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GunToy Catalog
Revised Edition - December 1998
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Weapon Accessories
Location codes
BOn the Barrel itself
UBUnder the barrel
TOn the top of the weapon
NANot Applicable

Laser sight 100 for 50m model T S UB
A laser sight, laser aiming module
Low power laser puts a red dot onto your target, so you can see EXACTLY where the bullet is going to go. +1 to hit, and also cancels the HIPFIRE penalty as you don't need to shoulder the weapon to aim it. Also, the laser sight can be used on Fast draw actions. Range on a good laser is anything from 50m to 150 m, and you need to be within this range to get the bonus.
Cost is Twice range (minimum range 25m, maximum range 300m )

IR laser Sights 150 for 50m model T S UB
These use lasers tuned out of the visible spectrum, so you can only see the dot if you have IR optics.
Cost is as laser sight +50
(UV laser sights work the same and cost about the same as an IR model, but you need UV optics to use them)

Laser sight installation kit 200 NA
This is an adjustable barrel probe and laser receptor that allows you to centre your laser sight onto your gun barrel so that the laser sight runs parallel to the bullet path. Someone with weaponsmith can install and centre a laser sight in 5 minutes with one of these kits

Flash Suppresser 75 B
This is a expansion chamber that fits on the guns muzzle, catching and redirecting the weapon flash. This does little to muffle the sound of the shot, but does stop anyone spotting the weapons flash (unless they're looking right at the guns muzzle from in front, IE they're the target)

Silencer s 30 to 400 B
This is a larger, longer cylinder than a flash suppresser that uses a series of expansion chambers and bullet wipes to reduce the sound of a weapon being fired as well as the flash. With a silencer, a pistol shot becomes more like a book being slammed HARD. The sound carries a lot less, and isn't recognisable as a shot. In a busy city it'll go unnoticed. With subsonic ammunition the sound is even less, and can hardly be heard or recognised 5m away.

Home-made silencers are tubes filled with mesh or plates. Not as effective as a proper silencer, they can seriously reduce accuracy, range and bullet energy. But, hey, they are Cheap. Cost to make is $30, plus a weapon smith 15 roll. The Silencer lasts for half skill roll shots (subsonic count as halves). Basic Range is Halved and WA is -1.

Cheap silencers degrade as they are used, failing completely after D100+20 shots of subsonic ammunition, with full power rounds counting as 5 subsonic shots. They use a series of 'wipes', plates that have a hole big enough for the bullet to pass through in the centre. As they are used the holes wear larger and more gas gets out, until all they do is catch the flash. Silencer cost $100

Disposable Silencers are plastic and glass fibre tubes with plastic film baffles inside them. When first used the bullet punches the holes in the baffles to the right size. They are only good for about 10 shots with normal ammo ( 20 subsonic) but they are cheap, effective and one size fits all! Cost 40

The more expensive silencers do not degrade as they use baffles and vortex chambers to reduce the sound, rather than bullet wipes. They can be used indefinitely without any loss of silencing capability. Silencer cost $250

Installing the silencer into the gun itself uses a series of holes drilled into the barrel to bleed off the propellant gases even before the bullet passes into the silencer. This makes the weapon very quiet and the noise is hardly recognisable as a gun shot.
Silencer and installation kit 400
Weapon Modifications 250 or weapon smith difficulty 15

Revolver Silencer base +100 B
This is a normal silencer with a sliding cover that completely surrounds the revolvers cylinder, so that blast cannot escape there and cause noise. This also slows down reloading the weapon as the cover must be slid forward (one action). More expensive and harder to fit than a normal silencer.
Costs the same as a normal silencer PLUS 100 for a custom fitted cylinder cover

Gas Bleed off Vents 250 Sp
A system of vents in the barrel tap gas off behind the bullet, reducing its velocity. Used with silenced weapons, this reduces the bullet velocity to subsonic, making it harder to hear. All ammo counts as Subsonic.
Ammo that's already subsonic suffers the penalties again To prevent this, most systems can lock the vents closed manually

Smart Bleed off system 350 +smartgun Sp
This has a series of vents to bleed off gas, but the smart system only opens enough to produce the required velocity drop. With subsonic ammo the vents stay closed, and with high-pressure military ammo they open to bleed gas. The system will automatically adapt to the ammo fired, dropping it to subsonic on command

