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OverKill Pistols
Revised Edition - November 1998
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If you want to make a Killing Machine, a Beast of WAR tm (nice term Blackhammer), you can always build a HUGE calibre firearm

Rifle calibre pistols

For those who want extreme firepower, it IS possible to design pistols that take Rifle rounds. Examples include the ‘Tinker’ bolt action 7.62 pistols and the Philippine 5.56 revolver.

To make one of these Beasts;

Our advice is that the Frame is Heavy, and the Revolver or Break open action works best.

Damage for Medium or Heavier rounds is reduced by D6 due to the short barrel.

Light rifle rounds work quite well in pistols, But medium and heavy rounds are overkill. The normal Heavy calibre have been divided into two sub groups with different inherent WA’s

Heavy I-2
Heavy II-3
Very Heavy-5

No matter what, ROF is ONE

Put it all together and you’ve got a HORRIBLE weapon of destruction

Have fun.

Shotgun Pistols
Similar to rifle weapons, these are pistol size weapons that load a shotgun cartridge

GaugeCalibreAmmoAccuracySlug00/000 Shot
.410Medium WA +12D62 / 4
20gMedium WA +03D64 / 6
16gHeavy WA -14D66 / 8
12gHeavy–1 AmmoWA –25D68 / 10
10gVery Heavy–2 AmmoWA -36D610 / 12
So if you want to build a Shirowpunk 10 gauge ‘Gong’ handgun, you can make one. The recoil would be crippling, but it’d work.

Light - WA +1
.220 swift2D10
.22 magnum2D6+2
.30 carbine3D67.62x33
5.7mmFN3D6+35.7x28mm FN
9mm Long2D6+49mm x25 Pistol ammo
.357mag3D6+19mm x33 Pistol ammo
Medium - WA -1
.44 / 404D6+2Old
4.5mm4D6Militech pulse rifle, Binary liquid
4.7mm4D6+1G11 4.73x33 caseless
5.45mm4D6+15.45x39 soviet AK74
5.5mm4D6+2Pacific Rim
5.56 NATO5D65.56x45
7.62 Grendel5D67.62 x36 Grendel Subsonic
7mm5D6Fed arms LA15 Caseless
7.62 S5D6+17.62x39 Short soviet AK47
9x39mm5D6+19x39mm (SP-5) Subsonic
9x39mm5D6+19x39mm (SP-6) Subsonic Armour piercing
6mm UnivS5D6+26mm Universal Soviet
Heavy - WA -2
.243 magnum6D6-1
30-306D6+27.62 x 51R Winchester
7.5mm MAS6D6+17.5 x 54mm
6.5mm6D6Mannlicher Cancaro 6.5 x 54mm JFK stopper
6.5 Swedish6D66.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser
6.5mm6D6-16.5 x 50mm Militech caseless
7.62 NATO6D6+27.62 x 51mm sold as .308 Winchester
7.62 Soviet long6D6+37.62 x 54 R Mosin Nagant
30-066D6+47.62 x 63mm
.3036D6+47.7x 56R
7.92 Mauser7D6+17.92x57mm Mauser (8mm)
7mm Remington7D6+17mm Remington Magnum
7mm SM7D67mm Spanish Mauser 7 x 57mm
.300 WM7D6+3Winchester Magnum
Heavy II - WA -3
.338 LM8D6+1338/.416 Lapua Magnum 8.6 x 70mm
.375 H&H8D6+1
.378 Weatherby8D6+2
.416 Rigby8D6+2Elephant Gun
.458 Winchester8D6+2
.444 Marlin8D6+1
.45 MH8D6+2.45 Martini Henry
.460 Winchester8D6+3
.465 Express9D6-1Buffalo rifle
.500 Nitro9D6Elephant gun
.600 Nitro10D6Elephant gun
Very Heavy - WA -5
.50 HMG8D10Heavy Sniper WA -1
.50 Spotting7D1012.7 x 77mm Spotting Rifle
12.7mm BMG8D1012.7 x 99mm Heavy Sniper WA-1
12.7mm Bloc8D10+112.7 x 107mm Bloc
14.5mm PTRS9D10+414.5 x 114mm Bloc HMG Antitank rifle
15mm BRG10D10+315 x 115mm Antitank Rifle
15.2mm steyr10D10+3Anti Material Rifle APDS

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