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Merrik, Biotechnica Field Sales Agent
This collection of lovely new drugs and designer narcotics is brought to us by Merrik, local Field Sales Agent for Biotechnica. Please note that these products are provided on a test-market basis only and are therefore more expensive than your typical street drugs (some prices were set using small batch production).
Merrik would also like to remind you that these drugs were designed using the alternate humanity loss rules from Dream Pod 9's Grimm's CyberTales. If you don't have this product then substitute all references to Egotism, Alienation, Paranoia and Obsession with straight Humanity Loss.
The first drugs on the list (down to the Rain entry) were based on drugs presented in the article on addictions by and

C h a k a
Chaka is a new experimental drug that seems to extend the human hearing range and allow the ear to pick up reduced sound levels. Once inhaled it takes effect quickly and lasts several hours. Due to the increased sensitivity to noise, many users complain that the duration is actually too long...
Chaka is a lightly golden powdered crystal sold in 0.5g hit capsules with a compressed air charge to allow for easier inhalation.
Str:5	Cost:100eb		Dif:Average
main	Stimulant +4, Concentrator +1
side	Sensitivity +2, Paranoia +2
cum	Temporary Tolerance +2
	Onset Time:30 sec	Duration:3hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S c o r e
With no currently noted side-effects except for a high addictiveness, Score may well become the hottest combat drug to date. Producing both a stimulant high and an absolute speed rush, Score users have noted no other problems in test groups.
What they don't tell you is that regular users of Score get no benefits from it either, as the system rapidly adjusts to the drug and stops producing any of it's own adrenaline once the user is hooked.
Score is bought in "rockets" of fine powder with the same propellant charge as Chaka to ease the effort of inhaling the substance.
Str:6      Cost:50eb		Dif:Average
main	Speed +4, Stimulant +2
cum	Physical Addition +4, Tolerance +1
	Onset Time:1min		Duration:6hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

T w e n t y
Twenty is another variation on the sensory boost formula created for Chaka. Twenty increases visual accuity enormously, providing for better distance vision as well as a better ability to pick out details at normal ranges. After Twenty leaves your system, it takes some amount of time for your system to readjust to operating without it, causing blurry vision and occasionally a rushing noise in the ears.
Twenty is sold exclusively as a Derm patch with the number "20" on the back-side in navy blue characters abt 2cm tall.
Str:4      Cost:50eb		Dif:Average
main	Stimulant +4
after	Blurry Vision +1
cum	Sensory Damage +3
	Onset Time:9sec		Duration:3hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

J a z z
Jazz is another one of the classic combat drug analogs. Producing a combined speed and euphoric high, Jazz only causes mild aggression compared to some of it's nastier cousins. With an amazingly rapid onset, and a very short duration (so you can stop being aggressive when the action is over), Jazz is the combat drug for you!
What isn't advertised is that like many of the original combat drugs, Jazz does tend to burn out the user's nervous system.
Jazz is sold in 5cc ampules for 50eb, each ampule is good for 5 full-strength doses.
Str:8      Cost:10eb		Dif:Difficult
main	Speed +4, Euphoric +4
side	Obsession +6, Aggression +2
cum	Nerve Degeneration (0.2 REF / hit) +2
	Onset Time:4sec		Duration:1min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S i x G u n
A high-powered stimulatant and concentrator, SixGun sales are picking up where boost left off. The wonderful thing about SixGun when compared to the somewhat cheaper Boost, is that this designer pharmaceutical doesn't destroy the user's nervous system, not to mention that SixGun stays active in your brain for six full hours!
SixGun is available in 3cc ampules of a watery serum that must be injected into the back of the neck up against the spinal cord to take proper effect. It is still only made in small batches.
Str:9      Cost:300eb		Dif:Difficult
main	Concentrator +6, Stimulant +3
after	Convulsions +2, Clouded Thinking +2
cum	Amnesia +2
	Onset Time:1min		Duration:6hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S y n C o m p 1 5
A fantastic wide-spectrum antidote to biotoxins and nerve gas, Syncomp 15 is packaged with really nasty and frightening warning labels such as "May cause convulsions, do not use if pregnant, breast feeding, epileptic or if you have a heart condition", "This drug is known to cause nerve degeneration in lab rats and military personel" and "Use with extreme caution". Each 5ml dose of SynComp 15 renders the user immune to biotoxins and nerve gas for 30 seconds. It also sends users into twitching fits and causes nerve degeneration with repeated use.
Str:6      Cost:50eb		Dif:Very Difficult
main	Antidote +6
side	Convulsions +4
after	Convulsions +2
cum	Nerve Degeneration +2
	Onset Time:4sec		Duration:30sec
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S t i m
Stim became popular because it is a very long duration stimulant, seemingly providing the user with energy to last all ngiht long, whether that be to dance, have sex or go on a killing rampage. Most users feel on top of the world, and feel that they will never be knocked down. Delusions of invulnerability and absolute competence are common.
Stim can be purchased as either a GelCap as listed at right, or as a derm with an onset time of 30 seconds for twice the list cost.
Str:4      Cost:50eb		Dif:Easy
main	Stimulant +2, Endurance +2
side	Delusions +2
	Onset Time:10min	Duration:12hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

