The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Big Ass Needle

Drug TV!
With Dopeman X and Sooch

F i r e S t a r t e r
- from Dopeman X -

"So, ya looking fer a speed drug, huh punk? Well lesse... we got da kind at'll cost ya upwards a 150eb a hit ova here... or der's somadese at're poifect if'n ya got 10 minutes ta sit around un wait fer 'em ta kick in... or howsabout deez 'uns, guarunteed ta make ya a killin' machine while yer on 'em... 'course, yer probably gunna wanna put a bullet in ya skull when you come down in a few hours. Hold on a sec, choomba... I got sumtin' here 'at I tink might be a little more yer style, judgin' by da looks a'ya..."

Firestarter isn't just the cheapest, quickest-acting, most versatile, and cleanest speed drug available... it also feels like the fastest. Ever wanted the 'flexes of a full 200% hardwiring job, but without the 20,000eb price tag and the hefty loss of humanity? A 5eb Firestarter shot will give you a taste of the world of the hyper-accelerated for half an hour with no messy side effects... and it'll kick in in under 10 seconds, so you're ready to rumble when the shit hits the fan unexpectedly. On the mean streets of Night City, conflict can break out in a heart-beat... you'd better be ready to react in half that time.

Firestarter is available in three forms; as a quick-dissolving red Jel-Cap pill, an injection, or as a slap patch. As a pill, Firestarter costs 1eb a pop, lasts 30 minutes, and has an onset time of 1 minute. They aren't kidding about quick-dissolving, either... these things will melt in your mouth or hand in no time, and sure as hell don't taste like Smarties. As an injection, Firestarter will run you 5eb a hit, also lasting half an hour, but has an onset time of only 9 seconds. For those who need that boost of speed now Now NOW, the Firestarter slap patch has an instantaneous effect, with no onset time. The patches are available for 25eb each, have a duration of 15 minutes, but leave your system a little ruffer than the other forms of Firestarter. All are available from a street dealer or other fine pharmaceutical supplier near you!

Strictly speaking, Firestarter is a pretty lame accelerator, giving the user +1 initiative, +1 Ref, and +2 Awareness. The real value of any drug, however, is not in how it _actually_ effects you, but rather in how it _feels_ like it effects you. Firestarter distorts time for the user, making the rest of the world appear to be moving slow-mo while your own actions seem to speed up. A healthy 1-2 punch of egotism and delusions sure helps make the effect believable, and the user is likely to feel like a Combat Gawd snapping off shots at the speed of light and catching bullets in her teeth.


Str:5	Cost:1/5/25eb			Dif:Avg to V.Dif
main	Accelerator +1, Speed +2, Stimulant +2
side	Delusions +3, Egotism +5, Time Distortion +2
after	Anxious +2 (contact: Convulsion +2)
	Onset Time:1min/9sec/instant	Duration:30min/30min/15min
	Detection:normal		Residue:normal

L o v e r
- from Sooch -

It's yer chillin' drug, it's yer combat drug, it's yer keep-breathin'-when-yer-shot-ta-bits drug, and with Time Distortion it's even yer party-time drug (just sit back and watch the world flowwwww...)

Pretty soon, ya won't let it outta yer sight. It's yer one true love. But it's jealous. Yer on it 24-7 thanks ta the addiction and if ya try ta mix it with *anything*, it'll prob'ly kill ya.

Don't matter. Ya get so inta this stuff that ya don't even *think* about usin' other chems. And even if someone slaps a derm on ya, well, yer life's worth squat anyways, eh?


Str:18		Cost:1eb	Dif:Impossible
Main	Euphoric +6, Speed +6, Stabilizer +6
Side	Immiscible +6, Obsession +6, Time Distortion +6
After	Instant Addict +6
Cum	Physical Addict +6
Onset	1 min			Duration	12 hrs
Detect	very faint		Residue		ample ("Wow!  Blue pee!")
Format	ingested - tiny red cinnamony hearts.