The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project



Welcome To The Drug Scene
An article detailing your local drug dealers, their friends and security, and how to handle transactions with them.

Drug Culture vs Popular Culture
A very quick look at the changes in the drug counter-culture and it's presence and acceptence in popular culture from the 1960's to 2020.


Drug Production
Full rules for the production and manufacturing of drugs. These rules provide for more variety of effects and side effects than other systems, and all at a reasonable cost!

Mixing and
Full rules for drug dosages, overdoses, and miscibility (cuz some drugs just don't play well with others)

A frighteningly popular alternate to drug use is wireheading. The Wire is an external item that sends massive power fluxes through the pleasure centers of the brain.


Primary Drug List
A list of 50+ drugs detailed using the system presented above. These include translations for all drugs presented in CP2020 rules and expansion sets converted to this system, as well as a bunch more from the BlackHammer Project games.

Toxins of the Realm
A selection of new narcotics and designer drugs just hitting the streets of the Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis. 20 hot new drugs for your Wild Thing!

The Real-World Drug Project
A project to catalogue most modern 20th Century recreational pharmaceuticals in game terms based on these drug rules (it would be impossible to do it with the CP2020 rules, as they would be phenomenally overpriced).

DrugLab Television with Sooch and Dopeman X
New drugs by Dopeman X and Sooch for CP2020 designed using these rules.

Hunter BioMedical Pharmaceuticals
A selection of pharmaceuticals currently in production by Hunter BioMed designed by UPCC using these rules.

"Psycho" - the history of a combat drug
The history of the combat drug "Psycho" in it's many incarnations and formulas from it's use in the Central American conflict to it's final version released just in time for the fourth corporate war.


Big Ass Needle