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CyberWare Listing
Revised Edition - February 1999
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This was originally just a listing of cybernetics for the FID cyberpunk games which has slowly grown into a large "catalogue" of materials with cybernetics not only from the CyberPunk game proper, but some "borrowed" from other sources such as CyberSpace and ShadowRun, and all spiced up with a liberal sprinkling of new tech fresh from the minds of FID.

Each piece of cyberware has a three-item code after the name (XX-XXXX-XX). The first item is the surgery code of the Cyberware (N = negligible, M = Minor, Ma = Major and Cr = Critical), the second item is the cost in eurodollars and the last is the Humanity Loss.

Neural Processor (Ma-1000-D6)
The vital hardware to allows a computer interface to with your nervous system. The Processor is implanted in the base of the skull, with electrodes penetrating deep into the brain. Each of the hair fine electrodes is tipped with a cluster of monoclonal foetal cells that grow into the recipient's nervous system. Custom built nanites that are injected into the blood search out important nerves and link onto them, marking them for the electrodes to bond onto. Once the electrodes are in place (taking 2-3 days) the processor starts to stimulate the sites, learning the brain responses. Brains are all laid out the same way, so the major functions are the same, but everyone has a slightly different set up which the processor accounts for, learning your responses.
The system is usually fully operational within 5 days.
Data jack/skull plug (M-200-2)
Allows interface cables and single skill chips These can be almost anywhere on the body, but are commonly on the head. Behind the ears, The temples, Across the forehead, Base of the skull (anywhere on the skull, but needs to be shaved and probably permanently depilated) Down the back of the neck, Small of the back, (anywhere along the spine) Inside of the Wrists, Crook of the arm, Underarm are common for weapon system interfaces
Skill chip sockets (M-200-2)
These allow ten chips to be stored, though you can only run your INT stat in chips at any time
Smartgun Targeting coprocessor (N-300-0)
+2 to hit
Cyber modem Data Link (N-200-0)
Allows use of a cyber deck
Vehicle Control coprocessor (N-300-0)
+2 to drive skills
Data-term Info link processor (N-100-0)
allows interface with data terminals

Pain editor (M-200-2D6)
Cuts all pain signals experienced by the body. You still feel the contact, but nothing else. The Shock and trauma of the wound is greatly reduced, as your body doesn't realise its injured. The user will always pass Stun saves and takes wound penalties as if the wound was one level less. Death saves are unaffected. But there is a very real danger of aggravating your wounds, and if you keep acting while injured your wounds will advance at twice normal rate

Tight beam Data link (N - 200 - 2)
Implanted broadcast unit uses a tight radio beam to carry interface data, range 5m LOS. Can penetrate up to a foot of solid matter before the signal degrades into useless noise
Sensory boosts
The average sensory boost adds +2 to the awareness notice rolls using that sense.
Note that Image Amplification is an eye option and Augmented Hearing is an ear option

Tactile Boost M - 350 - D6
Tactile boost is a spinal implant and includes a link to the neural processor. The implant increases the bodies responses to touch impulses, allowing increases sensitivity. Commercial models use a ramped feedback system, so that the smaller the sensation the more it is enhanced. This stops large sensations, for example being punched or shutting your hand in a door, from being enhanced at all, otherwise the sensation could overload your brain. Several Illegal /semi legal modifications are available for Tactile boosts;

Pain control N - 200 - 2 Tactile boost option
Stepping down the Larger Pain impulses acts like a pain editor, providing +1 to all stun saves

Sensation Boost N - 450 - d6 Tactile boost option
This illegal option boosts physical sensations to almost dangerous levels. Most of these options are fitted with implanted, neural or dermal switches (or remote controls) Ramping up all the way the increase in sensation makes almost any action distracting and magnifies any sensation felt to unprecedented Highs. 'Victim' is at -1 to all actions, and -3 to all stun saves. Even a slight injury is painfully crippling. Used with pleasurable sensations the effects are quite astonishing, amplifying pleasure. This is not only addictive (cool 20 to resist) but the user becomes desensitised to normal pleasure and must use the amplified sensations Used as a boost for a sensory boost, the user can feel minute temperature changes, small variations in surfaces etc. The Tactile boost now gives +5 to touch awareness. Used to torture and interrogate the User, this adds +2 to the interrogators skill, and the victim can take a lot of 'questioning' before they take any real damage, as the pain isn't caused by much actual damage. People fitted (sometimes voluntarily) with these are popular attractions in S&M performances

Feedback loop with a Mr Studd /MNL N-550-1 Tactile boost option
Amplifies the sensations and physical reactions to the sensations from the Mr Studd or Midnight Lady implant. This, of course, increases the normal physical reaction, which increases the feedback into the link. The resulting increased sensations are very pleasant and Highly addictive (needs a Cool 20 to resist.) A popular and highly illegal option for Play Being modifications

Olfactory boost M - 300 - D6
The olfactory boost is a nasal implant linked into the users neural processor. The implant includes a network of new taste buds and sensory implants, and also can increase the sensitivity of the existing nerves. +2 awareness to taste or smell perception tests

Track by smell N - 350 - 2
System is an editor, capable of locking onto one scent and then editing out all others, allowing the user to track by smell. This implant starts a new INT skill, 'track by smell' at 2. Once the system is implanted, the user can learn now to use it properly, until they could follow one man across a city by scent. (Remember that vehicles will break the trail, as will most strong smells)

Olfactory Level Dampers N - 200 - 1
These cut out extreme levels of scent, including stench and stink bombs. It also cuts out very strong tastes.

Visual Co-Processor N-450-1
The processor combines the information from your cyber optic systems, producing a composite view that uses the most advantageous vision you have available. The processor can also section areas out, so a darkened window in a brightly lit street can be seen into using your low light option without greening out due to the surrounding light. Needs a Processor and Cyber optics to function. Negates any actions needed to switch vision modes. The user always gains the most advantageous vision bonus for the situation.

Sensory recording suite N- 800 - d6
A processor option. This links into all of your cybernetics senses . To use it properly you must have at least one of the sensory boosts. The Suite records broadcast quality ASP from each boosted sense. It cannot handle feed from your unmodified senses.

Deluxe recording suite Cr- 3500-d6
A series of cranial and spinal implants, linked to a dedicated neural processor. No other cybernetics needed. Comes complete with a dedicated processor and cranial jack. Works as a full sensory boost, adding +2 to every awareness / notice roll made. Records full record and broadcast quality ASP signals in all five Senses. Now you really can play 'I am a Camera'.

Switches and controls

NAC neural actuator control N - 100 - 1
A switch you activate by moving pre-set muscles. The switch is implanted and then records the movements you want it to trigger on

DNI direct neural interface N - 350 - 1
A switch you activate with thought, a simple learnt response

Subdermal switch N - 10 - 1/2
A hard disc just under the skin. Press on it and it clicks on/of. Usually implanted somewhere easy to reach like the upper arm, but can be concealed (e.g. in the mouth)

Switch with actuator mouse. N - 25 - 1/2
A chip implanted in finger operates the subdermal switch. A useful security measure, the switch can only be operated by the implanted 'mouse' chip

Optical control N - 50 - 1
Implants in the eye muscles track the view-point of the user and output it to systems, allowing selection from screens or HUD's by eye motion alone.

Chemical response biomonitor N-85-1
This is tattooed onto the skin with bioresponsive inks that alter colour when various chemicals detected in the blood. Monitors body temp, diet, illness and pain. +2 to resist Torture and drugs

Standard biomonitor M-200-1
Implanted chip with a series of biochemical monitors, displaying its output on a screen layered into your skin. The System monitors your nervous system and blood chemistry, looking for out of limit signals. Also wired for EEG and ECG output with subdermal trodes. Just by watching your display +2 to resist torture and drugs

Broadcast biomonitor M-250-1
Implanted chip, with biochemical monitors, a dermal screen and a broadcast chip. Logs into nearby medical equipment and downloads your medical info, ID and details whenever you are injured and a medic unit passes within 5m (Medic vehicles can pick up the signal Standard with most medical insurance, also in hospitals as you can be logged into bedside monitors Makes the medtechs job +2 easier to treat any ailment, also giving +1 to save vs. death state Can be linked with an emergency booster, a sealed cell phone that calls for medical aid if you are injured. (unit costs 200, range as a cellular link) Secure options are also used to prevent the silent killing of guards on patrol. These Security / Police biomonitors are linked to the guards radios and the central security computer alarms, so if one flatlines, the alarm sounds. Will also detect panic, paralysis, knock out drugs and stun weapons effects and sound the alarm. The alarm also sounds if the signal is cut off or jammed Dermal ware

Light tattoo N- 20 to 50 by complexity - 1
These use subcutaneous light emitting polymers that give off light like a beta light. Doesn't illuminate much, but it can be seen a fair way off. The tattoo can be in any colours, and even switch between two patterns like a neon sign. The tattoo draws power from your body heat, so it never needs recharging

Thieves light N - 30 - 1
The Thieves light is a palm tattoo with a subdermal switch, allowing the user to always have a pen torch-like light handy for rifling draws or picking locks.

