The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

With $500 (about 310) and a trip to the hardware store, saboteurs can build a device capable of remotely disrupting computers, automobiles, medical equipment and nearly anything else dependant on electronics, according to a California engineer who demonstrated a homebrew computer death-ray at the InfowarCon '99 conference in Washington, D.C. (1999)

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The Future?
Does this mean for a near future game, pleebes might have low power EMP pistols for "taking out" cyberpsychos?

So there you are just about to mash this guys face and your legs and arms GPF on you and all you have left is harsh language.

If all it does is cause the firmware to reboot and there is no permanent damage.... you might find the police packing these.

Oh yeah - you've got a smartlinked gun with electronic trigger? I wonder why some cops still have simple automatics.
Riot Control?
How about a vehicle mounted concentrated beam weapon for bring riots under control? You literally "buzz" the crowd with an AV4 and take out most of the high tech weapons.

Alternatively the special ops teams might bombard your safehouse to crash out all your computer systems (and cyberwear?) before cutting the power and hitting you with CS gas.

What's that? You've got cyberaudio and optics? Hmmm... time to invest in some bioware I think.

'Ware FreakOut Table
Roll 1D6
  1. System slows down (-4 ref if a limb, computer run slowly).
  2. Minor crash: system blinks off for D4 rounds but comes back up. This will drop you out of the net or cut your cellphone call.
  3. Crash out: System GPFs and starts reboot sequence. This takes D4 minutes.
  4. Crash out: System GPFs and starts reboot sequence. This takes D4 minutes.
  5. Big system crash - system beings diagnostics and reboots itself. Takes 3D6 minutes to restore.
  6. System crashes out and needs a tech to fix it (tech roll over 20 to restore it).

EMP "Pistol"
EMP Pistol, honest
A mobile phone sized device, most designs have a conical point on the end. A power pack provides enough power for four shots (power packs cost $20 and can be recharged). The beam range is 10m maxiumum and is invisable but for an extra $50 a low power laser sight can be added to help aim. Shooting something at point blank range with this device adds one to the EMP effect table (above).

EXO · +0 · EMP · 4 · 1 · ST · 10m · 150eb

Cheaper versions are available, including generic home-made devices of this style and Armenian knock-offs

EXO · -1 · EMP · 4 · 1 · UR · 10m · 100eb

Riot Control Unit
This is a vehicle mounted unit that has a range of 50m and a beam width of 5m. If it fires though a brick wall - knock 10m of the range (plaster walls don't count) and halve the beam width.

Anyone or any electronic device should roll on the EMP effects table (above) but add one to the roll if they are within 10m of the weapon.

EXO/HVY · +0 · EMP · special · 1 · ST · 50m · 3,500eb

EMP Shielding
**Use with current EMP rules**

Cyberpunk already has some anti-EMP mods for cyberware. I'd be tempted to alter these to provide a "saving throw" against EMP (naff, phrasing but no shielding should be 100%).

Each rating gives a chance on a D6 that the device will not be affected by the EMP attack. If the device is affected, deduct the EMP rating from the die roll.

Rating 0 - free
Normal cyberware and most household electronics.

Rating 1 - 200eb upgrade
(will be including in some existing equip).
Electronics designed to be used in heavy EMP environments (ie: factories with large RF transmissions). Industrial grade and expensive (GMs call) cyberware will be hardened to this level.

Rating 2 - (as book cost or 400eb)
Cyberware hardened for use in low earth orbit.

Rating 3 - (800eb cyberlimb, 300eb-400eb electronics)
Military grade cyberware so you'll need good contacts to get hold it (Streetdeal or Resources roll of 20)

Rating 4 - (black market - 800eb to 1000eb)
Military grade hardening for electronics - this is not suitable for cyberware due to the "bulk" of the protection.