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M Jason Parent / Hound
Denise Robinson / Dextra
Darcy Burgess / Eggo von Eggo
Glenn Hall / StormCrow
Chris Lupton / C.D.Lupton
Selwyn Young / SlamHound
Kristan Roberge / UPCC
Paul D Romine / NightFlyer
Icarus / Xtreme69
Richard Harris / Rich
James Moore / Chopper Chopper
Leedham Te Kani / Smokymirror
Wayne Dryden / BlackRage
Jonathan Dale / The MonSTeR
Dom Fada / DomFada
Luciferin / Luci
Daniel Butler / DartBoard
Erica / M0noLyTh
Ray C / Ray
Wim van Gruisen / Whymme
Jason Brandenburg / Flash
Vlad Larin / Vlad
Chase Riviera / The Sexy Hypnotist
Randy Robertson / Randy
??? / The Stranger
Jesse / XneonerdX
Jason Chambers / TraumaTek
Ben Mercer / Ben Mercer
Bill Haworth / Wild Bill
Dave Thurston / NodeGamra

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Want to be a Playtester? Contributor?

If you have used the rules included herein, tell us how they worked, and not only will you be listed on this page, but you can help round out the game! Playtesters are vital to the development of any game, and feedback is appreciated.

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Both JackAttack and the BlackHammer Project are always accepting submissions of quality cyberpunk materials and ideas for publication. Submissions do not have to be compatible with the BlackHammer Project CyberPunk rules changes, and can be for either CPunk 2013, CPunk 2020, CPunk 3 or the BlackHammer Project rules.
All contributors will receive full credit for their work, images etc, and will retain copyright where applicable so long as it is understood that this copyright in no way challenges the copyrights held by R.Talsorian Games for Cyberpunk or any other game.
Please send any/all submissions to the Project c/o The Hound (

Team 2013 / Cyberlight (c.1988)
Samuel Parent (Sydney)
Glenn Hall
Gabe Laundriault
Bill Harper

Team Apocalypse (c.1991)
Samuel Parent (Slaine)
Glenn Hall (Warlock)
Darcy Burgess (Icarus)
Adam Joiner (Nosferatu)
Bill Harper (Famine)

Summer In Europe (c.1993)
Darcy Burgess
Sam Parent
Luc Landriault (Ivan Kilusloski)

The Henry Chin Years (c.1993-94)
Denise Robinsone (Ilsa, Bob)
Greg Cameron (Tad)
Andrew Navratil (Swan)
Half-Mad (someone forgotten)
Tymen Van-Dyk (Fenris)
Andrew Keyworth
Rob Horseman (Bob, Olive Quarrel)

Brotherhood of Bedlam (BOB) (c.1993)
Glenn Hall (HeadBanger, Gruesome Max)
Samuel Parent (Dr Albert Shiney)
Darcy Burgess(Harlequin)
Bill Harper (One-Eye)
Steve Beauchesne (Hitman)
Sean Holden (Warts)

The Night City Cru (c.1994-98)
Andrew Navratil (Ford, Swan)
Marcel Malenfant (the Rat, Remnant)
Half-Mad (Dragon Boy, Lady Jane, Di)
Denise Robinson (Chucky, Ola TuTu, Tanya, no3)
Greg Cameron (Tad, Doh-Boy, Relic)
Darcy Burgess (Fuck-Up, Whiplash, Dr Whozee)
Alex Kovacs (Supply, New York Dragon)
Jason Sooch (Sumo, Stir-Fry)
Rob Horseman (Caine)
Sam Parent (Drowned Rat, Mountie)
Glenn Hall (Jolly Roger, Devon, Scat-Cat, DeadEye)
Steve Beauchesne (Sid Trump)
Kristan Roberge (Snooze)

the Verona Punks (1998)
Darcy Burgess
Denise Robinson
Glenn Hall
Greg Cameron
Jason Sooch

ScumPunk 2021 (1999)
Half-Mad (Sticky)
Jason Sooch (Narc)
Kristan Roberge (Dude / Guld / MeatBall)
Denise Robinson (Douche / Wraith)
Darcy Burgess (Jiggles)
Alex Kovacs (the New York Dragon)

New Tribes : Robot Haus (2000)
Kristan Roberge
Alex Kovacs
Denise Robinson

HellRazors (2000)
Denise Robinson (The Priest)
Jason Sooch
Greg Cameron
James Puderer