Chemskins N - 800 - 2
Permanent skin colour changes. The whole body is immersed in the pigment vat, and the biopenetrative pigments sink into the dermal layers, forming a permanent colour change. Normally one flat colour, but they can be painted, sprayed and styled like body paint. Common in camouflage patterns and colours, various Ethnic mimicries and animal skins. Also available in colour shift (+250) and bioresponsive (+500) Colour shift skins change colour when exposed to pre-set conditions, usually a chemical wash or an electrostatic stylus. Bioresponsive skins shift colour with your mood and body chemistry. This has been used for everything from face-downs (skin goes red when angry) to prisons (skin shifts colour if intoxicated )

Temporary Chemskins N - 200 - 1
Temporary Colour changes that look and act like chemskins but fade after one month. Synthskins M - 400/loc - D3/location Vat grown artificial skins, grafted onto the user. This looks and feels plasticy, making you look like a burn victim. Normally flesh tones, but also available with patterns, colours and lights (+50) Skin 400 per location counting your Torso as two (front and back).

Skinwatch N - 50 - 1
A subdermal digital watch. The first models were patented in California in 1997 The display is set under the skin of your wrist, showing current time. Subdermal switches either side of the display switch to Day / Date display and Seconds. Recharges its power cells from your body chemistry so it never needs replacing.

Subdermal screen N - 50 to 150 - 1
Small displays that can be used to display data from the implanted chip set with it. Simple displays are 8 character rolling displays (50) to small screens (150). Some popular models scroll slogans or popular brand names, others show scenes from videos or implanted playback units.

Body screen M - 600 / location - D3
This is a full body high definition playback screen, covering as much of the body as you want. Each location costs 600 to cover, and damage or wear reduces picture quality, needing refresher implantation's once a year / serious injury (costing 300) You can now have any visual image or your choice, still or moving, crawl across your body. Possibilities and uses are left to the users imagination. (Zombie Analytics use them to wear the faces of famous people when they quote them)

Tech Hair M - 100 - 2
Wonder of modern polymers, this synthetic hair never needs washing, combing or styling. Simply wiping it with a wet brush keeps it looking fine. Feels a bit plasticy and burns like a nylon Barbies. It is an Average Touch awareness to spot Tech hair (Real Feel hair is 25 to spot) Real feel +1000, fireproof +500 colour change by switch +500, luminescent +200

Replacement Hair M-250 to 500 - 2
Your hair replacement doesn't have to look or feel like normal Hair. Various options are available. These real looking artificial implants are grafted into your scalp like normal tech hair. Animal fur 500 Porcupine quills 500 Feathers 500 Wires 250 Fibre Optics 350 Fibre optics with lights 450 Leaves 500 Scales 500 Rubber tubing 250 Full body nanosurgury neural alterations

Sandestevan speedware M 1500 D3 processor option
Advertised as a non traumatic system, the speedware system overloads the nervous system with response signals, effectively hair triggering all of your major voluntary neural responses. It has to be triggered manually, either by NAC or subdermal switch (free with the system) taking one action. When activated, the system increases your REF +3 in the next round. This increase lasts for 5 rounds, then the system shuts down for 1 round, then you can re-trigger it the next round, and you're up for the next 5rounds. This system can cause nervous exhaustion and mood swings with repeated use in a short time. Care is advised in use. (imagine it like a 15 second caffeine high) If the Boost is triggered a number of times equal to your BOD in sequence, you get a -1 on all skill rolls and you need an hours rest to get read of this penalty.

Kerensikov Boosterware (with Boostmaster Overdriver)
The major boost of choice for high risk professions, the kerensikov system uses nanites and microsurgury to layer organometallic fibres along your nerve pathways, cutting the slow chemical signals out of your responses. The system is permanently on, giving you a significant increase in reactions. Available in two levels, either the basic neural accelerator +1 or the advanced system +2 which thickens all of the major nerves and pays close attention to manual dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination REF +1 per level of Boost MA- 2000- 2D6 (Boost +1) MA- 4000- 4D6 (Boost +2) The Kerensokov system cannot be taken beyond the +2, but a firm operation under licence has produced the Boost master, a neural stimulator that boosts the signal strength of any neural activity, exaggerating any movements you make. Illegal to make due to possible neural damage in most countries, there is a thriving import market. Boost master M- 800- D6 (+1 to reflexes) Must have a Kerensikov (Medtech 20 when installed or risk a one off 10% chance of nerve damage, REF -D3) The system gives the user a +3 vs. nerve gas effects, as you have non-biological main nerves.

Onerio Hardfire drug triggered boost system MA - 1000 / level - D6 / level
A chemically activated implant system, wired into the spine. Once triggered using the drug Hardfire, the neurons become hypersensatised to your bodies own neuro-transmitters using an induced allergic reaction. This Ref +1 per level (max +2) for 5 minutes. The boost can be extended to up to 20 minutes long (+1000 per 5 minutes extra) The boost can only be used once per hour or you risk injury or overdose. (and voiding the warranty) Roll D6+uses. Get 8 or more and you overdose, taking 2D10 damage. A Hardfire inhaler will cost you $25 for a 6 shot inhaler

Synaptic accelerators.
Fast trunk accelerators. Surgery adds thick vat grown nerve trunks on all the main motor nerves, and then drugs speed nervous growth, thickening the nerve fibres and making them more sensitive. This completely alters the nature of your nervous system. level 1. Initiative roll on 2D6 not d10 Cr - 2000 - 2D6 level 2 3d6 not d10 Cr - 5000 - 3D6+1 Use Level x5 as a one time bonus to resist nerve gas poisoning, as the poison is soaked up on the thinker nerves, then the system dies and all bonus's are lost and the system needs totally replacing Subdermal pockets

Subdermal pocket M - 100 - d6
Using simple surgery the skin is pulled back and a cavity opened. This cavity is reinforced with bioplastic to form a pocket under the skin about 2" by 2" for 100. The seam is a memory plastic seal, which holds itself closed under popped open. This seam looks like a small raised white scar. The pocket can take an object 5mm thick per 2" of width.

'Kangaroo' Pouch M - 250 - 2
The 'Friday' or 'Kangaroo' pouch is a small abdominal subdermal pocket that holds a plastic marble. The pocket is hidden in the abdomen behind a stretchable artificial naval scar. By pressing each side of your 'belly button' the plastic carrier pops out. The container can hold a few info chips, drug pills or other small items. Custom made for couriers and smugglers

Subermal Cavity Cr - 1250 - 2d6
The largest subdermal pockets are really a large cavity. The abdomen is surgically altered to create a reinforced cavity that can take a fist sized object , sealed with bioplast memory seal seam. The cavity can take a P size item, including small guns and mini grenades. On the skin the opening looks like a pale scar, and is a hard ridge to the touch. Metabolic Alterations

Adrenal Supercharger Ma - 3500 - 2D6
Adrenaline is the trigger for the bodies 'fight or flight' reflexes. Simply releasing large quantities of adrenaline into the body would give you panicky shakes and send you into shock. The Adrenal supercharger system is a combination of new glands and tissues that are implanted throughout the body. The extra adrenal glands produce an augmented adrenal analogue that triggers the implants without overloading the bodies response to adrenaline. The normal adrenaline prepares the muscles for rapid action, increasing heartbeat and respiration while shutting down other activities like digestion. The modified liver plugs release large amounts of simple sugars into the bloodstream, providing the energy for rapid action. The fibrous sponge filaments layered into the major muscle groups begin releasing the creatine they had been storing (a sugar that readily breaks down to ATP) and absorbing waste products, allowing the muscles to run cleaner and smoother. The modified Mitochondria in the new muscle Layers absorb and break down the creatine, flooding the muscles with the energy for rapid action. The endorphin levels in the blood rise, supplemented by a large storage gland that keeps levels high during adrenal response and directly afterwards to cushion the comedown. When Supercharged, the muscles respond faster and cleaner, giving Reflexes +1, Move +1 and Body +1 to a maximum stat of 11. The system cannot increase already superhuman stats. High adrenaline levels make it harder to think, so most mental or tech skills are at -3. The only exception is Awareness/Notice which is at +2, as adrenaline causes the vision to become sharper. Other implanted systems may also be triggered by the adrenal surge, such as the series of sports hearts Triggering the system is by learnt response (usually tensing the abdomen and hyperventilating) or a subdermal switch. The system can be set to trigger itself with a normal adrenal rush, but this may lead to accidental activation (causing over stress and involuntary addiction). Two rounds after activation, the boosts effects kick in, increasing the statistics. Once activated the boost lasts 5+d6 minutes. After this time the glands need 30 +d10 minutes to reload (and cannot be triggered), but the body needs 4 hours to recover from the stresses and to clean out the system. If activated during the 4 hour recovery period, the system works as normal but the user suffers a comedown after use of -1 to INT, REF, MA and BOD for the next 24 hours. They feel tired and listless, and need to eat, sleep or rest. If the system is triggered again, the penalties are cumulative. If the user manages to reduce a stat to zero by overboosting, they collapse and need hospitalisation due to body overstress. (treat as a Serious wound) This system can be combined with accelerated and overdrive metabolisms, but your body is much more prone to stress and infection. The 4 Hour recovery period is 6 Hours for an accelerated system, 8 for an over drive. If either reduces a stat to zero by overuse, they suffer heart attacks and take Critical wounds for the accelerated, Mortal Zero for the overdriven.