G o l d C a p s
These are a mild soporific and psychedellic giveing the user better, more vivid dreams that are easier to remember. They also give more vivid nightmares to some users, but you get whatever your subconscious dishes out, right chummer?
The drug is popular amongst cults and religious groups, as well as with a lot of poeple who believe in the paranormal.
GoldCaps are sold as gold gel-caps and are taken about an hour before going to bed. They are currently only available from select dealers and cults in the Boston Atlanta Metropolitan Axis and are manufactured in small batches only.
Str:7      Cost:25eb		Dif:Average
main	Soporific +1, Sedative +2, Psychedelic +4
side	Hallucinations +2
cum	Temporary Tolerance +6
	Onset Time:1hr		Duration:6hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

K l u t e
A contact-aphrodesiac, Klute makes _you_ the maximum lover. Produces a fast-acting long-duration high, designed to complement the aphrodesiac effects.
Klute is sold in little red derm patches a little smaller than a dime. Usually sold in a strip of 10 on a non-stick paper strip for 1,500eb. Not cheap, but it doesn't screw you up either.
Str:10     Cost:150eb		Dif:Easy
main	Aphrodesiac +4, Endurance +4, Euphoric +2
after	Drowsiness +4
	Onset Time:1min		Duration:3hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

R a i n
Also known as "Acid Rain", Rain is the hottest and cleanest psychedellic on the market. It's one of the ultimate designer drugs in it's field, always uplifting and never subjecting the user to "bad trips". Users float around in a haze of strange events and imagery vaguely linked to events in the real world around them.
Rain is taken as an inhaled powder, and looks like ultra-fine glitter.
Str:6      Cost:50eb		Dif:Easy
main	Psychedellic +6
side	Clouded Thinking +2
	Onset Time:10min	Duration:6hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S h r e d d e d
The hot new derm hitting the chrome scene is Shredded. Making you feel good, react faster and even hallucinate lightly, it's been called a "jacked up joint" by some users. If any new drug puts you on top of the world, this is the beast. People binging on Shredded often don't remember the previous night's events when they come back to consciousness...
Shredded is usually sold as a derm, but as a small batch drug it has seen several incarnations appear from different labs city-wide. All sell for 10eb, but some come as an injection ampule (known as Shredded #2) that lasts for 3 hours and has an onset time of 15 seconds.
Str:6      Cost:10eb		Dif:Difficult
main	Speed +2, Euphoric +2, Psychedellic +2
side	BlackOut +2, Egotism +4, Hallucinations +1
after	Clouded Thinking +4
	Onset Time:9sec		Duration:15min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

H e a v y M e l t
Described as either the hallucinogen for the dorpher set, or the black lace of the "dazed and confused" crowd, Heavy melt combines the worst aspects of a hallucinogen with a combat drug. Aside from being a pain killer, producing hallucinations along with enhanced sensitivity is not usually considered a benefit. It also causes catatonia in some users, and mindless aggression in others.
Str:6      Cost:5eb		Dif:Average
main	Psychedelic +3, Stimulant +3
side	Analgesia +4, Aggression +2, Blank +4
	Onset Time:1hr		Duration:3hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S l a g
A very simple analgesic, Slag reduces the brain to putty while also reducing the ability to detect pain or to realise when you are pushing your body beyond it's limits. On the plus side it's incredibly cheap and great for those REALLY heavy work-outs.
Str:8      Cost:2eb		Dif:Very Difficult
main	Analgesic +4, Endurance +4
side	Clouded Thinking +4, Egotism +4
after	Clouded Thinking +4
cum	Physically Addictive +4
	Onset Time:10min	Duration:3hrs
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S t r u c t u r a l
Another pain killer, structural accompanies the deadening of the senses with a euphoric high instead of a mind-numbing blankness. Users feel stronger and tougher than anything the world can set up against them.
Str:8      Cost:50eb		Dif:Average
main	Analgesic +4, Euphoric +4
side	Delusions +4, Egotism +4
	Onset Time:15sec	Duration:5min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

