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Rifle Grenades
Revised Edition - January 2000
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Rifle grenades are large grenades designed to be fired from a rifle barrel, forming a simple mortar/grenade launcher that will launch the grenade further than the rifleman could throw it.

Direct firerange
Assault Rifle150m
Battle Rifle200m
Indirect fireRange
Assault Rifle300m
Battle Rifle400m

Different fire types
Blank fired
The grenade is fitted onto the barrel and a blank round loaded. The gases from the Blank round propel the grenade. If a live round is accidentally used the grenade is destroyed and may explode.
The system is slow to use in a battle, as the rifle must be unloaded and loaded with blanks, them reloaded with live ammo once the grenade is fired.

Blank fired with deflector plate
The deflector plate is an angled armour plate in the base of the rifle grenade that will deflect a bullet down, out of the grenade without harming the explosive charge. If the grenade is accidentally fired with a live bullet, the plate means the grenade will simply be broken, not exploded on the barrel. (unless its an AP round, in which case the deflector isn't much use)

Bullet traptm
These have a bullet catcher arrangement with recoil absorbers in the base of the grenade, allowing a normal bullet to be used to fire it. Faster to use in a battle, they can be dangerous if AP rounds are loaded, as these could crack the bullet trap. HE rounds must be avoided, as they will detonate in the trap, setting off the grenade.

Bullet traptm with deflector
This uses the same bullet trap but with the added insurance of a deflector plate in case an AP round is accidentally used to fire the grenade, as the round could pierce the bullet trap and ignite the explosive

Bullet thrutm
The state of the art, these grenades have an empty tube running down the middle of the grenade, allowing the bullet to pass through the grenade and on to the target without mishap. The gases following the bullet are tapped off and used to fire the grenade, acting as a simple flash suppresser.
This makes the grenade very quick to use, safe with any bullet and makes it harder to spot the firer.

Types of Grenades
Fragmentation Grenade
Treat as a large Frag grenade, Concussion is 5D6 damage / 1m
Fragmentation damage is based on the chosen fragment size
Frag SizeDamageNo of Hits / Area of effect
SmallD42D6+2 / 4m - D6+2 / 8m - D6 / 16m
MediumD62D6 / 5m - D6+1 / 10m - D6-1 / 20m
LargeD10D6+2 / 6m - D6 / 12m - D6-2 / 24m
Heavy2D6D6 / 7m - D4 / 14m - D4-1/ 28m

High Explosive Grenade
Treat as a large HE grenade , Damage is 6D6 / 1m

Shaped charge capable of defeating light armoured vehicles

Other Muzzle Mounted Devices
Israel Industries Ambush buster
This Bullet Thru device is a large cylinder that fits onto the muzzle of a rifle.
When a bullet is fired it uses the gas from firing the round to ignite the explosive propellant, firing the 160 flechettes it contains out in a 10 degree arc.
Damage 2D6 per flechette , Half armour.
Number of Hits / Range : 2D6 / 5m, D6+2 / 15m, D6/ 25m

Rifle launched Non Lethal Munitions

Rubber ball Canister
Available in Rubber or Rubber encased steel
The Bullet trap design catches the round as its fired, transferring its energy to the rubber balls. This makes the Rifle into a short range shotgun, ideal for crowd control.
Volley of D6 stun damage only balls
Steel core rounds are D10 damage, rolls of 6+ do one point of real damage
At point blank these count as a single hit

Baton Round
Available in Rubber or Rubber encased steel
The bullet trap design transfers the energy of the bullet to a single large stun slug.
Damage 4D6 Stun damage, Half if which is real if the target is within 3m (5D6 with a steel cored baton, with half counting as real if within 5m)