The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

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Before I even start this article I`ll warn you that in my game we divide Humanity
Loss by four after I saw many of my 'punks going cyberpsychotic far too soon.

I`ve looked at Cyberpsycology for a while now and I think it needs a re-tune, it`s so outdated. My philosophy is: when someone adds some new 'ware to themselves, deep down they want to become something other than human, while at the same time wanting becoming something more than human. This leads to delusions of grandure within the cybered. They suddenly think of themelves better than plain, ordinary meatboy`s and this is reflected in their social skills.

For every 2 points of EMP(athy) lost gain 1 point of EGO(tism). EGO is negative modifier to your EMP skill roles other than just with humaity loss. Every point you have of EGO you take that away from your: Human Perception, Interview, Leadership, Seduction, Social, Persuasion/Fast Talk, Perform rolls.

When a player breaks the 6 EGO mark, he/she will become very intolerant of everyone around them, they now have a super-ego. Whenever a player disagrees, contradicts, does something wrong or just looks at them the wrong way, the Super-Ego character must make a COOL save with modifiers depending on whats annoying them. If the roll is failed by
  • (1 point) the character must get away from the source
  • (2-3 points) the character must verbally abuse the source
  • (4-6 points) must physically vent aggression
  • (7-10) all of the above
  • (11+) Opens Fire!

    DaiOni Image (c) R.Talsorian

    Full 'Borgs
    For the 'borgs the rules are slightly modified. When dealing with other conversions your EGO is halved as you are both on the same level. When dealing humans however, the 'borg`s EGO is doubled the represents the cyborg seeing the person as little more than a cockroach.

    When it come`s down to cyberpsychosis there`s another modification. They`re types of tactics will not only depend on the cause but also their EGO.
    (1-6) The victim see`s everyone as a potential target.
    (7-8) See`s everyone as a target but will prefer "humans" as targets over 'borgs.
    (9+) Ignores humans completely, see`s them as nothing but pond scum and will focus it`s violence on the cause the problem i.e. machines in general or the effecting cyberware.

    There is conselling for the Cyberpsychotic/Super-Ego afflicted. Therapy costs $50-350 per session and the therapist/cyberpsycologist uses their Cyberpsycology or Psycology skill for Cyberpsychosis or Egotism respectively.

    New Skills & Skill Uses

    Psychology (INT based, x2 IP)
    This involves helping people with mental problems, who are not heavily cybered. (note: this is for use with the Super-Ego rules). The psycologist must make a psycology roll (Dif 20) with a negative modifier for how many EGO points the patient has. If the doctor beats this for 20-30 sessions the patients EGO goes down by 1 to minimum of 2. Psychologist`s can also treat like cyberpsychologists at a third of their skill level. Sessions cost $50-250/session.

    Cyberpsychology (INT based, x3 IP)
    Very similar to the psychology skill but this is a skill that treats patients with cybernetic related mental illnesses. (note: this can be used with any game that uses the Humaity Loss rules). The rules are the same except the difficulty is based upon the humanity loss the character has received. Therapy however takes longer (40-50) sessions and cost more $100-500/session. Like his cousin, the cyberpsychologist can treat also non-heavily cybered/non-cybered patients at a third of his skill level.
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