S p e c i a l - K
Special K or Ketamine is veterinatian tranquilizer. If administered in the correct dosage, it produces near catatonia along with massive hallucinations. It causes complete paralysis in users while running them through some incredible (and often disturbing) hallucinatory sequences. It acts quickly and has a controlleable duration, but many people are wary about using a drug that induces complete paralysis. Because Ketamine is no longer used by vets, it is only available from street drug labs in limited amounts.
Str:10     Cost:50eb		Dif:Average
main	Psychedelic +6, Analgesic +4
side	Paralysis, Hallucinations +2
	Onset Time:1min		Duration:30min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

H i t - n - R u n
Another small batch drug, Hit-n-Run is a fast-acting injected accelerator used by street samurais and wannabes. It produces a quick and clean high with no abnormal side effects, no deadening of senses, etc. Users are a little more on edge than usual, but it's usually discounted since the drug is usually taken just prior to action.
Str:5      Cost:300eb		Dif:Average
main	Accelerator +5
side	Aggression +1
after	Instant Addict +1
	Onset Time:4sec		Duration:5min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

A b s o l u t e
Another combat accelerator for the street samurai, this small batch drug combines some of the active ingredients from Hit-n-Run with a cocaine-analog. The result is an incredibly fast drug with very nasty side-effects. Users report internal hemorraging, pains, and acute cases of death.
Str:12      Cost:200eb		Dif:Near Impossible
main	Speed +6, Accelerator +6
side	Poisonous +4, Death +4
after	Death +2
	Onset Time:15sec	Duration:10min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

A d r e n a l z e n e
A synthetic adrenaline-analog, Adrenalzene is the smart-man's booster. One derm in the morning on the way to work and you are King Of The Road and Lord Of The Promotion. It gives a quick adrenaline rush followed by he normal adrenaline crash that you come to expect after such an event. After regular use, some users systems have stopped providing their own adrenaline, instead relying on the artificial boost of the Adrenalzene.
Str:5      Cost:50eb		Dif:Difficult
main	Speed +2, Analgesic +1, Accelerator +1, Stim +1
side	Aggression +2, Clouded Thinking +2
after	Drowsiness +2
cum	Physically Addictive +2
	Onset Time:4sec		Duration:5min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

C r a m
The world's first net enhancer, Cram is unusual in that it must be injected into the character's interface plugs where the contact drug quickly spreads along the nervous system and improves net connectivity.
Currently only available from select dealers, even if it does become mass-produced it will never go down in price due to its incredible usefullness to netrunners and everyone else who plies their trade through the internet.
Str:6      Cost:100eb		Dif:V.Difficult
main	Net Enhancer +4, Concentrator +2
side	Anxiety +2, Delusions +2, Egotism +3
after	Depression +2
cum	Alienation +3, Carcinogen +2
	Onset Time:2sec		Duration:1min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

T e c h E x
The newest and hottest net enhancer. Incredibly potent, users describe it as Cram twice over. It also lasts longer, allowing for it's user during extended runs instead of just rapid attacks. Again, this substance must be injected, but it need not be done straight into the interface, but it must be near the spine.
Currently only available from very select dealers, manufacturing this drug is a closely held secret. It involves giving a user a slow but steady fatal overdose of cram while they are jacked into a very strong fear-inducing sim-stim. The hormones extracted from the spinal column are already impregnated with the activated Cram and are much stronger than Cram alone when introduced into a new host.
If obtained from it's one regular source (a gang in San Francisco) it can be purchassed at the small batch price listed. From other sources it will sell at prototype cost (600eb per dose). It is estimated that aprox 20 doses can be obtained from one host under optimal conditions.
Str:10     Cost:300eb		Dif:Near Imposs.
main	Net Enhancer +6, Concentrator +2,
	Euphoric +2, Accelerator +2
side	Delusions +4, Egotism +6
after	Depression +2 
cum	Alienation +6, Carcinogen +2 
	Onset Time:4sec		Duration:30min
	Detection:normal	Residue:normal

Merrik, Biotechnica Field Sales Agent
Merrik would like to remind all shoppers that drugs can be purchased with cash only, and there are no guarantees or refunds available for those not content with the high provided nor the after-effects experienced. "Bad Trip" insurance is available wih the purchase of some drugs for a significant fee.

Sorry, but no refunds or exchanges on used drugs.