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Cybernetic Weapons
Revised Edition - October 1999
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Flippers Guide To Cybernetic Weapons

Scratchers. Vegas Rat Diamond fingernails M - 200 - 2d6
Artificial fingernails with razor sharp edges. Quite a popular thing when the Vegas Rats were in the news. Now, out-moded and fairly useless, as they aren't retractable. One absent-minded scratch could cost you an eye
Single nail does d6/3
Whole hand does D6
Protective covers cost you 5 per hand (1 per finger)

Rippers, finger razors Ma - 400 - 3d6
Retractable blades in the fingertips, that slide out from under the fingernails.
Bioplast sheaths are bonded into the finger bones, with the slider muscles triggered by neural actuators. Blades are 4cm long, double-edged scalpel blades
A Single blade does D6/2 damage
Slashing with the Whole hand does 2d6 damage
The blades can be removed for maintenance and repair by pulling when extended

Wolvers, Spurs, Bigripp, Bonespikes Ma - 600 - 3d6+1 (750 for bonespike)
Larger blades operating on the same principle as the rippers. The sheath is bonded onto the bones of the forearm, with the blade sliding out through a bioplast sealed slit in the back of the hand. The tendons are pegged back to keep them safe from the blade.
Single blades (spur, bigripp) are triangular cross sectional, so they can slash and stab Damage 2d6+2
Wolvers are made up of three smaller blades held parallel, each one doing d6 damage Damage 3 x D6 (3D6)
Bonespikes are cultured from your own reinforced bone (invisible on metal detectors) Damage 2D6

Fingerbolts M - 250 - d6
Reinforcing bolts implanted in the hand, increasing damage with punch to d4+1. Can't spot them without scanners

BigKnuks m - 500 - 2d6
Reinforcing and armouring the knuckles, increasing damage with punch to d6+2. The whole hand looks swollen, particularly the knuckles, where the skin armour plates on the knuckles look pale milky white

Knucklestuds M - 150 - d6+1
Metal implant studs on the knuckles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Increases your punch damage by +1 (More of a fashion statement than a weapon for most of the kids with them.)

Blockbooster M - 350 - d6 /per pair.
Subdermal armour plates with nanotech lacing of the skin. Used to reinforce the blocking areas of the body, the forearms and shins. +1 to Block rolls per pair, max two pairs..

Monowhip M - 1,200 - 3D6
Concealed as a prosthetic thumb tip, weighted with high density ceramics Ceramic reel of monowire sprung to retract against the swinging force of the tip. Gives a very sharp, near invisible cutting blade up to several metres long. Can be used with the Melee skill, but any fumbles do normal damage to the user. Has its own specialised skill, Monowhip, which is Ref based and used in place of melee if using a 'whip. If fighting using the monowhip skill then fumbles are treated normally
WA is +2 due to the speed and reach of the weapon
3d6 damage +d6 per two levels of monowhip skill. (Maximum damage is 8d6. Beware of techno-ninjas)

Stinger M - 400 - 2d6+2 (N if in cyber ware)
Stingers are bioplast shielded needles which extend to stab and inject. They can be implanted into flesh or hidden in cyber ware. Usually connected to a poison sac or gland . Cyber needles can be connected to a canister holding 5 doses (no option space) or 20 (one option, 5 doses of 4 chemicals, switch controlled )
Unvenomed, they do 1 point of damage if used to stab. To punch through armour, they do D6+damage bonus damage for the purposes of penetration only. Soft armour is halved. Rules for Bite fighting.
Biting isn't the best way of fighting, so in a normal melee, a bite attack is at -3 to hit. If you can grapple this penalty doesn't count. Also ignored if you have surprise. Still, Bite fighting is the realm of psycho's, specialist sportsmen and Vampire wannabe's. Not that that's a bad thing, mind.
Unaugmented teeth do 0-1 damage (D2 -1) plus half you Damage Bonus.

Filed teeth N - 50 -D6
The mark of serious body-mod freaks, urban primitives and psycho's. Can be done at home with a file (Easy roll on first aid or you wreck a tooth and this REALLY hurts). Hurts like hell anyway, but that's part of the 'experience'.
BiteDamage is 1 point

Ceramic Teeth M - 250 - D3
A full set of ceramic teeth bonded into your jaw. Common among fighters and the elderly. Never get toothaches and the teeth have to be fractured loose by breaking the jaw.
If used on a Bite, Damage is 1 point only

Vampires M -400 -2d6
Overlong canines, either cast ceramics or tooth bud transplants. Obvious and scary
D2 damage

Retractable vampires Ma -600 - 2d6+2
Extendable canines that retract up into the jaw when not in use. Concealable
D2 damage

Shark grin M - 500 - 3d6
All of the front teeth are replaced with sharp pointed ceramics, giving you an unnerving grin
D3 damage

Poison injectors N - 200 +sac or gland cost - 2
Tooth implant option
Hollows in the canines inject poison or drugs when bite. The buyer chooses to combine this system with sacs or glands, and what to load

Poison sac M - 1000 - D6
Plastic sac implanted into the body, which is filled with the drug of your choice via special applicator. (like an eye dropper)
Usually linked to an implanted weapon. holds 3 doses

Poison Glands M - 3000+100x (one dose of drug) - D6+2
A Biological gland that makes the drug or poison of your choice. Implanted into your body, linked into one of your implanted weapons,