Accelerated metabolism Cr - 5000 - 3D6
The accelerated metabolism system is a combination of new glands and tissues that are implanted throughout the body. The implants are carefully synchronised and activated slowly, accelerating your bodies overall metabolism slowly up to your new working limit. The augmented thyroid gland regulates a faster and better metabolism. The catabolism (break down of food) and the anabolism (making complex sugars from simple available molecules) are increased, with a corresponding increase in appetite. For increased responses, extra adrenal glands that produce an augmented adrenal analogue are implanted. These glands trigger the other implants without effecting the bodies natural responses. The normal adrenaline prepares the muscles for rapid action, increasing heartbeat and respiration while shutting down other activities like digestion. The New liver tissues are ready to release large amounts of simple sugars into the bloodstream, providing the energy for rapid action, and metabolise fatigue toxins in the blood more efficiently, keeping your system in peak condition. Muscle tissue with Customised mitochondria organelles is added to all of the major muscle groups and allowed to grow and spread. The endorphin levels in the blood rise, supplemented by enlargened glands that keeps levels high during adrenal response and directly afterwards to cushion the comedown. Modified spleen and customised bone marrow produce amplified levels of leukocytes to combat diseases and infections that the overstrain body may be prone to If your Basic REF, BOD or MA are below 6, add 2 to them. If they are above 6, add one. This cannot take a stat over 11 Your new metabolism need a lot more food, and unless you get a new stomach you'll need 4 -5 meals a day (you need approx. twice the food you did) The acceleration of your metabolism may lead to premature ageing and could take years off your life. But as the add says, the years you loose are the useless ones at the end anyway, and the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Your body physically ages one year every Six months you live. (removing the system takes D3 Months in hospital and costs 5000 plus Cr surgery)

Overdrive Metabolism Cr - 7000 - 3D6+2
The Overdrive metabolism is the accelerated metabolism taken to its physical and biological extremes. The body is pushed right to its operating limits, which can do serious harm unless carefully monitored. If your Basic REF, BOD or MA are below 6, add 3 to them. If they are above 6, add Two. This cannot take a stat over 12 Your new metabolism need a lot more food, and unless you get a new stomach you'll need 7 -8 meals a day (you need approx. Three times the food you did) Most over-drivers have a diet of nutrient ration bars between normal meals, making up the rest with nutrient shakes . The acceleration of your metabolism may lead to premature ageing and could take years off your life. Most overdrives have the system removed later in life or die of heart attacks (If they don't die of more normal causes, like gunshot wounds) Physically, your body ages one year every 3 -4 months. (removing the system takes D3+2 Months in hospital and costs 7000 plus Cr surgery) Sensors

Ultrasound motion detector M - 200 - 2
This sensor unit has an Ultrasound emitter and receiver. An audible 'ping' is sounded in your ear when something moves in its field of view. These are usually implanted behind the ears, giving the user an expanded field of awareness behind them. Can be set for up to a 20m long 900 cone

Ultrasonic imager M - 750 - 2d6
Ultrasound emitter and receiver. The unit can build up a picture of your surroundings from the ultrasound signals, allowing you to see in the dark . Cyberoptic or optic splice (included) allows this to be shown as flat planes of green light in your vision. Can also 'See' other ultrasound emitters as cones of red.

Ultrasonic detector M - 140 - 1
This unit gives a 'ping' when ultrasound detected (will usually (70%) warn you before you step into another ultrasound motion detectors field of view)

Radar sensor M - 150 - 1
The unit gives off a 'ping' noise directly to your audio centres if you are illuminated by radar. This gives you a basic 70% a round of triangulating back to the emitter

Millimetre wave radar Ma - 1500- 2d6
Subcutaneous millimetre wave radar. The emitter/receiver array is layered into the users torso Allows the user to 'see' using the radar system. Metal appears as solid, as do other high density materials, with other materials appearing as a 'fog' . People can normally be detected by the metal in their fillings, the guns they carry and the change in their pockets, all floating in a fog of tissue. Can be set to active or passive modes. In active mode it emits signals and uses the returns to view. In passive mode it only receives, stopping other radar units from locating it by its emissions, but blinding it unless there are other MM radar sources around.

Sonar implant Ma - 1200 - 2d6
Usable only underwater, this unit uses acoustic echo's to build up a picture of the surroundings to a range of up to 50m. Definition is poor, but it's enough to swim by. A Cyberoptic link or optic splice included in cost, giving you a very basic view of the solid items around you.

Radiation detector M - 350 - 1
Implanted Geiger counter that registers radiation using dermal sensors. One is usually on the face, one on the hand and one in the mouth. This allows you to monitor radiation of your surroundings and the air you breathe. The data is displayed on a dermal screen. The unit comes complete with an alarm that sounds if radiation levels are dangerously high (this can be set as a tingle or buzz alarm)

Doc Richter seismic sensors M - 400 - 2
Palm or heel mounted seismic sensors, The Doc system can give you a basic readout of weight and movement if pressed to the ground. Works best with heavy weight s and high ground forces, although it can detect a running man through a wall. On indoor floors, the floorboards give a fairly accurate overview for the nearby area. To use the system, you need to stay stationary on a hard surface for one round. The system can then pick up vehicles at 50m, walking people at BOD Metres and running people at twice BOD metres.

Lorelli Pits Ma - 500 - D6
Adapted from a snakes thermal vision , lorelli pits are custom organs implanted into the lower sinus cavities under the eyes, and linked into the optic nerve, allowing thermal vision. This is usually linked into the usual vision, giving hot things a silvery 'heat sheen'. If surroundings are dark then the heat patterns are usually enough to see by.

Chemical analyser M - 1200 - 2
This unit can be implanted in the nasal cavities, on the tongue or in a fingertip under a false fingernail. The chemical analyser uses a series of electrodes layered with gene engineered foetal proteins. Each electrode has been sensitised to a different common chemical or element and so will alter its electrical characteristics if this group is detected. Results can be vague, as it can't tell you HOW the elements are connected, but it can detect common Organic bonds, High energy bonds and most metallic salts. Takes d6 rounds to give you an accurate reading. It can tell you straight away if the substance is explosive or if it is pharmaceutical. It will also detect and warn you if the substance is toxic Then, you need to use a computer list of the various compounds around or your chemical skill to work out what the sample is properly. Results can be displayed on a dermal screen or on an in-eye display

Drug analyser M - 850 - 2
A dedicated chemical analyser, this has electrodes for the active groups of organic pharmaceuticals and a database of drugs. 85% of the time give you an accurate reading and percentage purity in a few rounds. Fail by 10% and the purity readings are a little off. Roll 96 % or higher and the system mistakes the sample for something similar and gives you a wrong result. Normally implanted in a fingertip, with the dermal display on the hand. No one would be stupid enough to implant one of these in the tongue or nasal cavity and test drugs with it, would they? Vocal Alterations

Voice Synthesiser M - 600 - d6
A useful implant, using a series of modulators in the throat to alter your voice. If you record someone's voice and calculate the voice pattern, you can load it via a chip socket and talk in there voice. Having a different voice adds +4 to disguise rolls

Voice mask M - 350 - d6/2
The simple system disrupts your own vocal patterns, making it harder to voice print you, record your voice patterns or voice stress analyse you. Your voice seems inhuman and robotic, as all of the harmonics are cut out, so it is obvious that you're hiding something. +4 to resist voice stress analysis based interrogation. +4 to disguises that are meant to hide who you are.

