The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

BlackHammer Downloads

The BlackHammer 4-Page Folder. (56k PDF Zip)
This zip file includes all 4 PDF pages of the standard record sheets used in our games. They cover everything well enough that no one in the group uses their own home designs. It includes several optional rules however, including Stress (from Grimm's CyberTales) our Hit Locations, expanded Humanity system, and the Strength stat.

XL Character Builder v5.4. (900k XLS Zip)
By, this is an excellent XL document (you must have macros enabled to use it) that builds a character from scratch with you, and includes a final record sheet. It's also easy to add new roles to or to customize the cyberware and equipment lists. I SERIOUSLY recommend you check this out. It is in a 900k Zip file which includes a selection of HTML help files. You can find out more about it from it's home page, and find out about the latest version.

The Original CP2020 Sheet. (44k PDF)
For all you CP2020 purists out there, this is a nearly exact replica of the Character Sheet in the main CP2020 rulebook rebuilt in Excel and then exported to PDF. A few very minor clean-ups have been done, but the sheet is 99% true to the original sheet created by Mike Pondsmith. I whipped this sucker up in an hour because the version posted to is such an incredibly bad scan of the original from the book. "Big Green PDF". (428k PDF)
Almost like the one from the main rule book, but styling and green. CyberJunk of has built this excellent PDF record sheet that you can actually type your character into. But better than that, it includes a SAVE button so it will save your characters, never to be lost again.

NPC Namer. (16k Zip)
This program quickly creates male and female names for PCs from three text files (Male Names, Female Names and Surnames). The text files are editable and can be enlarged ad nauseum. This program requires a windows system to work on, and is freeware. I've found it incredibly useful for adding depth to people's background connections, lovers and so on.

Y2K Revised Names List. (4k Zip)
Replacement text files from the BlackHammer Project for the program above (just over-write the M-NAMES.TXT and F-NAMES.TXT files from NPC Namer) that includes all the 100 most popular male names and female names for children born each year for 1998, 1999 and 2000 - meaning that names generated with these lists will more accurately reflect early 20's characters in 2020.

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