaper materials with a shorter endurance.

Kinetic kill KKW4D6+1B30eb Only 3D6 at close range
High Explosive HE4D6B50eb2m radius
Shaped Charge HEAT5D6D100ebarmour 1/4 SP
High Velocity HVKKW4D6+1C60ebarmour 1/2 SP
Drug or Poison CHEM2D6A30eb+DRUG1m area
Fragmentation FRAG4D6A50eb3D6 to 4m radius
high Ex penet HEP4D6+4NA100ebignore SP,1/2 stun only

Types of launcher
(Mi means 'as missile')

Cyberlimb 500euro
Magazine 4 individual firing tubes, ROF 1 or 4(volley)
Internal revolving magazine, 4 shot, ROF 2

Handheld 900 euro
A Bulky SMG size launcher, firing 12.7 (.50) micromissiles from a short barrel. Recoil is low, but ROF is slow as the missiles spend longer in the barrel than bullets
A Larger version with a 30 round helix mag is available for 1050 euro.
HVY. Mi.L.P.Mi.12.2/8.St.200m

Pepperpot 350 euro
Bulky 4 barrelled pistol, this can fire all 4 of its missiles in a volley.
Hvy.Mi.J.P.Mi.4.1 or 4. St.200m

Handgun 450 euro
A big handgun, with a big grip and a short barrel. Recoil is similar to a .22 target pistol.

Underbarrel 200 euro
A simple one shot under barrel tube, compatible with most rifles.

Manpack 5,500+ euro (ILLEGAL MILITARY ONLY)
Man-packed micromissiles are a military concept, for close in support.
The backpack houses a snail drum of 50 missiles and vertical lauch tubes with individual loaders.
The onboard radio/deck can receive Thermal patterns and positions from up to 6 separate sources and fire programmed micromissiles for support.
The unit can also set its missiles to ignore known friendlies and fire vertically, allowing the missiles onboard sensors to track in on any unknown .
The missiles are cold launched to a height of 5m before rocket ignition to help conceal the firer's location. Already Smart, Programmable and EMP shielded
[Vehicle mount weapons with 500+rounds and 20 launch tubes are also available]

Concealed cost varies
These are verging into Spy story props, but miniature missiles disguised as pens, cigars and sex toys have all been found.
Generally custom made, with prices that reflect that.
Hvy. Mi .P or J.NA.Mi.1.1.Vr 100m

Pocket 50 euro
Simply a polycarbon wrapping tube with an ignite button.The missile is armed by pressing the button and then the tube is thrown in the direction you want it to go.
Hvy.Mi-1.p.p.Mi.1.1.St 50m

Shotgun launch 15 euro
18mm micromissiles can also be fired from any normal shotgun

Game Note When fired, the rocket will leave a trail of fire for most of its flight, so anyone can see where you are. Get ready to duck....

BlindFire It is possible to fire micromissiles blindly into areas, around corners, through windows etc in the hope that they'll lock onto something and tracking on it. When Blindfiring, roll to hit the general area (window, doorway, corner) range is measured from firer to where ever they loose L.O.S The Missile then rolls to lock any available target in its line of flight (with the types of targets chosen by the missiles sensor head)