Telescopic Sight 250 T
A telescopic sight allows the user to aim accurately at a distant target
Can aim up to a maximum of +5 to hit rather than +4
To hit at Medium range +1 Long +2 Extreme +2 ONLY ON AIMED SHOTS
Most scopes with magnifications x2, x4 don't effect range
Magnification x6 increases Extreme range by 50%
Magnification x8 or higher double extreme range

Lowlite scope 200 T
These weapon scopes amplify available light, allowing normal vision in Twilight or near total darkness.
The old starlite system of light amplifiers overloaded in bright light, so any return to normal light, or a floodlight/torch will 'Green Out' the system, half blinding the user. this means the user can never gain the 'silhouette' bonus.
Cost 100
Newer computer controlled systems modify the display and control overloads, stepping down the amplification so that they can handle sudden changes in the light levels, just like a cyberoptic Antidazzle system
Cost 200

IR sight 150 T
This is a sight tuned into the IR portion of the spectrum, allowing the user to see any sources of IR light, for example IR lasers, IR aiming projectors or a target in an area lit with IR floods

UV sight 150 T
This is a sight tuned into the UV portion of the spectrum, allowing the user to see any sources of UV light, for example UV lasers, UV aiming projectors or a target in an area lit with UV floods

Aiming Projector 100 T UB S
This is a high power spotlight focused down to a very narrow beam. When fitted onto a weapon the beam is narrow enough to only illuminate the target, with a dark spot in the spotlights centre where the weapon will hit.
The system gives the user +1 to hit, and if used to illuminate the targets Face they are blinded for 1 round after the light comes off there eyes (unless they have Antidazzle fitted. )
Effective up to 100m
(IR and UV models are available, but they don't get the blinding effect unless the target is using that type of Vision. Cost +100)

Combat strobe 150 T UB S
This is a high power strobe flashlight fitted parallel to the barrel. The strobe can be 'fired' before the gun, giving a sudden incredibly bright flash of light in a very narrow beam. If this hits the target the gun can be fired in the same action Roll to hit with the strobe as if it were the gun it's mounted on, with +1 to hit as the beam is wider than a bullet. If the strobe hits, the user can fire the gun in the same action , either rolling to hit at +2 or taking the strobes roll
If the strobe hits the face the target is blinded for D3 rounds (unless they have antidazzle)
Effective up to 50m
(IR and UV models are available, but they don't get the blinding effect unless the target is using that type of Vision. Cost +100)

Torches (flashlights) 30 T UB S
A torch mounted under your gun is a simple way of negating the 'dim light' and 'darkness' penalties, and by covering the sides you can narrow the beam down enough to not give your location away too much
(IR. and UV models are available. Cost +100)

Floodlights 50 T UB S
These are wide beam torches which turn your weapon into a floodlight, illuminating the area in front of you as bright as day. These will blind anyone with lowlite running (without antidazzle)
But they do give your location away quite badly to anyone who can see you (careful you don't get silhouetted against your own floodlight system for enemies behind you)
(IR. and UV models are available, but they don't get the blinding effect. Cost +100)

Radar targeting matrix 1000 T
This uses a Millimetric wave radar pod mounted on the weapon to generate an image of the target area. The radar will differentiate between empty space, soft matter, hard matter and metal.
Within these distinctions the radar is accurate to Millimetres, so you are presented with a world view where only metal is solid.
The radar will penetrate anything up to solid metal, so the user can ignore the targeting penalties for firing blind through anything up to a solid metal wall. (of course, the BULLET has to try to pass through any intervening obstacles normally) and for illumination, as the user is no longer seeing with visible light

Thermal Imaging Scope 450 T
This uses the radiant heat of an object to image, allowing a hot item (a person) to be seen through a colder item ( a wall ). This allows the user to ignore the penalties for line of sight being blocked by anything up to half a metre of cold matter or a Hot object (car engine, hot water boiler, bonfire). This allows you to target someone through a wall, but is all but blind if all the surroundings are the same temperature (i.e. Down the sewers)

Reflex sights
These are devices that allow you to aim by reflex, and so can be used on Fast draw action, where they help offset the fast draw penalties. Various types follow

