The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Revised, Expanded and
Firearms Combat System

Currently by Punk 2020 rules, if you are Average Joe And His HandGun (stat + skill = 10), and you stick yer gun up against some gonk you will always hit (dif 10 = 100%). If you are plugging at some gonk in front of that dumpster (9 meters)you will usually hit (dif 15 = 60%). If his cousin behind the dumpster (15 meters) becomes your next target you will rarely hit (dif 20 = 10%). Meanwhile shooting at the gonk at the end of the alley (30 meters) is not that much more difficult (dif 25 - have to roll a 10 then a 5 = 5% chance), and that passing AV (98 meters) still presents a fun target (dif 30 = 1%).

But throw in Jane EdgeRunner (stat + skill = 16) and her smart gun (accuracy = +4) and things get a little more odd. Again, with her gun up against the gonk she never misses, but then again when the gonk is 12 meters away, she still never misses. Assuming she is firing rubber ammo and her first two shots have thrown the gonk over 20 meters away, her next shot still won't miss (med range, dif=20). The gonk then skids another 20 meters and she still most likely is going to plug him again (dif 25 = 60%), bouncing him another few feet and into extreme range and suddenly she finds herself needing a 10 to hit (10%).

These rules present a more level playing surface, where short range hits are no longer sure things, and long range hits still have a chance, albeit slight.
Most (80% in fact) gunfights occur within 21 feet of the respecive targets. Some 40% of these happen within 8 feet or less. Most (60%) occur in dimply lit and difficult conditions - dark, rainy alleys, with both participants panting and out of breath, pausing momentarily to snap off a badly aimed shot at a fleeing shadow, then ducking back into cover. Hits are actually quite rare. When they do occur (assuming a large caliber weapon is used), the victim is usually hors de combat on the first shot, from a combination of wound shock and fear.
-From CyberPunk 2013 Friday Night Firefight
CyberPunk 2021
Your Base Combat Accuracy

Your BCA is calculated by adding your Stat (REF) and your Skill (Handgun, Rifle, SMG, or whatever) and the accuracy of your firearm. This is then modified by various combat effects and environmental factors.
Target immobile+4Target running-1 / 3 MA
Target running & dodging-1 / 2 MATarget surprised+5
Target silhouetted+2Target is dropping prone-1
Target is prone (>4m)-3Target is prone (<4m)+2
Shooter stationary & prone+1Shooter walking-1
Shooter crawling-3Shooter running-4
Shooter drops prone-4Shooter turning to face target-2
Changing targets in same turn-3Weapon at rest on solid object+2
Firing with off-hand-3Firing two weapons-3 each
Firing handgun with two hands+1Firing machine pistol with two hands+1
Firing SMG with one hand-2Hipshooting handgun or SMG-2
Hipshooting shoulder arm-4Snapshot (+3 initiative)-3
Drawing weapon-3Shooter blinded by light or dust-3
Dark / Poor lighting-1 to -4Aiming (max 3 rnds)+1
Laser Sight+1Smart Gun (no laser sight bonus)+2
Three Round Burst (Close / Med)+3Full Auto (Close)+1 per 5 rounds
Full Auto (Med +)-1 per 5 rounds

Your Chance To Hit

To determine your chance to hit, take your modified BCA and multiplying it by the range modifier. Ranges are treated as they are in standard Friday Night Firefight, and the multipliers are as follows:
Point Blankx5
Short Rangex4
Medium Rangex3
Long Rangex2
Extreme Rangex1

The To-Hit Roll
Roll D100 and add your total to the chance to hit. If your roll is a 95-00 then roll D100 again and add to the total (doing so again if the new roll is also 95-00). If your total exceeds 100, then you have hit your target. If you are firing a single shot, then you do an additional 1 damage for every 5 points by which you hit. (ex: if you have a 64% chance to hit and roll a 71 then you do an additional 7 damage [135-100=35/5=7]). If you are firing in direct autofire mode, then you hit with one shell for every 5 points by which you hit.

Walking Autofire - One can also fire at multiple targets with an autofire burst, but each target after the first is at an additional -3 to hit per target. The maximum number of shots fired at each target is equal to the [ROF / (number of targets x 2 - 1)]. This method is obviously inaccurate and clumsy, but somewhat more reliable than suppressive fire.

Suppressive Fire - Suppressive fire is fired at an area instead of a person. To determine if a suppressive fire zone is on target roll d10+skill+stat against the normal range difficulties from CPunk. Anyone caught in a suppressive fire zone must decide whether to stand and take it, move out of the way, or jump for full cover.
Targets must first make a COOL roll to determine if they are capable of making this decision. the target is 12. If the roll succeeds, the character can make any choice. If the roll fails, the character must dodge for full cover. If the roll is fumbled the character stands still like a deer in the headlights, then jumps for full cover next round.
Stand there and take it! - The character makes a luck roll against the number of bullets divided by the size of the firezone in meters. Minimum difficulty is 12. If the roll succeeds the character is not hit. Otherwise the character finds themselves at the receiving end of D6 slugs.
Make yourself a smaller target - This maneuver can only be done if the character is at the edge of the firezone, or has easy access to some cover. The character makes a ½(REF + Athletics) roll, Dif = no of bullets / size of firezone (minimum difficulty = 10) to avoid D6 hits. The character also receives the second action (-3) penalty on their next action.
AIEEEE! Take Cover! - The character jumps, runs and cowers for cover, losing his next action, but getting a REF + Athletics roll vs the number of bullets / size of firezone to avoid D6 hits.