The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

CyberDecks & Computers

LeMarchand Black Boks
Black Boks
Cost: 15,000eb
Speed: +1
MU: 40
Data Walls: Str 9
Options: Hardened Circuitry, INT3, 1CPU, Cellular
A top-line combat deck / portable PC hybrid, the Black Boks (Black Bok singular) utilize the same processor and memory units of the Zetatech PS-4040 Portastation (the Zetatech 90690 chip) loaded into a 22SP Ceramic-Polymer casing with a pull-up handle for portability. Integrally linked to this station is a LeMarchand custom cellular cybermodem with superior speed to counter the penalties of the PC base (for a net +1 speed).

Sony DeckMan Plus
Cost: 2,500eb
Speed: +2
MU: 5
Data Walls: Str 5
Options: DeckMate, Sealed, Cellular
The Sony DeckMan Plus makes Interfacing safe and easy. A fast state-of-the-art processor runs the system which is encased in a solid SP20 (SP:40 vs impacts) Armor-Plast shell. All contacts are sealed and there is no method in which foreign materials can enter the interior of the unit. Even the interface plugs are Low-Impedance cables built into and sealed to the unit. The unit does not include a cell-phone, but has cell-capable interfacing to work through any phone line. The down-side is that this sealed beauty cannot have any expansions or additions; there are no peripheral slots, no access ports and no way to open her up. The only accessories available is a special 15" Sony FlopScreen and a keyboard.