Guttersnipe fast acquisition combat sight 50 T
A plastic gutter with bright yellow sides, the guttersnipe draws the point of vision along its length. When the weapon is straight the yellow sides appear of equal size and length. Practice allows the user to instinctively put the weapon on target.
Disadvantage is that the weapon must be seen, so bonus is lost in dim light or darker
+1 to Hit, +2 on a Fast draw
A beta light model with glowing guttering is available, which allows you to use it even in total darkness (but it doesn't do much if you can't see your target) (cost 75)

Trilux 75 T
This uses three beta light sources, two in the rear sight, one in the foresight. When level, the target appears to have a line of three lights across them. The system works even in complete darkness and will glow for several years
+1 to Hit, +2 on a Fast draw

Ring Sight 50 T
This uses a length of plastic tubing aligned with the barrel. When the target is in your sights, they are visible through the tube when the gun is at arms length. A simple system, but as the tube tapers slightly, the two circles formed by the tubes beginning and end aid the eye in centring the weapon.
+1 to Hit, +2 on a Fast draw

Holosight 150 T
This uses a Hologram on a sheet of glass or plastic set in a 'window' about 5cm across on top of the weapon. A low power light illuminates the hologram from behind, so that light shines through the hologram to your eye. This produces the illusion of a glowing targeting sight floating in the window, which is only visible from the firer's point of view.
+1 to Hit, +2 on a Fast draw

Hologenerator Sight 750 T
This mounts a compact hologenerator on the top of the gun, projecting a holographic targeting sight up from the gun to float in the air over the gun.
+1 to hit

Sight Mounting rails T S UB
These are a series of rails fixed onto the weapon, allowing the sights and other combat accessories to be simply clipped on and off without having to keep recalibrating them.
Any type of accessory can be fitted using this system, but they need a special adapter (increase cost of accessory by +20)
Cost Per Rail 150
available for Top mount, Under barrel and left/right side mounts

Bipod 45 UB
A bipod holds a weapon steady while aiming, giving +1 to hit on an aimed shot
When used with a fully automatic weapon they help control the recoil by bracing the weapon into the ground. Acts as two points of recoil compensation

Tripod 100 UB
A tripod is a heavier weapon stand than a bipod, usually used for heavy machineguns
Effects are the same as a bipod, +1 to hit on an aimed shot.
When used with a fully automatic weapon they come into there own, controlling the recoil of the weapon and absorbing it, acting as three points of recoil compensation

High Density Bolt inserts 125 + weaponsmith (20) Sp
These make the bolt heavier, so when the gun fires, more of the recoil is needed to move the bolt.
This acts as one point of recoil compensation in any weapon (if you're using the recoil rules)
The ROF of a fully automatic weapon is reduced by 5, but weapon accuracy is increased +1 On a semi automatic weapon, a high density bolt allows a Large framed weapon loading a very heavy calibre round to get TWO shots off a round, rather than ROF 1. The first shot is at -1 to hit, the second is at -2. (you can still take just one shot at no penalty)

Light weight bolt 110 + weaponsmith (20) Sp
This makes the bolt lighter, allowing faster ROF but giving less control over the recoil.
Fully automatic weapons get +5 ROF but -1 to accuracy
Semi automatic weapons become harder to control. ROF is increased by one, but you get a cumulative -1 penalty (-2 if using heavy or very heavy calibre rounds) for every shot after the first. E.g. 0.-1.-2.-3 (light or medium calibre) or 0,-2,-4,-6. (heavy plus calibre)
The light bolt also allows the weapon to cycle using low power or subsonic rounds

Gas Vent 75 B
This is a system where the gas released from the muzzle when the gun fires is vented upward, pushing the barrel down against the kick of the recoil which pushes it upward.
This reduces the inaccuracies caused by the recoil
As the weapon uses the vented gases it cannot use a silencer
Cancels up to 2 points of recoil (or a -1 penalty to hit if used on autofire)

Shoulder stock 35 Sp
This is a simple way of bracing a weapon, a stock that reaches from the butt of the weapon to the users shoulder. although it makes the weapon longer, it does allow accurate aiming, and also allows the user to absorb recoil with the whole body.
Aim to +1 , one point of recoil compensation

Brass Bag 20 Sp
Fitted over the ejection port of a cased weapon, a brass catching bag collects the spent cases as they are ejected. This not only makes the weapon slightly quieter, it also collects the evidence of your firing rather than letting it be scattered across the area ( not just of importance to criminals, as a hot brass casing can burn skin or get underfoot)

Bayonet as knife Ub
For close quarters, a blade fitted under the barrel converts a rifle into a simple stabbing spear

Lanyard 15
For pistols, this is a simple tether than stops you loosing your weapon if dropped. It connects from the butt of the weapon to the webbing of the user , or to a loop round there neck.

