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Cybernetic Armours
Revised Edition - October 1999
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Cyberneticaly aided, enhanced or implanted armour

Using nanotech and a tailored diet, a series of alteration are carried out in the skin. Armour fibres are woven into the skins upper layers, giving it an increased strength and ballistic resistance. Lower layers of the skin have impact gel layers which become rigid under impact, spreading any impact over a larger area and so reducing the penetrating power
  • Sp 1 N - 800 - D3 30 to spot
  • Sp 2 N - 1000 - D6 30 to spot
  • Sp 3 N - 1500 - D6+2 25 to spot
  • Sp 4 N - 2000 - 2D6 25 to spot
  • Sp 5 N - 2500 - 2D6+2 20 to spot
  • Sp 6 N - 3000 - 3D6 20 to spot
The armour is soft enough to cushion most hits, but every penetrating hit damages the skin weave so it has to be repaired. Every time you take a serious wound or worse, the skin weave needs a repair of N - 500 - 0 Until repaired, The damaged locations SP is one point lower for each Serious wound taken

Skull Sheath CR - 5000 - 3D6
This is a series of titanium plates bonded into the skull and extending down to cover the base of the skull and the neck, forming a solid armour plate protective helmet.
The full treatment gives the skull an SP of 14, capable of stopping most handgun bullets dead. To keep the facial features articulate, the face is only SP 8, and the weak spots are still the eyes, nose and mouth, with only Sp 2. The sheath is Difficulty 30 to spot without medical examination or scanners.
Repairs are needed whenever the sheath is penetrated, and as this involves opening up your skull and pulling the shrapnel out of your greymass, its a Ma - 800 - 0

Spine sheath Cr - 5000 - 3D6
This is a series of armour panels wrapped around the spine, supporting and reinforcing it with a second articulated spine. The treatment gives the spinal column an SP of 14.
Any damage to the spine will first have to tear up the sheath, as it prevents the twisting and shearing of back breaker moves, stops bullets and cushions impacts.
If anything does get through, you need a repair of Ma - 800 - 0 to fix it. (and a wheelchair)
In combat the sheath doesn't do much, as most bullets damage the fleshy parts of the torso. The sheath gives full SP vs attacks deliberately aimed at the spine, Half SP on any melee attacks from behind and helps protect the neck. (Blunt blows to the neck or sharp attacks from behind get the half SP value defending them)
If a bullet would hit your spine (1 in 10 for a torso hit) then it has to do at least 6 damage (3 from behind) before it reaches the spine. The spine sheaths SP opposes the rest of the damage. (kind GM's may say that Critical hits have a 3 in 10 chance )
The Real use of the Spine sheath is connecting Cyber or Biomech limb pairs into a reinforced skeleton. All to often, people with over pumped arms and legs try and lift the limbs max (a small car) and find that they aren't supported in the waist. The resulting spinal injury folds them neatly in half with a brutal SNAP.
With a Spine Sheath, you can take the pressure of lifting your Limbs Max Press with little worry. (Add half again (150%) onto the lift and Max Press statistics of someone with Cyber arms, Cyber legs and a Spine Sheath. If all limbs have Myomar, Double it. Hydralics in all limbs triples it)

Boneplates Ma - 1200 - D6
These are subdermal armour plates set inside the body to protect vital organs. Arguments vary as to whether they are any use, but if one of these stops a slug over your heart, you'll thank them. Then, of course, you can appreciate the problems the plate caused at your leisure. Torn tissue, widespread bruising and blood pooling in internal tissue tears all make the wound more difficult to treat and take longer to heal.
The Plate SP is 5, but this is only used on penetrating hits that will effect that organ. Once the wound is stabilised and healing add 5 to the damage for healing times only.
The plate is resistant enough to only need repairs if punctured, with an M - 300 - 0
If a round wounds locations 2 or 3 and does more than 4 damage, it penetrates deep enough to hit the plates. Oppose the remaining damage vs the plates SP5. Any damage that penetrates is treated normally.
Note that even if the plate stops only a 1 point attack the healing times always go up 5 points.

