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Statistical Hit Locations

I used to dislike the hit location table from CP2020 because it balanced shots mostly to the legs... And I worried about tables that give more than a 10% chance of head hits, but it seems most of my worries were misplaced... In the real world at least.

My wife and fellow gamer just got the CDC Surveillance Report for Fatal and Nonfatal Firearm-Related Injuries in the United States for 1993-1998, and decided to pass along the following information.

In assault cases of gunshot wounds the following hit locations were given:

Head / Neck - 14%
Arm / Hand - 13%
Leg / Foot - 33%
Upper Trunk - 21%
Lower Trunk - 16%
Not Specified - 3%

(I hate those shots to the "not specifieds" myself, they sting!)


Statistically Sound D12 Hit Table
Hit table as follows (d12)

1-2: Head
3: Right Arm
4: Left Arm
5-6: Chest
7: Abdomen
8: Nether regions
9-10: Left Leg
11-12: Right Leg

As usual, head hits deal double trauma once past the target's body armour, while abdomen and "nether regions" hits deal 150% of regular trauma. Males struck in the nether regions must make their stun save at an additional -2 penalty for the first stun save only.