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Cosmetic Alterarions
Revised Edition - October 1999
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Flippers Guide To CyberPlastic Surgery

Cosmetic alterations

Many People can’t see how altering or changing your appearance can have a lasting effect on the human personality. Isn’t it something we do every day with our cosmetics and clothes?

Attractiveness Increase
Most of the work of an ATTR increase comes from remaking the face, as that’s where the alterations will really show. The rest of the body can be surgically biosculpted toward a physical ideal quite easily


Poor quality work gives you a plasticy, fake look. WallMart surgery, you’ll end up a Bimbette gameshow host or stereotype surfer muscle hunk
Average To spot you’ve had work done(15)
Cost x ½

Average quality work makes you into a generic clone of whoever and whatever’s famous at the moment, a montage of famous faces and ideals
Difficult to spot you’ve had work done(20)
Cost x1

Good Quality comes from an artist rather than just a surgeon. The features are designed with your face in mind, rather than a generic average.
Very difficult to spot you’ve had work done(25)
Cost x 3

Exceptional quality work is a true work of art. Taking the facial structures best features, carving out the faults and rebuilding from the ground up, the surgeon creates a new, better you.
Near Impossible to spot you’ve had work done(30)
Cost x5

Healing takes time equal to you recovering from a 5 point wound per Plus One ATTR point

Basic Cost based on New ATTR score
New ATTRCost
One to Six600 eb
Seven900 eb
Eight1,200 eb
Nine1,500 eb
Ten2,000 eb
Eleven5,000 eb
Twelve10,000 eb

This cost is PER POINT, so you have to pay for each step
As you can only push what you’ve got so far, you cannot increase Attractiveness more than 5 points.
For the medically inclined, you roll Tech + Medtech +D10 vs. a target number of 5 +5 per +1 ATTR you’re adding to perform the surgery.
Then you have to roll Int + Expert (facial design / Art) +D10 for the difficulty that people have to beat to spot that the work has been done.

Humanity cost

Total ATTR increaseHumanity Cost
+1 AttrD3
+2 D6

Attr Decrease

well, someone wants it.
Facial mutilation with a straight razor and a local anaesthetic will take your ATTR down D6 easily, and if you really keep going even more. Minimum ATTR is 0, and you’ll probably need a hospital before you can carve that low.
If you want to stay normal, just less attractive, surgery costs 600 per point lost, no minimum stat except the surgeon’s ethics or bank balance.

Change appearance

A face change is a fairly simple operation, using surgical lasers and collagen injections to alter the shape of your face. The more you pay the more they alter,
The Difficulty to recognise you controls the cost

Average1200 eb2D6
Difficult2400 eb3D6
Very Difficult3600 eb4D6
Near Impossible5000 eb5D6

This is also a perfect opportunity to have ATTR alterations
If you want to, you can have your face altered into that of someone famous, living , dead or fictional.


Ethnicity Change - M - 1,000 – D6
Skin colour alteration and cosmetic modification of features allows you to take on the racial characteristics of any ethnic group you feel like.

Height alteration - Ma - 800+ - D6
By adding or subtracting from the long bones in the body, its possible to surgically alter your height by several inches, up or down.
The surgery costs 800 just to open you up, and +1000 per inch you want adding /subtracting

Frame alteration - Ma - 1200 - D6
By altering the proportions of the body and the resting pattern of the muscles, the users frame can be altered, making then look stocks, thin, fat, endomorphic, ectomorphic or mesomorphic

Hair implantation - M - 1,200 - D3
By culturing hair follicles in vats and implanting them into your skin, its possible to ‘seed’ you a new head of hair that’ll grow naturally. Mostly used to cover male pattern baldness, this can also be used anywhere on the body. (in new and unusual ways)

Horns - Ma - 1600 - D6
Grafted into the skull, implanted horns have little use, except to make you look unusual. That’s why people like them. Head butts do get a +2 to damage but fumbles could shatter your horns.

Exotic facial rebuild - Cr - 5,000
Rare and unusual, the facial rebuilds allow you to take on the facial features of an animal, or anything you can come up with. Mostly used to weird people out by people that are weird themselves.

Tail - Cr - 3,000 – D6
Vat grown tails grafted into the nerve trunk at the base of the spine. Capable of holding about half a pound, useless for gripping (they are in no way prehensile, at most they curl like a cat’s tail)

Stance alteration - Cr – varies – 2D6
Shift the stance from bipedal to partial quadruped - Cr - 7,000
Shift the stance from biped to full Quadruped - Cr - 10,000
Partial quadrupeds move on all fours, but can sit up on their back legs to use their hands. This allows them to use most Ref and Tech skills if they don’t move
Full quadrupeds cannot use most of there manipulation skills without help

Hand alteration - Cr - 8,000 (pair) – 2D6
HoovesNo hand based skill use. Punch attacks do D6+2
Claws-2 to skills, D6 damage with a claw swipe
Paws-2 to skills
This is a strange thing to do, but people can get very strange. Surgically stripping down the hands and rebuilding them with vat bone and tissue into another shape is costly and rather hampers most of your manual dexterity based skills.

Foot Alteration - Cr - 8,000 (pair) – D6+1
HoovesKick/stamp attacks do 2D6
Pawslike a cat’s, with small claws
ClawsBig combat worthy claws, from big cats or reptiles. D6+2 damage

Digigrade Just alters the leg shape, costs 3000.
All of there require reworking the legs into a digigrade shape, reducing the users MA by 2 (this is included in the listed costs). Digigrade legs make the recipient appearsto be walking on tiptoe, as the leg has two ‘knee’ joints, like a dogs.

Skin GraftsMa - 10,000
The whole body is skinned and reworked with monoclonal animal hides grown in vats of shark collagen polysaccharides.
All forms of animal fur are available, as are some of the finer animal scales (mostly snake)
More exotic materials can be cultured on demand