Sling 25
Slings allow SMG size weapons and larger to be carried ready, able to fire with only a moments action.

Double Set Triggers 250 Sp
When at extreme distances, even the slightest movement of the gun can be the difference between hitting and missing. A double set trigger is in two parts. The first part acts as a normal trigger, and the second acts as a hair trigger with a very light draw. At long range the first trigger is drawn back until the weapon is ready to fire, then it is fired using the second, lighter trigger so that the final trigger pull doesn't knock the weapon off target.
Effect +1 to hit at long range or further with Aimed Shots

Electronic Solenoid Trigger 400 Sp
Similar to a double set trigger, a solenoid system removes the firing pin and replaces it with an electronically operated solenoid. The trigger is now an electrical switch and pulling it back completes the circuit to drive the solenoid forwards. This removes any angular movement from the action, and requires a very light trigger pull when in long range mode.
Effect is +1 to hit at Long range or further with Aimed shots

Double pull trigger 250 Sp
The double set trigger removes the need for a fire selector switch from a selective fire weapon. Instead of having to switch between single shot and fully automatic, the trigger is set to work as the fire selector. A single trigger pull which is then released is a single shot. If the trigger is pulled back and held, the weapon cycles to fully auto and keeps firing till the trigger is released.
Dangerous in unskilled hands, this system allows someone with Skill 3+ to switch fire modes at will. Anyone with lower skill will fire random bursts of D6 rds instead of single shots.
The system can also be used on Single shot / 3rd Burst weapons, allowing instantaneous changes of fire mode


The Smartgun is the latest development in self-aiming weapons. Sensors all over the gun report the weapons condition, orientation, balance and weight to the users neural processor, where the smartgun interface integrates this with the users actions. The gun becomes part of the user, aiming on a subconscious level. Even someone with no firearms skill finds the weapon easy to use.
Effect +2 to hit under all circumstances
Cost Neural Processor 1000
Smartgun Co-Processor 200
Smartgun Weapon cost x2 (take the weapon cost as $300 if it is lower)
Incompatible with laser sights & reflex sights

Technical readout 500
This is a diagnostic system that allows the weapon to warn the user of any malfunctions, jams, barrel overheating or other faults. A screen on the back of the weapon
The user has +2 to fix any jams or malfunctions, and +2 for regular maintenance
If the weapon is about to malfunction or jam, (fumble) the system will prevent this on a 6+ on D10

Ammo counter 75
A digital counter on the back of the gun interfaces with a sensor in the clip, counting rounds remaining and displaying this number to the user.
Some versions can interface with a smart-link to feed this information to a cyber optic display

Vocal readout 450 readout option
This uses a digitised speech module to say readouts instead of displaying them on a screen
This can be on a radio link (+50) , ear-piece or speaker

Gun camera 50
This is a ballisticaly matched digital camera that takes a picture whenever the gun is fired.
Sealed versions can be purchased from police stations or security firms, and the pictures they take are admissible as evidence in a court of law (great for that self-defence claim)
Each chip stores 20 'shots'

Target sight optics 200
This is a cyberoptic system that uses the smartgun data to project the bullets path into your field of vision, placing a crosshair on the point of impact
Used with a Smartgun, this adds +1 to hit
Without the Smartgun targeting data, no bonus's.

Limblink 100
This is a simplified aiming system for implanted weapons, using a smart monocle and the neural implants in the cybernetic limb to increase the accuracy of weapons in an arm.
+1 to hit with the implanted weapon (ranged weapons only)
Incompatible with smartguns or other targetters

COT 2000 T
The Camera On Target System uses a digital camera to feed visual images of what the gun is aiming at to the user in real time, either to a cyberoptic of a HUD eyepiece. This allows the user to aim accurately, and to use the weapon as a sensory boom, looking round corners with it and firing without having to expose the head.
+1 to hit
Can fire from cover without penalties & can be used with a smartgun system

Extended mag 40
Magazine with +50% or more rounds. these magazines are longer and wider than normal mags and make the weapon slower on a quick draw

