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Tasers For CP2020

The Tazer is an electrical shock device designed to incapacitate the victim. A transformer is used to provide a high voltage and low amperage from a small battery

For those of you not electronically minded, VOLTAGE causes the shock effects, stunning and paralysing. AMPERAGE cause the real, lasting damage to the body (5 Milli-Amps across the heart muscle will kill)

In a tazer, the voltage is stepped UP and the Amps stepped DOWN. Anyone hit by the unit will get a sudden pain as the shock shorts out the nervous system, causing convulsions, paralysis and extreme pain.

Old or cheap tazers work purely by volume, pumping huge voltages through the victim and hoping it stops them. This causes superficial burns, shocks, and incapacitates, but with long term effects like aches, tingling, numbness or even permanent nerve damage. Its also quite possible for the shock to not incapacitate at all. They can be very random.

Modern high tech Tazers use high voltages, but tuned to the same frequency as the human nervous system. This means than shock is more efficient at shorting out the nerves, causing more immediate effects but less long term damage.
Tazer Weapon Types
Delivering the shock can be done in several interesting and fun ways

Handgrip units with two prongs, which are punched into the target
Police shock batons with insulated handles and animal handler prods with prongs on the end
Knuckle dusters or Gloves with electrodes on the knuckles (Buzzknuks, Shockgloves)
Electrified coatings on armoured vehicles or Heavy suits of body armour
Close combat weapons- The Medusa Electro-whip, Voltage swords

Wire and darts
Two darts on wires are shot into the target and the shock is then run between them.

Arc throwers
These use a low power laser to ionise the air, producing a path for the shock to arc along. The effect is a bolt of dazzling blue white lightening

Ranged Weapons
Capacitor bullets that discharge a powerful shock when they hit
Tazer nets that wrap the target in conductor fibres and discharge the voltage

Game Notes
Touch weapons uses either Melee or Unarmed skills to hit with, and have no range
Wire and dart weapons have a range of 5m , but the dartgun system has a range of at least 10m, making the range bands PB 0m-1m, Close1m-2.5m, Medium 2.5m-5m.
Arc Throwers have a basic and maximum range of 10m
Capacitor bullets are one shot, discharging all their power as soon as they hit
Tazer Nets are anti personnel nets with a single long tazer discharge to incapacitate whoever they hold. The BOD test must be made every 3 rds in the net, and the stat penalties last as long as you are entangled, on top of normal NET rules.

Effects of the shock
Roll Body +D10, target based on the power of the shock. (depends on the weapon)
+2 save if hit on a limb
-2 save if hit in the head
-2 if still suffering the effects of another shock
+1/5 the Sp of your armour on that location
If you Fail, you're incapacitated for 1 minute per point you failed the roll by.
If you fumble, you also get a roll on the 'long term effects' table
If you pass, you can still act, but are at half REF and COOL for as long as the shock lasts (depends on the weapon)

Long term effects table
High tech tasers give +5 to the roll.
Multiple rolls in a short time subtract one from the roll per extra hit
The effect normally comes and goes over the next few days until the body sorts itself out.

1Permanent Nervous damage / brain damageRef -1 (Int -1 if a head hit) permanently
2Temporary Nerve damage / brain damageRef -1 (Int -1 if a head hit)
3Shakes-2 to Ref or tech based skills needing fine control
4Nausea-1 to all skill rolls. Fast movement calls for BOD 10 rolls or miss your next action
5Dizzyness-3 on all skill rolls involving movement
6 - 7Numbness in location-1 to REF / TECH / INT or MA using that location.
8 - 9Pins and needlesFor hours, returning for next few days.
10No effect

Illegal 'Killing sticks'
These are tasers that have been 'upped' to killing power, and tuned to stop the heart, cause paralysis and death instead of incapacitation.
They act as normal tasers, but they do damage equal to the amount you FAIL to save by, doubled on head or torso hits, and if a head or torso hit results in a Fumbled BOD roll, you die (treat as a failed DEATH save) as your heart stops.
Any hit that results in damage / unconsciousness calls for a roll on the long term effects table

Average Tazer weapons
High tech tasers add +5 to Bod needed due to the fine-tuning

Cattle prod
BOD 10

A heavy duty cattle prod, BOD 12

Junior Cattle prod BOD 8

Crowd control 2000
BOD 10

Handgrip Taser
The classic "stun gun" BOD 15, cost 60eb

Really high power tazer
BOD 20

Shock glove
BOD 15, cost 90eb

Gang jazzler
Deals Killing damage, BOD 20, cost 600eb

Stun dart
BOD 18

Dynatech hand taser
Melee / P / C / Shock / 12 / 1 / ST/ 1m
touch range BOD 25 (High Tech), if save shock lasts d10 rounds

Mitsubishi taser
Melee / P / C / Shock / 1 / 1 /ST 10m (5m)
A 5m dart and wire taser delivering a BOD25 (High tech) shock If save is made, the shock effects last until the darts are removed ( with a Ref roll of 15) and D6 rounds after. The battery is good for 10 discharges

Volt pistol
950eb PST +1 J R 3d6 6 1 st 25m
A low power laser ionises the air, and then discharges capacitor along it
Arc thrower, Bod 20, shock lasts D3 rounds

Mel +2 L R D6 6 1 ST
A short hafted cat of nine tails with an electroshock power pack, the medusa is a nasty weapon to fight against, as its almost impossible to avoid all the strands

Voltage sword
MEL +1 L R 2D6 6 1 ST
A polycarbonate blade with conductive metal edges, the Voltage sword packs the same punch as a hand held tazer, but is a lot harder to block. The trigger is in the hand grip, and the blade only discharges on contact , either if it hits or if it is parried / blocked.

Heavy Brass Knuckles with a high voltage punch, these use brawling skill and do D6+2 damage plus the shock

Earthed armour +50% cost
protects vs shocks & vs tasers