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Subject: Monowire

From the books we can deduce its
  1. very thin
  2. very strong for its thickness
  3. very sharp (see pt 1)
The name 'monomolecular' implys its a single long molecule..

My best guess is...


buckminsterfullerene is a football like sphere of 60 carbon atoms C 70 has a ring of 10 carbons between the two hemispheres, making it like a rugby ball. This can be extended by adding more rings of carbon atoms between the hemispheres into a filament.

The Japanese have already made nanofibres like this, but only fractions of a mm long.

But if a Fullerene tube several meters long could be made, it would be

  1. approx 7nm across (very thin)
  2. as strong as diamond (approx) as it has a hexagonal graphite= structure. also, it would be flexible and shiny like graphite when it catches the light.
In JM; the whip shines in the streelights.The only way to spot it is when its moving.

For non-Chemists: Imagine a sheet of hexagons five hexes wide rolled into a tube so the edges match up. Cap the ends with half footballs. If that was made if carbon molecules, thats a Monofilament.

The MonoWhip uses a lenght of Monowire as a flexible blade.

As the fibre is so fine it weights virtually nothing. The cutting force is provided by the weighted tip which is swung past the target. The weighted tip is either a glowing ball or a fingertip if the whip is implanted. The weight is small and heavy to control the line.

The moving tip's kinetic energy is focused onto the monoline. As the line is very thin, this gives even a slow swing enough cutting force to sever plastics and flesh. Swing hard, with the full strenght of your arm and a long lenght of line, the weight can get up to very high speeds. And when the line hits it'll cut body armour, metal pipes and plates, sever limbs, cut flesh, cartilage and bone.

The user must take great care when using the 'whip, as the monoline is moving in a circle connected to there hand. Fumbled rolls, loss of concentration or panic can cause the user to misjudge a swing and cut themselves.

In combat, the whip is deadly. the wounds it causes are finer than any cut, and you only feel them seconds after, as the synapses in your nerves misfire.

The wire itself is so fine that special care must be taken in storage and handling. The wire is stored on a reel of high density ceramic ('one of the new ono-sendai diamond analogs' to quote Gibson) and is capped with a bead of the same ceramic.

Monowire is very light.

This means that you have to weight it to do damage. You must have a force acting on the wire, either a weight pulling it or something pushing onto it. If left without a force acting upon it, it'll just sit there. So if you drop some, it'll stay on the floor

Monowire is very thin.

Only very dense materials like diamond analog ceramics, heavy dense metals, etc, will stop it. If dropped it'll lie flat on the floor and not cut into the floor

Monowire is very strong.

The Monoline has to be broken with a laser cutter.=7F Monolines will not cut each other (so reinforcing armour with monolines will stop monowhips)

Uses of monowire

Invisable replacement for barbed wire

The monowire entanglement if very hard to spot (only tell by the light catching the lines.) and if you run into it you could easily loose your legs. If you advance into it slowly, you'll get cut lets and may panic. If you pull back, the wire is pulled out by a diferent path than it went in by, taking a chunk out of your leg. Unlike razorwire, monowire will penetrate quite deeply and do serious injurys.

Stringing across doors/corridors

Again, running into the line will cut off your legs. 'Nicer' than entanglements, as you don't fall legless and bleeding face first into a tangle of monolines. But it still kills you.

Bullet with several lenghts of wire fixed to it (with little weights on the other end)

When this hits, the monowire will be dragged on by the weights on the other end. If it penetrates, this may cut chunks out of the wound channel. If it lodges in the body, or stops on armour, the trailing wire will wrap round, cutting at anything it meets. This makes a medics job hell. they can't see the Wire in the wound until they start cutting chunks from their fingers.

Two spring loaded monowire reels, one on each end of a monoline.

Fired from an pair of airguns, they trail the line between them. if the reels are ratcheted, the line locks on impact and the weight of the reels pulls it onto the target.

Reinforced Armour.

Most armys will issue arm and leg protectors reinforced with either ceramics or monowire to stop the wire cutting in. This means that a potentially fatal cut will snag on the wire and then either: Monowire is usually supplied in reels with self adhesive ceramic eyelets prethreaded. And its Expensive.

Uses of monowire in CP literature and other soure material

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