Audiovox Ma - 700 - 2d6
The step up from a voice synthesiser, the audiovox replaces the voice box with a series of new vocal cords and effects modulators, allowing altered vocals, tones, volume and special effects like reverb and delay . This system adds +2 perform, as you have a full effects deck onboard. Available options include

Voice pattern N - 250 - 2 Audiovox Option
An illegal voice pattern mimicry option, allowing you to take on other peoples voices, +4 to disguise rolls as people don't recognise your voice. Mimicking someone else needs a detailed vocal model to be built up, using a voice stress analyser, audio recorder and skilled technicians. This allows the +4 bonus on rolls to impersonate someone.

Forked Tongue N - 550 - 1 Audiovox Option
One questionable (and quasi Legal) option is the 'Forked tongue' subliminal unit which layers subliminal vocal suggestions and commands into your voice. This (allegedly) makes the listener more open to your suggestions. +1 to persuasion and seduction checks. (Unless GM rules that the adds are just ripping you off)

Subsonic N - 200 - 1 Audiovox Option
A Subsonic vocaliser allow you to speak in the lower frequencies, out of human hearing range.

High Frequency N - 200 - 1 Audiovox Option
A High frequency Vocaliser allows you to speak in the frequencies where only dogs and cyber ears can hear Implants

Nasal filters M - 60 - 2
Thin bioporous membrane filters in the upper nasal cavities, coated to absorb and break down dangerous chemicals. Have to learn to breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth for this to have any bonus effect. (A circular breathing chip (cost 200) is available to make this a reflexive habit) The filters are ejectable by squeezing the bridge of the nose till the holder clicks and then sneezing the filter blocks out. Gives a +4 save vs breathable toxins.

Tracheal Filter M - 120 - 2
Bioporous filter in the trachea, filtering air as you breathe it. Larger and more complex than nasal filters, as it is maintenance free and self-cleaning. The normal flow of mucus from the lungs, up into the throat and swallowed down into the stomach is used to clean the filter, taking deactivated toxins away and allowing them to be flushed from the body. For emergencies the filter is designed to collapse, folding away into the tracheal walls under any pressure, allowing excess mucus or medical probes past. The filter then has to be reset by a trained technician (N- 20 - 0 or a medtech 10 roll)

Gills Cr - 4000 - 3d6
A series of oxygen exchange membranes contained in a rigid cartilage 'lung' implanted in the chest cavity. This '3rd lung' cylinder has biological membranes coated in supporting bioplastic filters allowing blood to pass through and extract the dissolved oxygen from the water. The system comes complete with water intakes through the mouth and artificial neck gills, and allows exhalation via gills in the abdomen. Allows you to breathe water for approx. 3 hours (then need 24 hours of air for the lungs to clear or you start to suffocate, as the human body still can't take to an aquatic existence) Beware of polluted water, as this system will dump it straight into your blood. (Treat as if poisoned ) Contraceptive implants

N - 100 - 1/2 98% effective, 5 years slow release

N - 100 - 1/2 99% effective, 1 year release
Manufacturers recommend a barrier method be used in addition to protect from STD's.

Female Hormonal Stabilisation N - 350 - 1
A complex series of bioresponsive implants, this stabilises the hormonal cycle in the user, holding it at a chosen stable level. This stable hormone level typically suspends the menstrual cycle, making the user infertile. This is 98% effective as a contraceptive. More importantly it means the user never menstruates or suffers PMT or any related effects. The cycle can be restarted by removing the implants or using hormone tablets, allowing you to 'switch' it on and off at your convenience. Popular with Corporate career women, who can 'take charge' of their bodies, female mercenaries and Joy girls. (This implant is legally listed as a parole condition for women imprisoned for violent crime ) Regular medical tests are advised, as this may cause bone damage, permanent infertility and disrupt the sex drive or immune system.

Rebreather lungs . Ma - 700 - D6
Rebreathers operate by extracting the carbon dioxide from the air you have already breathed and passing it through your lungs again. As you only take a fraction of the oxygen out of the air you breathe each time, this allows you to get two or three good breathes out of each lung full of air. These lung implants allow you to exhale into your mouth and re- inhale, a small movement that keeps the air moving over the carbon dioxide absorbing sponge filters implanted in the upper lung. This allows you to hold your breath for three times longer than normal. The Carbon dioxide absorbing sponges release the CO2 slowly once you're breathing normally, taking about an hour to self clean (during which you'll only be able to get double the time)

Independent air supply Ma - 350 - 2d6
Oxygen sponges implanted under the lungs, which absorb oxygen from the blood and store it as long as oxygen is plentiful in the bloodstream. When oxygen levels are low, the implant releases its stored oxygen into the blood. Good for 10 minutes of resting or light activity, or 5 minutes of rapid activity The sponge is flammable, and will burn if hit by an incendiary bullet (double the incendiary damage)

Decentralised heart Cr - 1300 - d6+2
A miracle of reconstructive surgery, this implants three sub-cardiac units into the cardiovascular system, giving your three Hearts, one on each side of your body and one lower down in your abdomen. Each heart works in series with the others, and if one is damaged it isolates itself and the others step up to keep the blood flowing. It is possible to live with only one working sub heart for several days. User gets +2 to death saves from torso wounds

Vein clips Ma - 750 - D6
Worried about loosing a limb and bleeding to death? No need to worry, the new Vein clip set stops all major blood loss by monitoring blood pressure in the body and clamping down on any sudden losses of pressure, stemming the bleeding . A limb crippled result is not a Mortal 0 automatically and wounds advance slower The drawback is that if the limb isn't given medical treatment soon after injury and clamping, it'll die and have to be amputated ( run a death state for the limb)

Cyber liver Ma - 450 - D6

Cyber liver Deluxe Ma - 850 - D6
The cyber liver is a vat grown liver with an enlargened and enhanced filtering system, more efficiently extracting toxins from the blood, giving a +2 save vs. toxins in blood The deluxe model also alters your fluid expulsion, increasing the water in the body and reducing the amount in the bladder when you just can't stop to go. This can be safely held for up to 24 hours, but after that the levels of ureic acids are an irritant and may be harmful.

The Pacesetter 2000 Sports Heart Cr - 900 - D6+1

Pacesetter Overdrive Heart Cr - 985 - D6+2
These artificial hearts use advanced pumps to speed up the flow of blood in the body, in response to the levels of adrenaline. Whenever you need it, the heart kicks in, moving more oxygen from your lungs to where its needed. The Sports heart increases your MA and BOD by +1 (the BOD increase is NOT used for stun and death saves) for up to 4 minutes The Overdrive Heart adds +2 to MA and BOD (the BOD increase is NOT used for stun and death saves) for up to 2 minutes Once the safe limits are up, the body is under stress from the increased heart rate and pressure, which results in a pounding sensation in the head, chest pains, possible blurred vision, dizziness and nausea. The Surgeon General advises you to stop activity now and rest. If you carry on, roll D10, trying to get under your BOD (without the heart bonus) Fail and you injure yourself, taking D6 damage, loosing the heart bonuses and needing immediate rest and medical care. Pass and you can keep going, but lowering your BOD for this test by one for each extra minute Roll again each minute till you stop and rest, or collapse. The BIG bonus of Cyber hearts is when Medtechs need to restart your heart. Usually this is a mess of adrenaline injections and electric shocks. With a cyberheart they just have to reboot it, connecting an external power source if its damaged. This gives you a +1 to save vs. Death states and +3 to stabilise you from injury

Heartsponge Ma - 500 - 2
This is a small bioengine implanted into the Neural network of the heart, modulating and altering the heart rhythm to fool biosensors and systems that lock onto biorhythms by heartbeat. Will not work on cyberhearts, but they can get an equivalent Chip. (M surgery)

Muscle fibre heart sheath Ma - 1200 - D3
The Sheath of muscle fibres is set around the heart, protecting it from injury and cushioning it. If the heart is injured, the sheath closes off the wounds, allowing the heart to keep beating and stopping blood loss. This slows the advance of chest injury, so torso wounds advance in twice the time. Will not work on cyber hearts

Normal artificial heart Cr - 500 - D6
When your old heart gives out, get a new one!. A quality biological heart can set you back over a thousand, but a biopump heart that's guaranteed for 5 years only costs 500! The BIG bonus of Cyber hearts is when Medtechs need to restart your heart. Usually this is a mess of adrenaline injections and electric shocks. With a cyber heart they just have to reboot it, connecting an external power source if it's damaged. This gives you a +1 to save vs. Death states and +3 to stabilise you from injury.