Carbide Cutting Edges N- 500 - D3
Sometimes you just have to bite off more than you can chew. The carbide edges are covered with synthetic enamel so you don't lacerate your mouth. When you bite down on something hard they come away, ready to let you bite.
The edges are sharp and hard enough to scratch metal. You can now chew your way through anything you can get into your mouth that is softer than the carbide tool steel edges of your teeth. (Use cumulative bite damage vs the SP and SDP of an item)
You could bite fingers off like breadsticks, or chew through the chain of handcuffs, given time and opportunity.
Armour is halved

BiteBooster M - 200 - D3
A selective muscle reweave that boosts the strength of the jaw muscles with threads, allowing you to bite down harder and reinforces the jaw to take the strain.
All bite damage is increased one die, So 1 pt becomes D2, D2 =D3, D3=D6
A bite with normal teeth will now do 1 point of damage

Cybersnake Cr - 2,500- 4d6
One of the smartest and sickest of cyberweapons, the Cybersnake is a 1.5m long telescopic tentacle mounting a boring head, stored in a chest cavity unit. The Unit is deployed out of the mouth.
When in use, the throat is distended and the tongue swallowed downward into a prepared bioplast sheath in the upper chest, then the snake slides up from the chest cavity. The Snake itself is coated in a non-stick coating and an inert lubricant gel, making it hard to grip and also easy to clean after use.
No one organisation has been proved to have invented this ingenious death machine, but they are available on the black market at high prices.
The unit is well concealed, and cannot be detected by visual means. Sensors will only show the unit, not the biological modifications unless MRI is used. Under Surgery, the unit is programmed to defend itself, even if the user is unconscious or dead. (It attacks the Medtech using normal skill)
The weapon can be carried through almost any security system without causing an alarm.
Damage is 2d6 and the systems basic Skill is 10 +D10.
Extra skill (up to 20 +D10) can be bought at 200 per+1
Extra damage costs 500 per +1 (to a max +3). +3 can be taken as +1D6 at buyers option
In Melee, can be deployed to Rake the opponent . Lashing out at melee ranges, it does 2d6 damage on a hit. On a Critical the weapon drills through a weak spot and gets an Eviscerate result.
The Eviscerate effect. Either by getting lucky in melee or getting up close and personal with someone who doesn't know you've a snake riding inside you, you can deploy the snake directly into them.
This does Double Damage (usually 4d6) ignoring armour each turn
Once its done it deadly work you pull it out, wipe it down and retract it. When in use, you can't talk, and can hardly breathe.
If you've got a snake drilling you, you want it out. Struggling can pull it free, so use the grapple rules for holds and escapes. As the snake is muscular, slippy and drilling, it gets +4 to the roll. If you escape then you get the snake out so it doesn't drill you the next round.

Whip Ma - 475 - 2D6
A flexible steel cable 2.2m long, made of articulated segments. When retracted the segments telescope together for ease of storage . In melee, you can whip for d3 damage, or you can try choke and grapple attacks. The base of the whip is rooted into the body, usually the long bones of the forearm so it can be swung with force , so it can take your weight for pulling and swinging. An emergency quick release is included (in case you get it trapped in a crusher or something)
A Bladed Whip, with sharp edges to cut on a lash costs + 200 more, +1 HL and does 2D6 damage

Tentacle Ma - 700 - 3D6
The bigger, smarter brother of the Whip, the Tentacle is cored with muscle filaments, allowing you to move the tentacle as part of your body. The smart system adds +2 to all melee checks with the weapon, with the same moves as a whip; Slash for D3, grapple and choke.
A Bladed Tentacle, with sharp edges to cut on a lash costs +250 more, +2 HL and does 2D6 damage

Smart Wires M - 300 - 2D6
These are the baby of the flexweapons, but are still nasty. Small spools of razor edged muscle fibre allow these cables to reach out up to a metre from the user, lashing and stabbing them for D3 damage.
They are smart enough to scratch over the surface of hard armour, looking for the weaker, softer spots to dig into. A critical hit allows them to ignore worn armour, doing D3 damage.
The nasty thing is that they are semi smart, clever enough to be linked together with other smartwires into one attacking group. Neural controlled, they can be used to lash out then retract (useful for poisoned wires) or release and wrap the target (after hits and damage are rolled, the wires grapple with a Str of 12 +2 per wire gripping, D3 damage each round you try and get free)
Wa is +1, range 1m and up to five wires can be used as a single 'weapon'. They must all be able to get to the target (on the same facing of your body) and get another +1 to hit if they are all on the same location. Roll for each wire.
The Wires have two modes, the normal attack or an entangle. You must choose which is used when they are activated.
Entangles are special in that the wire is released from its spool, continuing to attack for another 2 rounds on internal power and freeing the user to attack normally.
Retracting ejected entangle wires takes about 30 seconds per wire
Poison sacs and glands can be used, but one is needed for each wire.

Cyberlimb Only weapon:
A near full-size Chainsaw built into your cyberarm. The motor is housed in the forearm and the chain extends out from the back of the wrist.
Damage if used as a weapon is 3D6, Takes 3 spaces in a cyberlimb.
The Chain and support is retractable, but takes one full round to deploy before it can be used properly as a weapon.