Dermal armour M - 500 - D6
Armour plates bonded onto the skin, like the skin of an armadillo. Much more obvious than skin weaving, but the plates do provide a lot more mass to absorb impact damage.
Dermal plates can be grafted onto any location, although having an armadillo like face is generally bad socially. The plates use a hard upper layer of flexible bullet proof fibres meshed into a bioplastic support matrix, with cushioning under layers.
As the plates are sectional, each of the ten hit locations on the location table can be armoured separately at SP 8
The plates are obvious if the location is exposed, and facial plating lowers Attr by 2 Repair work on puncture wounds is a N - 100 - 0 slap on skin patch that melds with the dermal over time

Subdermal Chest Armour Cr - 5500 - 2D6+1
Heavy Armour Cr - 6000 - 2D6+2
An implanted bullet proof vest, resting under the muscle layers of the chest, cushioning and protecting the ribs and vital organs. The chest is the only location really suited to this level of protection as its fairly rigid with no major joints, and has a lot of bone to anchor it to.
The subdermal armour is EV 1 and Sp 12. Anyone watching you probably will not spot it, but if you're searched it's a difficult to spot. Some solos can spot one of these just by the way you walk (difficulty 30 to stop on sight, 20 on a search)
If you really want to look like a walking house, there is a heavier version which is EV 2 and SP 14,.This is easier to spot, only a 25 at sight, 15 if searched. Both vests have EV's , which are pretty much permanent from when they're implanted. Its advised you practice your Armour Use skill and get used to operating with the Encumberence.

Torso plate Cr - 10,000 - 3D6
Heaviest armour available cybernetically, a breathable bioceramic armour woven onto the dermis of the chest like a carapace. Outer layers are overlapping hard plates, with inner layers that are soft and flexible. If the armour is penetrated, the under layer will seal off the wound, but the upper layer will have to be cut free and replaced surgically (M - 1,000 - 0 )
The Armour is EV 3 and Sp 20 with one point of T1 trauma protection

Cowl Ma - 2,500 - 2D6
The Cowl covers the back and sides of the head, with ports for ears and a flexible neck guard. The cowl is a fairly simple augmentation, and although you loose your hair the cowl has gaps allowing normal ears. SP is 20, with No EV. (of course it does not protect against face shots) You can have tech hair implanted into the cowl, making it difficult to spot, and allowing you to look vaguely normal.
Any hit that penetrates the cowl is serious bad news and you may not live to pay the M -500 -0 repair fee.

Face plate Cr - 4,000 - 4D6
Similar to the torso plate, this covers and protects the face from the hairline to the flexible throat plates in the neck. The faceplate is a very serious alteration, taking a lot of work.
The SP is 20 and in only protects against face shots
One advantage is that you can put any face you want onto it
Basic faceplates are stiff and immovable, able of conveying only basic emotions Attr -2, HC +2
Advanced faceplates are capable of a full range of human emotions Attr -1, Hc +1 cost +500
Customised faceplates look and act like the wearers original features Attr -0, HC +0 cost + 1000
Exotic faceplates can look like anything the user can imagine Attr -2, Hc +D6 cost + 1000

Armour weave M - 6,000 - 4D6
The Heaviest skin weave available, this combines a heavy duty skin weaving with dermal armour and muscle and bone lacing elements. The body is interlaced with impact fibres, giving the whole body a firm, almost solid texture. The dermal skin weave armour is linked into this network of support fibres.
Provides a +1 to BOD and a full body SP of 12
There is no way you can conceal this sort of augmentation. the skin appears plasticy and fake, and has an unusual firm texture. Repairs are fast and easy, as a synthetic skin slap patch is glued over the wound once its treated, and it slowly is absorbed into the weave. N - 200 - 0
Until repaired, The damaged locations SP is one point lower for each wound taken