Implanted Defibrillator Ma - 750 - D3+1
One shot emergency defibrillator that is implanted inside the rib cage. As soon as you hit Death State 1, the implant injects adrenaline and shocks the heart, trying to restart life signs. Not as skilled as a medic, the system uses D6, trying to get HIGHER than 1. It only gets one roll, then its empty and needs recharging (M - 200 - 0) If it brings you back, you still aren't stabilised, so you're back on the stun and death saves Will not work on cyber hearts

Red blood +, Platelet factories Ma - 650 - D3
Implants that reduce the water content of the blood, increase the red blood cell count so that the blood is thicker and clots faster. This reduces the amount and rate of blood lost from wounds, but also puts more effort on the heart, as the new blood is thicker and harder to pump. The user's wounds advance slower as the blood clots faster. The Thicker blood also carries more oxygen around the body. This more effective oxygen transport gives +2 to all athletics tests The user may suffer thrombosis, embolism or a stroke without taking regular anticoagulants to keep the blood liquid.

Custom Blood N - 400 - 1 Transfusion

Ma -4000 -D6 Implants
The biological implants produce MetaGlobinstm and Microglobinstm , new trademarked blood cells that carry 8 oxygens and 1 oxygen respectively, compared to Haemoglobins 4 and myoglobins 1. The MetaGlobintm allows more oxygen to be carried in the blood vessels, and the smaller Microglobintm gets more oxygen into the tissues. This more effective oxygen transport gives +2 to all athletics tests and +1 to all other REF and BOD based skills that involve moving. (not gun skills or drive, but including melee, martial arts, dance etc) bonus only while breathing normally. A Transfusion of 4 pints of blood gives you these effects for One week An Implant alters the blood composition permanently.

Synthcardium muscle hearth sheath.
This makes the Heart pump stronger by sheathing it in a stronger vat grown muscle. This results in high blood pressure, with side effects of possible dizziness, nausea and migraine headaches. +1 to REF or BOD skill rolls that involve physical movement, like dance or athletics This synthcardium may possibly cause bruising of the heart muscles if overtaxed Cannot be used with Cyber hearts

Pheromone alterations
The human body is constantly releasing scents from the sweat glands, which are used to carry subtle messages to other people. The whole system operates on a subconscious level, as the human race has evolved beyond using smell as a major part of its communication. The Pheromones can be broken into three main 'scents', Attractants that show you're sexually mature and available, Territorial markers that are used for marking possessions and Presence scents that make other notice and respect you. By implanting tailored glands in the skin, especially in the armpits and crotch, you can alter the pheromone signals you are sending. To get any effect, you need to be fairly close to someone for a minute or two, or in an enclosed space like a car. Air conditioning will reduce the area of effect. Attractants Boosting Attractants add to social skills giving a +2 bonus with members of the opposite sex, but they can cause an aggravation with members of the same sex, giving a -1 penalty. Adds to Persuasion, Social, Fast talk, Seduction, Interview, Territorial Markers Boosting Territorial markers add to Intimidation, Interrogate and any situations where you are facing someone down, with rep, facedown, social or whatever. Gives a +1 bonus in normal use, but if the opponent has to come into an area where you have been for a few minutes the markers are stronger, adding +2. They can interfere with normal social interaction, as if you're trying a friendly negotiation they may make the others feel pressured and turn things more hostile. Presence Boosting Presence scents add to social skills where you are leading or trying to command the attention of a person or group, giving you a +1 bonus. This counts for skills like Persuasion, Oratory, Interview, Leadership, and Social rolls. If you already are the leader of the group, and the other person has deferred to you before, this bonus increases to +2. If you talk to a group, be careful or you may make the leaders feel you're actually trying to take over. Lower Presence Cutting Presence Scents is a subtle way of staying unnoticed in a social group, adding 2 to your chameleon or social rolls to be dismissed as unimportant, but subtracting two from leadership and similar skills. You have no presence, so people will ignore you, and accidentally invade your personal space. Couple with plain and ordinary dress, you'll not stick in anyone's memory. INTELLIGNCE BOOSTERS

Cerebral boost, Extra brain tissue Cr - 5000 - D6+2
By adding extra brain tissue into your greymass, with better circulation and booster blood pumps in the back of your head, its possible to turbocharge your brain. Using foetal brain growth hormones and nanites to weave the neurones together, this makes you think faster and smarter than before. Intelligence is increased by 1.

Neurological rebuild various levels available
The cutting edge of intelligence augmentation, this uses a process similar to the Kerensikov speedware to replace the main neurone pathways with strings of high conductivity nanites. These allow the fast passage of neural signals, and can also reconfigure, branching to form new connections like normal neurones, but a lot faster. The resulting Enhanced Intellect is a biomechanical brain structure, capable of faster though, beter recall and faster learning. Depending on how much of the brain is augmented, this can go beyond the main trunks into the smaller neurones, replacing most or all of the brain tissue. An unfortunate side effect is the apparent loss of emotional response, due to the altered brains rational upgrades. The user should be advised to socialise more, interact with people and form relationships, as unless these abilities are exercised they may be lost in brain rewriting. An unusual bonus is that the cybernetic part of the brain can be copied, allowing a basic model of your though processes and neural responses to be downloaded into a mainframe computer, allowing a pseudo intellectual copy of your own personality to be constructed.

Level One N - 10,000 - D3+1
Augments the main parts of the brain, but leaves memory untouched Intelligence +1, recall +1

Level Two M - 50,000 - D6+2
Has augmented all the main areas of brain function. Intelligence +2, recall +2

Level Three M - 250,000 - 2D6+3
Passes into the memory and response areas, decreasing learning times Intelligence +3, recall +4, Skills count as one level lower for learning purposes (min 1)

Level Four Ma - 1,000,000 - 3D6+4
All areas of the brain are now connected Intelligence +4, recall +6, Interface +1, Skills count as two levels lower for learning purposes

Level Five Cr - 5,000,000 - 4D6+5
Has augmented all of your brain tissue, allowing you to function with minimum reliance on the biological matter of your brain. Intelligence +5, recall +8, Interface +2, Skills count as three levels lower for learning purposes (min 1) If injured so badly you fail a death save, you still fall into a coma. If you die in the coma, you start counting the Death State as normal, but as your biomechanical brain takes less damage from oxygen depravation you can add the level of augmentation to your Dead State save. (At level 5, this means you are rolling D10+5, so you can be dead for minutes with little risk of permanent damage.) As the augmented brain tissue is a lot more durable than the biological tissue, even if you die the medics can attempt to bring you back using a difficulty 20 medtech roll. They stabilise the wounds, repair any damage and then use the brain tapes of your personality to bring you back to 'life' (If you suffered a head wound, the difficulty is a 30) You are alive, but due to brain damage, your INT is equal to your level of brain augmentation, nothing more. All of your skills suffer a permanent -2 level penalty. This process is VERY expensive, costing 1,000,000 or more and is only available in a few clinics.

Memory augmentation Cr - 2000 - 2
Altered neurone fix and fire rates , giving the user better recall. The user gains the INT based 'Recall' skill, allowing them to roll to remember in detail anything they have ever experienced. Start the skill Recall at +2

Damage compensators Ma - 2500 - D6
These implants help the body resist neural trauma, reducing the wound penalties from damage levels. They don't effect the perception of pain, but they do reduce the flinch reactions and keep the shock from effecting muscle operation. No penalties for light wounds Serious wounds are -1 to REF Critical wounds are -1/4 rather than 1/2 Mortal wounds are 1/2 Stats rather than 1/3 You still have to take Stun and Death saves as normal.

Trauma damper. M - 500 /level - (D3+1)/level
Augmented glands that release more endorphins when injured. These natural body opiates are very efficient painkillers, adding to your stun saves. Unfortunately they are also addictive, so care must be taken otherwise the user can become reliant on them. The user must make a Cool roll, Difficulty 10 +5 per level of trauma damper whenever they are wounded or they become psychologically dependant on the 'dorph rush, which you must get level times a day or suffer withdrawal. Some users turn to strenuous exercise, others pharmaceutical endorphins. Some end up hurting themselves. Withdrawal is -level to all skill rolls, until the user can kick the habit by making 5+level Difficult cool rolls in a row, rolling once per day you don't activate the damper. +1 to stun saves per level (To a max of +3) (Rumours of users becoming masochistic thrill junkies have never been proved)

Extra grey neural material Ma - 1000 - D6
By adding extra learning material along the users spine and the main nerves in the limbs, the pick up of motor skills is greatly increased. The 'blank' tissue learns quickly, and several levels of extra neural material can be added at once. Halve the exp cost to increase the next REF or tech skill. Several levels effect one increase per level, not all on the same increase. Nephritic screen Ma - 900 - D6 Part of a customised biomech kidney, built for the best filtration of fluids and the reclaim of wastes to keep you in the best of good heath. +1 BOD to resist poison and disease New Stomach tm

Increased Stomach volume Ma - 600 - D6
Vat grown stomach tissue that allows the stomach to hold more food and cope with its digestion. The user can eat up to twice as much in normal in one sitting.

