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CyberOptics & Options
Revised Edition - October 1999
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Flippers Guide To CyberOptics

C Y B E R - O P T I C S

Cyber eye Ma - 2,000 - 2D6
A standard mechanical cyber eye can hold 4 options Deluxe or custom made cyber eyes can hold 5 or 6 options A Bio-mechanical eye can hold 2 options (deluxe hold up to 4 options)
Implanted chips on the optic nerve allow simple systems to be installed, for instance times square, target scope, clock, anti dazzle and connection with other systems for Ma - 250 - 0

Opti-Shields M - 1350 - d6+2
Mirror shade implants that sealed the eye sockets , SP 8 and immune to tear gas Can take 2 options and can be used with real or cyber eyes

Mono-optic Ma - 1650 - 3d6
six options in a visor set across the nasal ridge, giving 180 0 vision arc and 2250 peripheral vision. +1 awareness for spotting things, and +2 against stealth and ambushes due to the peripheral boost

Optic mount Ma - 3000 - 4d6
Mounts 5 optics. Either as vision slit or cluster on the face. Each optic can run 4 options

Sensory Boom M - 500 - 3D6
A sensory extension, a lightweight extendable armature with a cyber optic in the tip, under a retractable dust shield. Usually mounted on the head, on in cyber limbs.
The optic can take the normal four options.
Used to look over or round cover without exposing yourself to incoming fire.
Traditionally a Manga style 'Rabbit Ear' or a Crab like 'Eye stalk'.

Image enhance N - 300 - 1
Image enhancing software, picks out and sharpens detail. +2 awareness

Tele optics N - 150 - 1/2
The eye functions as a x30 zoom or scope

Micro optics N - 150 - 1/2
The eye functions as a microscope

Anti dazzle N - 200 - 1/2
Eye compensates for flares and sudden flashes of light, stopping the user from being blinded

Thermograph N - 200 - 1
See using heat patterns, allowing you to see hot spots against cold spots, eg guns against flesh, people through walls, fires inside houses and hot engines in stationary cars. Usually run in a false colour spectrum, with red hottest and blue coldest, but it can be overlaid onto normal vision , highlighting hot objects with a pink glow.

Infra red N - 200 - 1
See using the infra red part of the spectrum. As this is radiated by most hot bodies, most places will be in IR twilight. Using an IR flashlight allows you to see as well as daylight.

Ultra Violet N - 200 - 1
See using ultra violet part of the spectrum. used with a UV flashlight or fluorescent marker powders

Low Light N - 200 - 1/2
A light amplifier, this increases the sensitivity of the eye so that you can see with only a tiny amount of ambient light. Distant street lamps or LoGlo is enough to light the scene as bright as day.
Useless in total darkness (a very rare thing), but even underground a glo-stik can make Low light see as good as day.

Colour shift N- 300 - 1/2
The iris can change colours at will

Target scope N - 400 - 2
An optical feed targeting system adds +1 to hit with a smartgun, and gives you a targeting crosshair point in your line of sight

Times Square N - 300 - 1
A scrolling marquee digital display across the bottom of your field of vision, which can be used to display information from any system its linked to

Micro video N - 300 - 1/2
Can record 20 minutes of digital video on the chip in eye, or longer if linked to an external unit via interface plugs. Usually the video is downloaded from the eye via plugs, but some units extend the eye and manually unload the chip (quite gross and HC 2)

Digital camera N - 300 - 1/2
Can take 20 still images on the internal chip. Usually the images are downloaded from the eye via plugs, but some units extend the eye and manually unload the chip (quite gross and HC 2)

Dart gun N - 200 - 2
The dart gun is front loading via the expanding iris. The Dart has a 1m range, and does D3 damage. Its usually poisoned. The system is one shot and takes up 3 options

Mace spray N - 200 - 2
The eye has a chemical sprayer capable of a 1m jet. The one-shot pressurised cartridge system takes up 2 options, and reloads frontally via the expanding iris.

Dodge ball N - 440 - 1
A complex Body language pickup system that allows you to determine patterns in peoples actions. By watching someone fight for 4 rounds you get +1 to hit in close combat against them. The eye can remember ten opponents at a time.

Transmitter N - 330 - 1
A 2 km range full colour broadcast quality video transmission 4 options

Video imager N - 350 - 2
Allows you to see TV quality images in your eye. They appear as if the screen was floating in your field of view about half a metre from your face. Takes 2 options

Times square + N - 500 - 2
A chipped visual recognition system. Linked to a database the T2 looks for pre-set visual cues and loads the relevant database entry 3 options

Built in flash N - 150 - 1
Eye lights up with powerful white lights, illuminating whatever you're looking at. Range is only a few metres. 1 option

IR flash N - 250 - 1
IR eye lights, illuminating whatever you're looking at with IR. 1 option

UV flash N - 250 - 1
UV eye light, illuminating whatever you're looking at with UV. 1 option

Laser illuminator N - 500 - 1
A high power mini-laser acts as an in-eye laser designator. Used offensively, the laser is powerful enough to dazzle and cause retinal damage if shone into someone's eye Takes up 2 options

Fake Retina N - 1000 - 1
Retinal falsification is Highly Illegal and very much in demand. The basic alterations to a cyber eye that allow it to masquerade as a biological eye cost 1000. The process of mimicking someone else's retina is much more expensive. First you need the person or a picture of the retina (or the eye itself, a much more gruesome option), then a forger, who will charge 20,000 or more depending on the quality, time etc. 1 option

Clock chip N - 50 - 1/2
Tells you the time, all of the time. A small four digit display in the lower left hand side of your vision showing the time (usually in the 24 hour clock) 0 options

Augmented peripheral vision N - 200 - 2
The increased field of view adds +1 to awareness checks and +2 vs. surprise close attacks from the side or rear. 1 Option

Motion tracking N - 350 - 2
Usually interfaced with a smartgun system, this tracks the progress of a moving object and marks out its probable path. Without smart guns, this just halves the moving target penalties for simple linear movements. With a smart gun interface, this negates all moving target penalties for simple, linear movement and halves the penalties for all others.
The system works best with objects moving in a straight line at fixed speed, like planes or sprinters. 1 option

Trip ball. N - 500 - 1
Turns the patterns of incoming light into a series of mood altering psychoactive impulses, allowing you to get a legal high from traffic lights. Usually reduces aggression and mellows the user out, but can cause random and dangerous mood swings, especially in light conditions the user isn't used to. When active the user gets +1 Cool and -1 to all skill roles. One option

Altered persistence of vision N - 450 - D3+1
An unusual system, allowing you to see the scanning line instead of the TV picture, the flicker of a cine film rather than be fooled into thinking that the figures are moving. You can see clouds move, see things moving that are too slow for normal vision to see. It alters your view of the world. You no longer see motion blurs when things move fast, you see the thing move in detail. +1 to perception tests involving very fast or very slow movement.
You can also see subliminal images in TV or video footage, and so are less effected by them (+5 to resist)