The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Sidious DeadEye (dramatization)

Sidious Inc. "Deadeye"
From the mind of DartBoard

The product of three years of military research. Looking in all ways like an "Evil Eye" implant from Chromebook 4, complete with cyberoptic. It is in fact very different. One every five of the artificial rods and cones in the eye has been replaced with a lasing element about ten microns tall. The armoured casing of the eye-socket acts as an electromagnetic focussing device to orient the beam, and a battery implanted in the chest cavity powers it. The Evil Eye portion is there for two reasons, the first I have already mentioned. The second is that the eye becomes so hot, that it would melt an unprotected eye-socket. Ouch. Still unsure about what it does? Well let me explain...

The Deadeye generates a high powered x-ray laser about half a milimetre wide and about half a mile long. The laser generates d10+1 damage, of which trauma damage is doubled due to the laser cutting through everything - bone, sinew etc... The laser itself is controlled as follows.
  • Make a Cool roll of 12.
  • Roll To Hit using your Awareness.
  • Make another Cool roll of 14.
  • If you succeed then roll two locations. Every location between them takes the damage you roll. This represents the beam being accurately guided along the target.
  • If you fail roll one location, representing lack of concentration.
  • If you score a 14+ on your first Cool roll you get to make a Called Shot
  • If you score a 16+ on your second Cool roll you get to roll three locations.
On a final note. The laser can only be fired twice before it's battery runs out. The chest located power cell can be recharged from any mains socket via a small outlet above the right nipple, or breast, depending on your gender. Soft armour is at 1/3 while Hard armours are at 1/2. If your PC wants one of these, their character will need to have been in the military at some point. Oh, yes... When you use the laser expect your cyberoptic to automatically shutdown for 5 rounds as it cools down. One more thing... this device is highly experimental and is prone to fumbles (1-2 on a d10). If it does expect to lose your eye, take d10+1 damage to your head and suffer permanent blindness in that eye. Have a nice day.
DeadEye (MA) 7,000eb 2D6+2 HL