Decreased Stomach volume Ma - 500 - 1
By stapling the stomach smaller, this decreases the amount you can eat before you feel 'full', aiding in dieting

Stomach Toxin filter implants M -250 - 2
The implants in the stomach wall counter some ingested toxins, adding +2 to saves vs. toxins. An Emergency vomit trigger can also be added, which causes you to vomit up anything that causes you to fail a poison save, allowing another test at +4 against the poisons effects.

Custom Gut bacteria N - 800 - 1
E. Coli Gut bacteria digest the complex proteins we eat, and them are digested themselves in the colon to feed us. By introducing custom made strains of bacteria, you can now eat 'unusual' material, such as hair, wool, grass, wood, paper, cellulose, and simple hydrocarbon plastics.(Ideal for Urban Survival and Tharg impressions.) Most of the stuff you can digest isn't that nutritious, so don't rely on this unless you've go no other options, or can eat a lot of it. (one meal is worth half what a normal meal gives you, nutritionally) The disadvantage is that the new E. Coli causes even worse food poisoning if it contaminates food, so always wash your hands.

Working Appendix M - 750 - D3
Implantation of a larger appendix allows the digestion of grass and cellulose plant material. Not the most protein packed food, but it'll keep you alive if nothing else is available. One full meal of grass isn't much, but eating all day will keep you on the minimum food necessary to stave off starvation

Stress Moderator M - 800 - D6+1
Controls the levels of stress related hormones in your body, making your life calmer and more relaxed. In a stress situation, noradrenaline levels are increased to cushion the worries and stresses. Cool is increased by 1, but not for determining initiative.

Rebuilt joints / enhanced articulation Ma - 1450 -D6
Allows you to move your joints in all sorts of unusual ways, dislocating and relocating them at will. Popular with contortionists and other 'performers', but also used by burglars, thieves and Techno-ninja types. Adds +2 to all escape 'Hold' manoeuvres and +2 to escape from strait jackets and cuffs Also allows you to squeeze through small spaces. Anywhere you can get your head and shoulders through you can get the rest through, and as you can pop your shoulders, this is about a foot for a normal BOD person

Modified lung tidal volume M -
Normal lungs have a total volume of 2.5 litres, but each breathe is only about half a litre. By altering the flow patterns of the lung, this can be increased to allow more air to be inhaled, speeding up the rate at which oxygen is moved into the body. This means you can hold your breathe for up to twice as long

Biomechanical Lungs Ma - 1800 - D6
Improved lungs, with a spongiform lining that takes up oxygen faster and more efficiently. If inhaled toxins or irritants get into the lung, the spongiform lining absorbs it and then sloughs off into the lung mucus, where it is then coughed up and swallowed. The uptake rates are so high, each breathe is so shallow that when at rest you need to deliberately breathe in to get enough air in your lungs to talk normally.

Surge regulator N - 350 - 1
Slightly suspicious grey market neural ware that stops paralysation chips and neural interrupters from operating on your nervous system , by isolating the effected part of your body.

Tracheal reinforcing M - 500 - 2
This is a system of muscle fibre threads that lock the airway open, so you take No damage from CHOKE manoeuvres. The treads are locked in place by tensing the muscles in the neck, giving you SP 10 vs. all Chokes and Neck Crushes. Anything greater than the SP is taken normally, so don't stick your neck into hydraulic presses. NANOTECH These are nanosurgical systems that are introduced into the body, so they are carefully controlled to make sure they are 100% safe. Not following the care guidelines and missing follow up checks voids the warranty.

Muscle and Bone lace N - varies - D3/level
The nanites weave reinforcing threads through the body, making tissue much tougher, stronger and resistant to damage. The Change is hardly noticeable at level one, but by level three the laced flesh is as hard as rock. The nanites are introduced by drip bag, along with essential nutrients and a diet made up with high levels of plastic and metallic microcapsules. The nanites only take a simple clinic visit to install, but the boosts take a week per level on the special diet as they weave the tissues.

Level 1 +1 to Bod 1200 D3

Level 2 +2 to Bod 2500 D6

Level 3 +3 to Bod 4500 2D6

Retinal rebuild N - 1500 - 1
Nanites dismantle the rods and cones of the retina, correcting colour blindness and giving the victim limited night vision, equal to a cat or a low light scope. For 500 extra, the retina can be rebuilt to give limited IR or UV vision. (usable with a IR or UV torch) Other nanites dismantle the outer layers of the lens of the eye, correcting vision till it becomes 20/20 The nanites are injected into the eye itself, and they render the user blind for an hour. Usually done under mild sedation with a nutrient bath over the eyes.

Skin Weave N - 2000 - 2D6
A system of ballistic fibres woven into the dermis, with a thickening of the under tissue to spread the force of the blow. Gives the users skin a SP. Basic SP is 4 to all locations Repairs are needed every time you take a serious wound or worse, costing 500. Until repaired, The damaged locations SP is one point lower for each Serious wound taken (Further details in CYARMOUR.doc)

Lifesaver skin weave N - 4500 - D3+1
This is a system of reinforcing membranes round blood vessels, weaving into and reinforcing all organs. Wounds advance a lot slower, and a critical wound will not advance to mortal without rough treatment (like the injured person carrying on fighting). The system reduces trauma, counters shock, contains or stops bleeding, seals wounds, and generally keeps you alive. Wounds advance at half the normal rate. Critical wounds will not advance if the user is resting Needs repair every time the user takes a critical or higher wound , costing 1000

Self repair system M - 2000 to 4500 - D3
Internal factory of nanotech designed to keep repairing the skinweave systems. The nanofactories cost the same as the system itself, and take 24 hours to repair damage that would normally require medical attention.

Nanosurgeons N - 6000 - D3
The most advanced of the surgical nanites, these constantly repair the users body, which effectively doubles the healing rate after rest, drugs, treatment etc are calculated No matter what conditions are, you always heals one point a day minimum, even without any medical care (just lying in a ditch will still let you heal one level) every six months, need a refresher/booster costing 10% or bonus lost, miss two and the surgeons must be fully replaced

Toxin Binders N - 1000/level - D3
Nanites that constantly float in the blood, binding with poisons and dismantling them into harmless chemicals that are then passed out of the body Adds +1 to save vs. all forms of toxin/poison/drug per level, costs 1000 per level. Max +5. Every six months, need a refresher/booster costing 10% or rating drops by one

Anti plague N - 1000/level - D3
Nanites that constantly circulate in the blood, binding with foreign cells and dismantling them into harmless parts that are then passed out of the body. This will counter any viral or bacterial infection Adds +1 to saves vs. disease per level, max +5 levels Every six months, need a refresher/booster costing 10% or rating drops by one

Enhanced Antibodies N - 3000 - D3
Genetically altered tailored antibodies that protect your body from disease and aid in healing. Your healing rate from all forms of damage is +1 point per day Every six months, need a refresher/booster costing 10% or the increased healing is lost Miss two and the antibodies must be fully replaced

Genetic regeneration N - 6000 D3+2
The Nanites seek out the site of injury and start the cells duplicating at a frantic rate. If injured, becomes feverish and hungry. REF -1 until the wound is reduced to serious. Healing rate +2 points a day and the system can regrow a lost limb in 6+d3 months Every six months you need a refresher/booster costing 10% or bonus drops to +1 Miss two booster treatments and the bonus is lost Miss Three and the nanites must be fully replaced

Nanofactory M - 10 x system - 2D6-1
A new development, a nanofactory is a series of large nanites that are bonded into the bone structure of the user, where they sit, extracting raw materials from the blood stream and constructing new nanites to replace the old ones as they start to fail This removes the need for a six monthly booster, though it is wise to have a check up to make sure the factories are producing the right nanites. Cost is 10 x the nanites system, and you must have the system in place already. Computing and electronics

Wet drive M - 320 first mu, 175 for second - 2
A Simple subdermal chip, rooted to the bone. Configured to hold 1Mu of data, though it isn't capable of running programs. Used by couriers, smugglers and hackers to hide information

Implanted Computer Ma - 1750 - D6+2
Has all of the abilities of an e-book, a full state of the art laptop level computer stored cranially. Has 6 Mu of active memory, 12 Mu storage. Usually comes with standard utility office software, spread sheet, word processor, notepad. Comes complete with an optic nerve splice, audio splice, actuator mouse in fingertip, subvocalisation throat mic for voice control. Can be linked into most cyber systems.

