The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

New Skin for the Discerning Punk

Body Absolutes
Body/Absolutes SlipSkins line


Be as slippery as an eel, or as slimy as a slug!
After triggering the slipskins by applying a special potassium solution over your body, you will excrete a slippery, slimy substance until alcohol is applied to the skin, washing away the product and turning off the production until it is reactivated. SlipSkins are a special nanotech rebuild of the sweat glands to produce this special oil, and are designed not to affect the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet or the face. Gain +2 on escape rolls, +4 if in light clothes or +6 if running about in the nude. You also get to look incredibly slimy (thus the nickname of slug-skin).

SlipSkin800eb1D3+1 HLN Surgery


Now You Too can drip mildly poisonous ooze!
This "enhancement" over basic SlipSkins produces an irritant accross the owner's skin. Anyone ingesting this goo must roll a resist torture / drugs (dif 20) to avoid getting sick (-4 on all rolls for 2D6-btm hours, minimum 1). If the venom gets into someone's wounds the same roll must be made at dif 15, or dif 10 in cases of normal skin contact. Also in cases where the venom gets into someone's wounds, they also get -2 on all rolls for D6 hours as the venom is a strong irritant. People with this implant are immune to this venom.

VenomSkin2,000eb1D6+2 HLM Surgery


Acid Touch! Just like the legendary Black Pudding!
The recipient's skin is rendered SP4 vs acids, and now excretes a relatively caustic acid. Contact with this acid causes D4 damage per turn for the duration of contact +1 turn. Treat this damage as normal acid damage. The acid also provides slipperiness as normal slipskins. Should the recipient's skin be broken, the acid begins to affect him/her too until the area is washed with alcohol, turning off the acid glands. It is recommended that owners of CausticSkin also purchase Acid-Resistant clothing.

CausticSkin4,000eb2D6+2 HLMA Surgery


Razor-Sharp Skin! Mother Nature's best, now for you, and you and you!
Now not only Sharks can rely on Mother Nature's ultimate defense system! Sharkskin CyberSkin replaces part or all of your ordinary skin with special, vat grown flesh covered in razor-sharp diamond-shaped scales! Now, when rubbed the wrong way, your skin acts like a series of small blades, damaging anyone who scrapes against you. Look fierce and proud, with Mother Nature's Finest!

Damage is 1d6 plus damage modifiers, + 1d6 if combined with appropriate striking or grappling maneuvers, or 1d6 damage to anyone grappling the owner of the cyberware.

SkarkSkin2,000eb1D6+1 HLM Surgery, per 25% of body covered.


For that delicate touch and those special moments...
For all that extra effect from your sense of touch... Do you want just a little bit more in bed? To feel the wind blowing over your skin? The gentle caress of your silk underthings? SenseSkin CyberSkinę has special sensors which enhances your sense of touch, and if you get sensory overload, a push of the button on the back of your wrist will turn them off. When you're ready for more, push the button and the senses go back on!

While on, you gain +2 to tactile awareness rolls, and -2 on stun saves.

SenseSkin800eb1D3 HLM Surgery

Chemical Repellant

Shed hostile liquids, drugs and acids like water off a duck's back!
This dermal modification transforms the subject's sweat glands to produce a durable long-chain lipid along with the normal perspiration. This compound protects the subject's skin from chemical damage. The subject's skin becomes safe from acid and base damage, and DMSO no longer can open the pores to allow contact drugs through into the system. Stuff that would eat through normal skin bead like water and drip off. The subject gains no new protection from heat or cold (and many damaging chemicals do their damage through heat) and the transformation does not protect the mouth, eyes and nose, etc.

Repellant Transformation4,400eb1D6 HLN Surgery

Thermal Dissipation

Like Skinweave, but protects your soul from the fires of hell!
This is a simple webbing of heat-conductive material connected with a network of heat sinks woven into the epidermis in order to divert any excess heat away before it can damage the skin, or any tissue under it. Apply this enhancement's rating as if it were regular SP, but only to heat-based damage. This does apply to lasers, but the protection rating is halved. Note that explosives damage the user via concussion, not heat. However, the secondary, incendiary damage caused by white phosphorus is heat damage.

SP:2 Dissipation400eb1 HLM Surgery
SP:4 Dissipation800eb1D2 HLM Surgery
SP:6 Dissipation1,200eb1D3 HLM Surgery
SP:8 Dissipation1,600eb1D4 HLM Surgery
SP:10 Dissipation2,000eb1D3+1 HLM Surgery
SP:12 Dissipation2,400eb1D4+1 HLM Surgery
SP:14 Dissipation3,200eb1D6+1 HLMA Surgery, 50% -1 REF
SP:16 Dissipation3,600eb2D4 HLMA Surgery, 50% -1 REF
SP:18 Dissipation4,000eb2D4+1 HLMA Surgery, -1 REF
SP:20 Dissipation4,400eb2D4+2 HLMA Surgery, -1 REF

UV Shielding

Sun-Safe Skin Treatment! Protect yourself from those nasty UV rays.
This dermal modification transforms the subject's epidermis to protect from 99.5% of UV damage. The subject can no longer tan, and therefore the mod comes with a permanent pigmentation change - usually to a mild tan, although deeper tans are available. The original version of this mod was perfected by the Antarcticans, but their version changes the subject's pigmentation to a violent purple colour. Both versions of this treatment must be renewed every 3-5 years as the effects wear off a the skin continues to grow and shed.

UV Shielding500eb0.5 HLN Surgery
Antarctican UV150eb1 HLN Surgery