Helix clip 75
Helix magazines are long tubular magazines with the rounds held in spirals. They can hold 50 rounds of pistol ammunition in a tube the size of a can of beer
M950 50 and 100rd Bison 64rd
A normal weapon has its concealablity lowered one class with a 50 rd mag
Weapons designed with helix mags have this penalty included

Drum feed 100
Drum feed weapons use a large capacity sprung drum instead of a simple vertical clip
Luger 32 rd 9mm M16 90 or 100 Thompson M1928 50 or 100
Ammo is increased, but the gun is usually unconcealable (Conc N)

Belt feed 100
Belted ammunition is normally seen on machine guns, allowing them continuous fire for several hundred rounds (more if the loader joins the new belt onto the old as it feeds, which allows continuos fire)

Chain feed 250
Chain feed weapons use a motorised belt feeding from a preloaded magazine, usually in a vehicle or a backpack (due to the size)

Non metallic construction Weapon cost x4
Weapons made from ceramics and plastics are invisible to metal detectors in airports and other secure buildings.
cost x4

Amphibious seal 200
Amphibious weapons are equipped with barrel seals that stop water getting into the weapon when it's carried underwater. It cannot be Fired underwater, but suffers no penalties from being immersed and can be made ready to fire with one action

Dual ammo feed 150
A weapon equipped with a dual ammo feed has two magazines and can switch between them as easily as flipping a switch (free action on a smartgun). The two magazines can hold different types of ammunition and be switched as needed, or they can be set to fire one round from each magazine in turn.

Self Lubricating 120
Molybdendum disulphate dry film lubricant keeps all of the moving surfaces well lubricated without the need for oiling. as long as the weapon is regularly cleaned the user can reroll any jam results

Anti corrosion 40
Acid proof coatings on the metal keep the weapon safe from corrosion from salt water, acid rain, sweat or other corrosives

Anti glare 45
Matte coatings on the outside of the weapon stop it reflecting light, aiding the users stealth. User gets no penalties to stealth rolls with the weapon ready

Phosphated black 50
Sandblasting exposed metal and reacting it with phosphate results in an anti corrosion matte black coating to protect the weapon from corrosion or glare. User gets no penalties to stealth rolls with the weapon ready

Diamond coated 1750
A thin Diamond coating on the moving surfaces of a weapon make them very smooth and flat, and immune to corrosion and damage. As long as the weapon is cleaned regularly and well lubricated the gun cannot jam due to a mechanical fault

Self cleaning nanotech 2500
State of the Art nanotechnological coatings on all moving surfaces gives the weapon internal surfaces as hard as diamond coated with millions of microscopic fixed position bearings. The weapon needs no oil or lubricants, will not corrode, pit, scar or suffer any mechanical damage. Any dirt or grit that gets into the weapon is carefully dismantled and ejected.
The weapon cannot Jam, stick, break or otherwise suffer from a mechanical problem from the moment it is coated. The problems of faulty ammunition cannot be corrected by this system.

Cheap neon plastic -15
Beloved by cheap punks and small children the world over, cheap guns with cheap and garish colour schemes are readily available on the street

High density plastic
The standard Weapon fit for the modern world, High density plastics are rugged, do not chip or shatter, will not rot in sea water or acid rain and are textured to give a firm grip
Cost as normal

Endangered hardwoods
The mark of quality, polished non-renewable hardwoods from the rainforests of the world show that you can afford the best, no matter what it costs the environment.
Cost +400

Gold plated
Perfect for that gift presentation, real 24 carat gold guns are a way of saying 'You care'.
Gun cost +500

Having Scrollwork, names or scenes engraved onto a weapon can give it a look of class (or they can look awful and make you look a fool).
Machine engraving is 20 per square inch
Hand engraving is 200 per and more for talented artists

Mock wood
mmm. Classy . cost is -10 Best brands are 'Plas-Teak' or 'Mock-Hogany'

Marble effect
Marble effect ceramics give the gun a cool, heavy feel Cost +25

Anodised black 50
A matte black coating chemically bonded onto the exposed surfaces of the metal, scratch resistant and corrosion proof

Chrome plated 150
Big and Shiny, chrome plated weapons are the way to get yourself noticed. Anti Corrosion but bloody obvious and shiny. If you try and sneak with a chromed weapon ready you get a -2

Pearl handled 100 G
Coated in the shells of Bivalve Molluscs from the seas of the world, this gives the weapon a good feel in the hand, with a multi coloured sheen.