Implanted cyberdoc Ma - 3500 - D6+3
The cyberDoc is an emergency medic implanted into the chest cavity, linked via a series of biomonitors and nerve links into the body. Constantly monitoring your condition, the doc diagnoses and treats all your ailments. Holding a series of drugs and linked into your own immune system, it can inject drugs and trigger defences against disease and poison. If a toxin, disease, nerve agent, knock out drug, halluc or other blood agent is released into the body, roll a d10 1-3 full effect. The drug effects normally 4-7 half effect Automatic save vs its effects 8-10 no effect the drug is countered, and has no effect (This cannot counter external effects like tear gas or blister agents on the skin) Also adds +2 to all stun and death saves as it reduces pain, controls bleeding, reduces shock. If a wound reaches Mortal , the doc tries to stabilise it, using its skill of 10 +D10 The bad news is that the doc doesn't carry that much in the way of medication. Each effect (exposure to a drug/poison, boosted save) can only be used 3 times then it runs out and has to be reloaded. This is displayed on the Doc's dermal screen (reloading costs 100 per effect and is N surgery as it has a dermal reload port, but needs clinic care) Also acts as a Medical Biomonitor, and can be disabled by medics to stop it countering there anaesthetics. (+2 to the skill of anyone trying to treat you) Each new nano or biosystem you have installed must be added to the doc's memory (cost 50 at a clinic) or it'll try and counter them.

Implanted Battle computer Ma - 3000 - 2D6
Intelligent structure linked into all of your senses, your nervous system and your cyberware. Technical files and a body language co-processor are constantly evaluating the people surrounding you, and listing any obvious vehicles, weapons and cybernetics directly into your subconscious. The system can also make 'intelligent guesses' using peoples body language as to intent You automatically know where everyone is and what they're doing. Wired into thermographic vision or a millimeter wave radar pod this even works through walls. Effectively gives you combat sense, increasing your Initiative in combat and your awareness rolls. The basic system gives you Combat Sense +1, adding +1 to initiative and awareness At the start of each turn you can check to see how any enemies nearby are armed and how injured they are, as the system constantly updates this data into your brain. Wired into a smartgun, this also gives you +1 to hit. The system will also subtarget and illuminate the body location most likely to injure/incapacitate, based on your weapon, the targets mass and armour. Advanced battle computers devote more processor power to motion tracking and body language.

Dolphin brain M - 500 - 2D6 'Cetationware'
This cranial implant allows you to sleep only half of your brain at once. By resting for 8 Hours you can restore your body as if you had slept. During this time you are not unconscious, but still awake and lucid. Parts of your mind rest in sequence, so you are on 1/2 INT during this time, but you can still do minor activities without disturbing your rest.(like read, write, sketch)

Buzzer-pleasure centre stimulator
Limited use chip - 50 - One use, lasts 5 minutes Buzzer jack - 200 - battery operated, with built in timer Processor option N - 300 - 2 Implanted directly Ma - 350 - 2 Implant stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain. Pleasure sensations are better than any other source, as all other forms of pleasure are simple acts that indirectly stimulate the pleasure centres. As soon as this is activated, roll Cool 20 or be psychologically addicted. Loose all other psychological addictions (nothings better). Implant variable from 1 to 10. The level set at is added to COOL and subtracted from every other stat for the purpose of skill tests. MA 0 and you can't walk. REF or BOD 0 and you can't move. INT 0 and you can't string a sentence together As it's hard for any other sensation to get through, add the level to stun saves. (Can be linked to Mr Studd / Midnight Lady for extra effect)

Implanted death trancer
Processor Option N - 1200 - D6 Implanted Directly Ma - 1400 - D6 The implant lowers your vital signs, slowly slipping you into a death like coma. It takes D3 minutes from activation to enter the trance, which has to be of a pre-set duration It takes a Medtech roll of 25 to spot the lowered vital signs.

Bezerkoid pain stimulator
Processor option N - 1200 - 3D6 implanted directly Ma - 1400 - 3D6 Stimulates the pain and motor centres of the brain. Excruciating agony, but not paralysing. In fact, as the motor centres are stimulated, the user needs to act. Base brain reaction is to lash out in a psychotic rage at anyone or anything. No stun saves, No wound penalties, keeps going till the pain cuts out or they lapse into a coma and die Can't use any skills other that direct, violent action ones, like melee, brawl, dodge etc. Muscle Alterations

Grafted muscle Level 1 Ma - 1000 - D6 +1 Bod

Level 2 Ma - 2000 - 2D6 +2 Bod

Custom +500 /level
A series of grafts , laying in vat grown muscle over the existing muscle groups , increasing your BOD and bulk. Well done, it just looks bulky. Badly done it looks like bad upholstery. The muscle tissue used is a vat grown Type O, and so every time you're injured you need a doc to patch the damage so it regrows properly.(about 200 and an easy medtech) Custom grown tissue cultured from your own muscle heals naturally and so doesn't need check ups Once they're grafted the tissue in, its yours and should be treated as yours. Regular exercise and a healthy diet is needed to keep the implant in top shape

Vat grown Muscle Replacement Level 1 Cr - 1500 - D3+1

Level 2 Cr - 3000 - D6+1
The major muscle groups are removed the replaced with vat grown augmented muscle. The new muscle tissue is usually a Type O group, laced with synthetic fibres and improved circulation. This is stronger than normal tissue, contracts better, is cleaner and more energy efficient. Density is higher, so it can absorb and cushion impacts Every time you're injured you need a doc to patch the damage so it regrows properly, costing 200 and an easy medtech roll Level 1 is +1 bod, not as obvious as grafted muscle Level 2 is +2 BOD makes you look bulky, like Grafted 1

Custom Muscle Replacement Level 1 Cr - 2000 - D3

Level 2 Cr - 4000 - D6
Cultured from your own cells , this is more in tune with your body, healing and growing naturally Mixing Muscle grafts and replacements It is possible to have level 1 in both systems, giving a +2 BOD. Law of diminishing returns means that while mixing a level 2 with a level 1 makes you look bigger, the muscles are hampered by there own bulk and you don't get more that a +2 BOD.

Speed grafts Cr - 1200 - D6 +1Ma

Cr - 2400 - 2D6 +2Ma
Increases the MA of the recipient by reworking the placement of leg tendons and muscles to make them more efficient Implants

Nictitating membranes M - 400-D3
A thin third eyelid that flicks sideways across the eye +4 to save vs gases that effect the eye (tear gas). Also protects from eye irritants, pollution, smog, flying dust or grit and allows you to look underwater without itching. Extra 100 gets a photo-responsive filter added to the membrane, giving anti-dazzle protection.

Poison sac M - 1000 - D6
Plastic sac implanted into the body, which is filled with the drug of your choice via special adapter. Usually linked to an implanted weapon. Holds 3 doses

Poison Glands M - 3000+100x (one dose of drug) - D6+2
A Biological gland that makes the drug or poison of your choice. Implanted into your body, linked into one of your implanted weapons, or straight into your bloodstream for hardened drug users.

Water re-filtration Cr - 2500 - D3
A series of major alterations to the kidneys, liver and bowel. Whenever water is scarce, the system draws water from body wastes, expelling urea with solid waste. No urine, and you'll be leaving rabbit pellets (have a lubricant handy, as this can be uncomfortable), but you can now live for 9-10 days without water, rather than the 3 days it takes a normal person to dehydrate and die.

Feature alteration system Ma - 3500 - D6+1
System of small implanted gel sacs under the skin of the face, fixed to the skull which has been trimmed down to accommodate them. The implants in your chin, brow and cheekbones allow you to shift your features around, raising and lowering the cheekbones, fleshing out or thinning the cheeks, and generally alter your facial features. Adds +4 to disguise rolls

UV blockers N - 1500 - D3
Skin modifying nanites that alter melanin levels to block all UV exposure. Within 5 hours of a change in UV levels the system will have adapted your skin to protect you, significantly darkening it. After the levels drop, it takes a week to fade to your original colour.

Gyroscopes MA - 1000 - D6
Implanted in the ear, the gyroscopic balance system gives you perfect balance. Immune to seasickness and motion sickness, +2 vs. space sickness, +1 to 0G manoeuvres, +2 to Athletics for any balancing test Sexual Alterations Whenever technology increases, someone has to apply it in ways the inventors never even guessed at. Altering the bodies primary (or secondary) sexual characteristics is one field that the first reconstructive surgeons would be astonished by. Neural Augmentations

Mr Studd / Midnight Lady M - 300 - D6
Series of neural implants in the base of the spine allow greater control of your own physiology. Instead of explaining what this means I'll just quote the Mr Studd tm advert saying 'All Night, every Night, And she'll never know' +2 Sexual performance Skill

Hardwired neurological response M - 350 - D6+1
Hardwired neurological response that saves you from having to fake it. Instead, pre-set stimuli trigger the programmed response, putting you on what the industry call a 'silicon ride' of pre-programmed sensations. This feels just as real as actual, but can be triggered at the touch of a button (choose your control method). Popular with 'Joygirls', porn stars and people with no spare time for a partner.

