The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

more EMP for your buck
Three new cousins of the mighty
EMP Grenade in the limelight

EMP-1 and EMP-2 series grenades are available in a variety of powers, rated from Mark 1 to Mark 5.

Shotgun Grenades are only available as Mark 1, and cost 2.5x the Mark 1 cost.
25mm Grenades are available up to Mark 2, and cost 2x the list cost.
40mm Grenades are available up to Mark 4, and cost 1.5x the list cost.
Hand Grenades are available up to Mark 5, and cost as listed.

EMP1 Shocker
EMP-1 "Shocker" Grenade

The EMP-1 Grenade produces a variable EMP pulse over a small area, it is capable of disabling cyberware on occasion, but is recommended for use against data storage devices and computers. Targets of a shocker grenade roll on the following table for each major cybersystem (optics, audio, reflex boosting, interface, etc). Computer systems are crashed temporarily (mark x 40%) of the time, and permanently (mark x 10%) of the time. Magnetic data storage is erased (mark x 50%) of the time, and chip storage (mark x 20%) of the time. The higher rated Shockers actually release a series of electrical arcs when they go off, dealing damage to those in the burst radius.

1-2System unaffected
3-4System reboot, off-line for remainder of turn
5System goes off-line for D6+1 turns
6System goes off-line for D6 minutes

Mark 11 foot burst (impact), no damage25 eb
Mark 21m burst radius, D6-1 damage75 eb
Mark 31m burst radius, D6+1 damage100 eb
Mark 42m burst radius, 2D6 damage150 eb
Mark 53m burst radius, 2D6 damage200 eb

EMP2 Waver
EMP-2 "Waver" Grenade

The EMP-2 Grenades use more conventional EMP technologies, with no explosion or flashy displays when their components fuse to produce the EMP effect. The basic design of the "waver" system is the same as that of hand-portable EMP pistols, firing a burst of high-frequency radio EMP over a small area, but the output has been powered up so much that the effect burns out the internal electronics in the process.

The game effects of being inside a Waver field are the same as being hit by an EMP pistol, except that all cybersystems are affected instead of just those in the target hit location. Roll 1D6 on the following table for each cybersystem attacked.

1System unaffected
2System slows down (-4 ref if a limb, computer run slowly).
3Minor crash: system blinks off for 1 round but comes back up. This will drop you out of the net or cut your cellphone call.
4Crash out: System GPFs and starts reboot sequence. This takes 2D6 rounds.
5Big system crash - system begings diagnostics and reboots itself. Takes 1D6 minutes to restore.
6System crashes out and needs a tech to fix it (appropriate tech roll over 20 to restore it).

Mark 11 foot burst (impact), Roll D6+1 on table100 eb
Mark 21m burst radius, Roll D6-1 on table75 eb
Mark 32m burst radius, Roll D6-1 on table125 eb
Mark 43m burst radius, Roll D6 on table175 eb
Mark 54m burst radius, Roll D6 on table250 eb

EMP3 Flasher
EMP-3 "Flasher" Bomb

The "Flasher" grenade is a new weapon developped for police units needing a quick-response non-lethal weapon that will work against a mixed crowd of cybered and non-cybered persons. With the prevalence of cyberoptics and audio systems, many persons in a mixed crowd are immune to the effects of a flash-bang grenade, but these same persons are usually quite susceptible to EMP weapons, so the two were combined into one package for crowd control.

The grenade itself is quite large compared to most other weapons in it's class (thus the "bomb"), weighing in at a heavy 3kg. Throwing it is awkward (-2 WA) and long ranges are not possible with it (1/2 usual throwing range). When the bomb goes off, it flashes an incredibly bright flash of light while the EMP portions of the weapon engage and fuse themselves. Then the grenade explodes from the small explosive charge inside, producing a concussion wave and tearing the weapon in half.

Persons looking towards the grenade within 5m (15m at night) must make Difficult Reflex roll to avoid being blinded for D6 turns (this effect is negated by anti-dazzle). The EMP effects are identical to the Mk 5 EMP-2 Waver grenade, and the whole shebang is followed up with a 5D6 damage concussive charge (damage is 1/2 stun on contact and within 1m, and all stun from 1m to 4m - ranges are doubled indoors).

EMP-3Blash, EMP, Boom!400 eb