Bone 75 G
Bone grips are the perfect non slip, grip anywhere surface. They provide a hard control surface and give you the best grip possible no matter how slippy your palm.
User can reroll any fumble result that causes them to drop there gun

Rubberised grip 50 G
Rubberised Grips cushion the impact of the gun as it recoils, making it easier to control and acting as one point of recoil compensation, and providing a firm grip.
User can reroll any fumble result that causes them to drop there gun
Rubber can perish with wear, especially if not regularly silicone treated and cleaned

Target grips 145 G
Specially made target grips hold the hand in the correct firing position, ergonomically positioning the hand so that the gun is held perfectly
+1 to hit on the First shot each round

Personalised Grips 800 G
These are expert made (or expert system made) to fit your hand perfectly, and no one else's.
You get +1 to hit with the gun, anyone else gets -1 to hit
Personalised grips are as distinctive as fingerprints, so don't loose that gun
(effects are not cumulative with target grips)

Rubberised coating 250 Sp
Big on the Fetish scene, rubberised guns have a rubber coating bonded onto there outer surface, making them wipe clean, non slip and virtually impossible to drop. They are unfortunately very hard to quick draw, even if talced or sprayed with silicone (squeek!)
User can reroll any fumble result that causes them to drop there gun
-2 initiative on a fast draw

Smart Grips 750 G
These are memory plastic grips that alter shape to suit the users hand. If you are using the weapon for single shots, they form target grips and give you +1 to hit on the first shot each round. If you are on rapid fire, they shift to absorb the recoil, acting as one point of recoil compensation

Computer control smart grips 1200 G
These are controlled by a microcomputer and can be linked into a smartgun system.
They can become target grips or rubberised grips with the push of a button, and can recognise handgrip patterns, storing them on chip
If someone has there personalised grips made, they can chip the pattern and run them on the smartgrips, gaining the same advantages

Fore-grip 25 UB
Foregrips allow the user to use both hands to steady a weapon, making it easier to control the recoil of automatic fire

Mechanical recoil reduction 300
System of recoil buffering pistons and springs that absorbs and reduces the guns recoil
Bulk +1, recoil -1/3

Natural cadence system 500
By balancing the recoil and return impulses of a firearm so that the kick back is the same as the springs lunge forward, the felt recoil of a weapon can be greatly reduced
Recoil x 1/2, always fires bursts of same length (chosen when system balanced, random ROF of 10 +D10 rounds for ROF 20, 10+2D10 for ROF 30 etc)

Gun Locktm
Safety interlocks prevent the gun being fired until the system has been unlocked
Key LockActivate with a mechanical or magnetic key (one action)
Code LockActivate with a 4 digit code (one action)
Ring LockActivates if the user is wearing the coded ring on there gun hand
Implant LockActivates if the user has the coded implant in there gun hand
Voice LockActivates when hears the users voice and the command phrase
Print lockActivates when the user grips the gun with there bare hand
Smart LockActivates when interfaced with the users smartgun system

(while some of the systems don't take an action to release, they do take a moment to recognise the 'key' so they cannot be used in fastdraws until unlocked)
The user can choose to have the gun lock again when the key is removed, or lock again by using the key
These Systems are by NO MEANS foolproof. They can be fooled, picked, hacked and shorted, but only with equipment and time, and the system is designed to stop someone being shot with there own gun after its been wrestled off them in a brawl.
KeyMechanical key100%10
KeyMagnetic key100%15
Code4 digit code chosen by user100%18
RingMetal ring with 3mm magnetic coded strip in it100%20
Implant3mm magnetic implant lodged in the palm100%20
VocalRecords users voice print80%18
PrintRecords palm print70%15
SmartRecords smartgun software signature100%20
+10% to chance of recognising the user also adds +10% to the chance it'll unlock for someone else To work quickly, the systems only record a few major features from the users palm or voice, so these systems are the least reliable Two or more locks can be combined for increased security at increased price Costs
Key Lock + Mechanical key100 Spare Keys 10
Key Lock + Magnetic key120 Duplicate keys 20
Code Lock100
Ring Lock + Ring250 Duplicate rings 50
Implant Lock + Implant + Surgery350 Implant. Surgery N, cost 200 Hc 1
Voice Lock300
Print lock300
Smart Lock500