Increased Sex drive M - 500 - D6+1
Having and increased sex drive makes you more susceptible to seduction skills, more excitable generally, and more emotionally and physically active. -2 to resist seduction, Cool -1. Virtually insatiable Available as permanent (500) or switch-able (550 +control)

Decreased Sex drive M - 500 - D6+1
Gives you a Subconscious resistance to Seduction skills, and a strangely detached look at things. Sex drive is rooted into a lot of physical and emotional parts of the body, so user is a lot less emotional about things, but no ones really sure what it'll do on a case by case basis. Seduction skills are -2 harder to use and +2 easier to resist, 20% chance of Cool +1. Empathy skill rolls are at -1 Available as permanent (500) or switch-able (550+control )

Physical Augmentation
Surgical rebuilding, restructuring or tissue addition. Also altering the neural set up, increasing or decreasing sensitivity. Developed to repair birth defects and injury damage. Soon became a popular form of cosmetic Surgery (especially among insecure males). M - 300 - 2D6 +1 sexual Technique, mostly psychological After the 'Movie star' Billy Priaphus spent a fortune pushing the envelope of possible male augmentation into the realms of the ludicrous, unscrupulous bio-docs will craft you just about anything Customised augmentation Ma - 1000+? - 2D6+? Replacements

Biological. Ma - 500 - 2D6
Stock tissue from the organ vats. The doc's should really try and get the best match possible, and you should still be fertile, but the kids may not look like you that much. Buying cheap could get you almost anything or anyones.

Clonal Ma - 2000 - D6
Regrown from your own tissue samples, its 100% you. The culturing takes a long time (several months) but there is no chance of rejection.

Biomechanical Ma - 1500 - D6
Semi mechanical, semi biological. The reinforced vat tissues protect cultures of your own cells, ensuring you remain fertile and the kids are yours.

Cybernetic Ma - 700 - 2D6
There is always someone who wants a Superchromed Bioplast with extension options. Some of these are extremely bizarre, with flashing lights, 'buzzers' , speech synths or torches. Rumours (never substantiated) of implanted cyber-weapons, blades or tazers show you just how weird and sick some people can get Full Sex change Normally sex changes are used to correct the problems of people who feel they were born the wrong gender, and as such are referred by psychologists and doctors. Cosmetic changes are frowned upon (and were once illegal) but are becoming more common as the demand from people with money who want the operations grows.

Basic Prep 1200, Surgery 3000 + 2100 hospital time
(Awareness 20 to spot). One month of hormone and gene prep, one week in hospital, two weeks recovery. Removes your existing physical sex and rebuilds what looks like the other. Includes Breast implantation or reduction. Does not alter your ability to lactate, patterns of hair growth and the sound of your voice. Recipient is sterile. The give away is the size of the hands and feet, which are not altered, and normally look out of proportion with the rest of the body. If injured, regenerative healing will undo this, and your old sex will try and grow back (slowly) Humanity Cost 2D6+2

Advanced Prep 2400, surgery 6,000 + 4200 hospital time
(awareness 25 top spot) Two months of counselling, hormone and gene prep, Two week in hospital, two weeks recovery. Includes Vocal restructuring, gene therapy, full biological internal and external organs. Alters your lactation ability, and patterns of body hair. Newly made females will not menstruate unless they take the fertility option. The size of hands and feet is altered surgically Can be fertile for 5000 (female ) 1000 (male) extra (And guarantees the kid will look a bit like you) Humanity Cost 2D6 +D6 if fertile

Deluxe Prep 5000, Surgery 15,000 + 10,000 hospital time.
(Awareness 30 to spot) Four months of counselling, hormone and gene prep, one month in hospital, two weeks recovery. Includes Vocal restructuring that gives you a new voice print, Gene therapy that alters your chromosomal makeup and fully biological internal and external organs. This Alters your lactation ability (so newly made females will lactate if given the right hormones), Patterns of body hair are altered to match your new gender. Hands and feet look normal. Newly made females will not menstruate unless they take the fertility option. Can be made Artificially fertile for 5000 (female) 1000 (male) extra This uses genetic material from vats, and comes with a guarantee that the kid should look like you. To have your own tissue cloned with the Gender determining gene switched and the resulting organs implanted costs 10,000 for females and 5,500 for males. This guarantee's that any children you father/bear are genetically yours. Humanity Cost 2D6 +D6 if fertile Castration

Simple castration M - 250 - 2
This leaves you physically intact but you cannot reproduce. (By removal of the Testes or Ovaries) You also loose a lot of your sex drive unless you have the rest amplified. (Using seduction -2and resisting seduction +2)

Neural Castration M - 500 - D6
This severs the nerve trunks, removing all control and sensation from the area. Sex drive rages unchecked, and will result in either manic, violent behaviour or depressive, suicidal behaviour. Popular criminal sentence for convicted rapists, who are then put on a regime of suppressant drugs.

Physical castration M - 150 - D6+1
This simply cuts it all off / out. Legally used on sex criminals in some Southern US states (Televised on prime time in Brazil) Removes most of the sex drive and makes the rest of the drive pretty useless. As the State of Texas sadly found out, this will terrify a rapist, but a sexual psychopath will just get worse without a form of release and kill again...and again

Removal of all Sexual Characteristics Ma - 2000 - 2d6+1
Popular with some of the more androgynous and insane, this removes it all and grafts over the wound, reduces the Hormone levels to trace levels, adds replacement glands that release synthetic hormones with no sexual characteristics, rebuild the hips and shoulder into androdyn ratios, reshape the hands , feet and voice box, remove body hair and reshape the face to be adrogenous When the docs have finished, no one will have the faintest idea what sex you are without a gene test on the 52nd chromosome, or a detailed physical exam Gene alteration to remove all traces adds 500 to the cost

Electronic Sex Ma - 1000 - D6+1
Invented for use by victims of paralysation and cripples, this uses a dedicated neural processor to monitor and stimulate the whole body. When connected into another compatible unit, this translates your neuro-motor activities into touch impulses, sensations and pleasure impulses in the other unit. This causes the user of the other unit to respond with increased nuero-motor activity, locking you both in a neural feedback loop of pleasure and response until the signals react the maximum levels and discharge, resetting to zero. The unit connects the sexual responses without any of the limits of the flesh to slow you down. The units are normally set to mimic the biological limits, but this is easily reset to find the neural limits of the users body. Set on biological limits, this is as good as normal sex Set at the neural limits, this is Better. So much better in fact that the physical act looses interest (psychologically addictive with a difficulty of 20) The signal feedback can be linked by any normal interface, from a simple face to face with a jack cable, a cordless datalink or even a phone or 'Net connection. Teledildonics sites even exist to allow the users to meet and interface with anonymous strangers EXOSKELENTONS Linear frames Implanted exoskeletons, these are designed to give the user huge lifting power. Epsilon frames are Str 10 for strength feats, have 12 hours Endurance and add +2 to damage Alpha frames are Str 12 for strength feats, have 12 hours Endurance and add +4 to damage Beta Frames are Str 14 for strength feats, have 12 hours Endurance and add +6 to damage Omega Frames are Str 16 for strength feats, have 12 hours Endurance and add +8 to damage

Epsilon Cr - 4,000 - 2D6

Alpha Cr - 6,000 - 3D6

Beta Cr - 8,000 - 4D6

Omega Cr - 10,000 - 5D6
Implanted frames are very bulky and obvious, and are quite rare (popular once, now people jack into smart exoskeletons to work and leave the 'forklift man' look at work when they go home.) All of the suits work at a machine assisted REF of 8, so anyone wearing one with a higher REF suffers penalties to there actions.( half the difference, rounds all fractions up) OTHER

Ambidexterity neural bridge Ma - 800 - D6
A series of brain implants designed to alter the balance of brain activity, allowing the user to use both hands equally well. Normally, if you are using two weapons at once your 'on' hand is at -1 and your 'off' hand is at -3. The ambidexterity unit balanced this discrepancy out, making you equally good with each hand and allowing you to use your on weapon at no penalty , and your off hand at -1. When doing two things at once like this, they must both be the same action at the same target. (for example, Hong Kong two gun style) If shooting at a different target with each hand, the penalty is -2, and both targets must be within your field of view(or more penalties) (Manufacturers deny any responsibility for personality alterations caused by this readjustment)

Optically independent ambidexterity. M - 600 - D6
A second implant used to upgrade a neural bridge, this allows your eyes to focus independently This works best with two cyber eyes. Each eye tracks with one hand, allowing you to literally do two things at once. You can only do this for your Cool rounds at one time, otherwise you'll get a blinding headache from the conflicting visual input. Biological eyes get terrible eyestrain in half the time (half cool) In two guns style, this allows different targets to be attacked at once with no penalty, but the weapons effective range is HALF as you have no depth perception.