The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project


Due to the increasing size of this category, cybernetics have been broken down into sub-pages by type of enhancement. All cybernetics on these pages were created by Hound for the BlackHammer CyberPunk Project except where noted as otherwise, and are copyright by their authors. Some of the Bioware saw it's origin in Morninman's Bioware rules, and were adapted by someone else to Shadowrun who then had the information pirated by another site, from whence I got it and converted it back to Cyberpunk 2020. My appologies for mangling anything Morninman didn't want mangled.


The hottest and the fastest. 'Netics to push the envelope of speed.

Body Building

Bigger and Tougher. Cuz Bigger is Better, neh Choombah?


Organic CyberNetics from the Cloning Vats to You.


All those extra somethings that only the ripperdocs can give...

Exotic Skins

New and improved epidermal enhancements! Not just skinweave anymore!

Prosthetic Options

New options and accessories for your cyberlimb!


Cybernetic and Bioware Optical Enhancements


An optical weapon system from Sidious Inc.

CheapAss CyberWare

Discount Cybernetics for the Budget Borg!

CheapAss CyberWare Deluxe

Overblown Discount Cybernetics for the Budget Borg!

The Juicer Package

Complete Cyber Package to recreate the Rifts Juicer OCC.

ShapeChanger Package

Complete "Chameleon" Cyberware and Bioware package!

MorninMan Bioware

Reprint of Morninman's famous BioWare article