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  Neostead Pump-Action ShotgunNeostead Pump-Action Shotgun  
Shotgun Creation System
Revised Edition - November 1998
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What sizes of Weapon Frames shall we use?

Pistol (Heavy Pistol size)
Short barrel (SMG size)
Normal (Assault Rifle size)
Long (Heavy Rifle size)


Pistol framed shotguns are rare, as the recoil is heavy. The simplest are flare guns that take 10 gauge shotgun cartridges , and the Le Mat 16, a revolver with a single 16 gauge shotgun barrel in the centre of the cylinder. The Ubachi 'Last Chance' shotgun is basically a disposable pistol shotgun, a simple fibreglass barrel with a spring firing pin.

Sawn off

Illegally cut down shotguns, making them easier to conceal and less cumbersome

Whippit / Short Barrels

The professionally made version of the sawn off shotgun, 'whippit' shotguns are made with short barrels so they can be used for self defence.

Break open
Single barrel break open shotguns are usually sporting models or Farmers guns
Double Barrel shotguns can come with the barrels either 'over and under' or 'side by side'.
Over and under is usually a sporting model, side by side farming.
3 and 4 barrel break open shotguns can be made, but are unusual. Most are street sweepers illegally made by spot welding double barrel shotguns together

Lever action
Like a lever action rifle, the lever action shotgun uses a hand cranked lever to load and unload the shells from the chamber.
GM NOTE . The ROF of a lever action shotgun is 1 if the users REF or Rifle skill is 5 or less.
If either is 6 +, they can fire at ROF 2, but with -2 to hit.
If either is 10+, they can fire at ROF 3, but with -4 to hit
This represents them hammering out shots as fast as they can work the lever, so accuracy is lost Lever action shotguns are an old design, and are not commercially made by the big gun manufacturers. Most in circulation are old, custom made or collectors items

Pump action
The pump action shotgun uses a sliding fore-grip to load the shells The weapon can be accidentally 'short shucked' by not fully drawing the pump back before you let it return forward. This only half loads the round and jams the shotgun
Working the pump again may clear it, or it may need to be removed by hand (takes time)
NOTE: Old style shotguns use the pump being slid back to eject the shell loaded and pull a new one from the magazine, and the return motion of the pump going forward to load the new shell. Some newer shotguns use a different system to keep the shotgun compact. The pump is slid forward, out from under the barrel to open the chamber and eject the old shell, and is slid back under the gun to load the new round.

Gas automatic
The force of the shell being fired is used to eject the casing and to chamber the next round. The first round has to be chambered manually by cocking the weapon, and the gun fires at one rate of fire only.
A Dud round will stop the weapon firing and will have to be cleared manually by working the breach open and closed . Most gas Auto shotgun are also pump action, so that Duds can be cleared by working the pump.

The motor action uses an electrical motor to work the guns action, loading, firing and ejecting the rounds at a set rate that can be varied simply by altering the motor speed.
Dud rounds are ejected by the action without an interruption in firing

Only a few current shotguns use a revolver system. The weapon is wider than a normal shotgun, but can be shorter and more compact
The simpler model is spring loaded, rotating the cylinder one step after each trigger pull
The more complex are gas operated, using the gas from the firing of the shell to rotate the cylinder

A note on cases
Military loads are normally brass cased, longer than sporting rounds so they cannot be loaded into a normal pump action shotgun. The brass case absorbs a lot of the heat generated on firing, and so allows the automatic shotguns to run quite cool. If a CAWS was to use normal shotgun shells it could overheat and jam, possibly even warp and melt. Any shotgun capable of full auto fire that's using normal rounds counts as one class less reliable.
Brass cased ammo costs slightly more (cost x1.5) and is usually harder to get hold of, as its only real use is in Full auto weapons

Most of the modern shotguns use a tubular magazine under the barrel, which can hold 6 or 7 rounds. A tubular clip is possible, with the whole tube magazine being unfastened and a new full one being locked into place, but not on a normal pump action model. Tilting barrels which take slide in plastic tube clips also allow fast reloading. Twin Tube magazine weapons do exist, usually pump / gas automatic. These feeding shells alternately from each magazine (with a selector switch allowing one magazine to be fired first)

Military auto-shotguns (CAWS) use 10 round box magazines like rifles, but the size of the shotgun shell keep the amount of ammo a box can hold down. At the most 20 round drums are possible

Belt feed is possible (the Rolling Thunder automatic shotguns)

Calibres / Shell Sizes
20 Gauge
16 Gauge
a 12 gauge shell is 18mm x 70mm
a 12 gauge magnum shell is 18mm x 90mm
10 Gauge
10 Gauge Magnum

Making your own Shotgun

SizeConcealabilityBase RangeNotes
PistolConc J25m
ShortConc L40mMax 5 rd tubes
NormalConc L50m Max 6 rd tubes
LongConc N60mMax 7 rd tubes

BreakUsually only has one round per barrel
LeverLoads from a Tube Magazine
PumpLoads from a Tube magazine
Gas autoLoads from Tube or Box Magazine / Belt
MotorisedLoads from Tube or Box Magazine / Belt
RevolverUses a cylinder

Ammo loadNotes
Breakone shot per barrel, ignoring Gauge modifiers
Tube5, 6, 7 or 8 rounds
Twin Tube2x5, 2x6, 2x7
Clipcan be a straight magazine of 6rds, 10rds or a 20 rd drum
CylinderUsually 6 shot, large 10 or 12 round ones make it bulkier (conc +1)
Any shotgun that can take a Magazine is also available Belt fed, feeding from 25 round belts

All ammo listings are for 12 gauge rounds.
Using larger or smaller gauges alters this slightly
.410 are +3
20 gauge are +2
16 gauge are +1
12 gauge are as listed
10 gauge are -1
Magnum rounds are longer than normal and so Tube mags are -1 ammo

Using the FID shotgun system.

12 Gauge is 8 Pellets of OO buck , Basic range 50m
10 pellets of OOO, basic range 50m
Slug damage is a Basic 6D6
This is taken as the standard and every other gauge is based off this.
GAUGE'OO''OOO' SlugBasic 6D6 slug isRange

The Range Modifier cannot more than HALVE the weapons range
Magnum rounds add +1 damage to all shot, and +D6 to slugs
Firing Slugs from a PISTOL frame drops damage by D6 due to the short barrel

Examples of Current Shotguns

Franci SPAS-12
12 gauge shotgun, gas automatic, full auto at 4 rds a second. 7 round tube mag and 1 in the chamber

Franci SPAS 15
Full auto 12 gauge, 6 round box magazine. Rifle sized

Short 12-gauge shotgun with a 12 shot revolver cylinder

Pancor jackhammer
Long barrel bull-pup shotgun in 12 gauge. Ammo is a 10 shot revolving cylinder, which comes preloaded and is disposable. Full auto

Ithica Roadblocker
A long barrelled 10 gauge magnum pump action, the full length tube mag holds only 3 shells. Used by Highway patrol units to fire slugs capable of cracking the engine blocks of trucks.

Ithica Stakeout
Short barrelled 12 gauge pump action, 5 round tube mag under a short barrel

Neosted 12 gauge
Compact 12 gauge, gas auto with twin 6 round tube magazines over the barrel, with a forward pump action that keeps the overall length down

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