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This is a list of chemical warfare agents I pulled together from CP2020, various supplements, I.C.E.'s CyberSpace, the Tank Girl RPG, and a few other sources. Each agent is listed with name, strength of effect, effect, vector and cost.

Strength is the number required on a roll of BOD or RESIST TORTURE/DRUGS to ignore the effects of the drug (although some have a Strength rating of "Auto" which means you cannot ignore the effects).

Several of the agents in question have mutliple strength ratings and effects. What this means is that a single roll of BOD or RESIST TORTURE / DRUGS is required and is then referenced to the list. Any levels the roll exceeds are ignored, but any levels that were not exceeded are applied.

For Example: Let's say I just squirted MonStEr with Antidiuretic Hormone during one of his rampages and he rolled a Resist Torture / Drugs roll of 17. This means he completely ignores the Strength 10 and 15 results, but still is affected by the Strength 20 and 25 results - meaning severe embarrassment and dehydration.

For the record, Beta and Alpha Fomorol are the brand-names of Biotoxins I and II respectively in our games.

Chemical Warfare Agents
Tear GasAuto-5 Awareness for D6 minutes after exposure due to tearingEyes, lungs40 eb
20 INT, REF, COOL and MA (roll each round of exposure)
Vomit GasAuto-5 Awareness for D6 minutes after exposure due to tearingEyes70 eb
20 BOD, STR, REF, COOL, MA (roll each round of exposure)Eyes, lungs
20 REF, MA for 3D10 minutes from convulsive vomitinglungs
Mustard GasAutoD6 damage to D3 locations each turnContact80 eb
15 INT, REF, COOL and MA (roll each round of exposure), -5 Awareness due to bloody eyesEyes, lungs
Beta-FomoralAuto4D6 damage as nerve endings flare up and disruptContact200 eb
Alpha-FomoralAuto8D6 damage as nerve and muscle clusters tear themselves up and disruptContact300 eb
Nerve GasAuto8D10 damage internal bleeding, clotting, and organ disintegration.Contact400 eb
Algira-HemoglobinAuto-5 on all rolls for D10 hoursLungs400 eb
15Death in 6D10 minutes from thickening blood causing asphyxiation and muscle atrophyLungs
20Blindness from blood clotting in eyes (80% permanent)Eyes
Antidiuretic Hormone25Severe embarrassment in D10x30 seconds as character begins to urinateLungs160 eb
20Dehydration sets in in 20+3D10 minutes, causing -4 on all rolls for 24 hoursLungs
15Severe dehydration sets in in 20+2D10 minutes, causing 5D6 damageLungs
10Death by dehydration in 20+D10 minutesLungs
CHS-IV353D6 damage, 1/4 REF & MA for 2D10 minutes from vomiting bloodLungs500 eb
20Death save at -2 from drowning every turn starting in 10 turns as blood erupts into lungsLungs
Etherylide-2330Loss of D3 Cool, Int and Tech, recovered at 1pt / week from synaptic damageContact350 eb
20Death by stroke as Etherylide absorbs neural impulses in the heartContact
Hemoethygene30 Str & Bod for 1 hour per point failedLungs500 eb
18Death save at -5 in D20 hours as Hemoethygene eats all the victims red blood cellsLungs
Polypheronol-7030Muscle spasms cause -2 REF for 1 hour / point failedContact150 eb
20Muscle spasms cause -6 REF for 20 minutes / point failedContact
13Muscle spasms cause complete paralysis for 10 minutes / point failedContact
VXX Neurotoxin21Unconsciousness for 2D10 minutesContact400 eb
Joker Gas30Minor spasms cause -1 REF, +4 stress, 2D6 HL for 2 hours after wardsContact200 eb
24-1 INT, MA, REF for 2D6 minutes and twitch and laugh.Contact
18 INT, MA, REF for the durationContact
BlackOut23Unconsciousness for D3+1 hours... 3D6 HL for 2D6 hours afterContact200 eb
Spaz20Full paralysis for 4 days, 24 hours with tissue flushContact250 eb
Blue GlassAutoHallucinations (automatic), Black Outs (Cool - 2), Catatonia (Cool - 6), 1HL permanentInhaled100 eb
15Disabling hallucinatory state lasting the duration (6 hours). 1 minute onsetInhaled
NeoCorticineAutoHypnotic +3, Bad Hallucinations (4 in 6), Negative Physical Reaction +3Contact Liquid100 eb
Black-Eyed DickAuto4D6 damage nerve agent in D3-1 turnsInjected150 eb
Nap-Time 2020Auto5D6 Dmg, Stun. -1 Awareness / 6 damage. Failed save results in KO for D6x10 minutesInjected125 eb

Chemical Weapon Delivery
Hand Grenades & 40mm Grenades100% Cost5m radius cloud of gas, with 15m downwind tail. 10m radius cloud indoors
25mm Grenades75% Cost3m radius cloud of gas
Micro Spray Can50 % Cost1 shot spray can with 1m range, size of a lighter
Mini Spray Can100% Cost3 shot spray can with 2m range, slightly smaller than a grenade
Spray Can200% Cost8 shot spray can with 2m range, size of small can of bug spray
Bear Can300% Cost10 shot spray can with 3m range, size of a can of bug spray
Paint Balls (non-aerosol)250% Cost50 paintballs loaded with a liquid chemical weapon
Paint Balls (aerosolizing)400% Cost50 paintballs loaded with a chemical weapon that aerosolizes on impact into a 1m cloud
Shotgun slug canisters100% Cost8 Slugs penetrate up to 8 SP barricades and deliver a 1.5m cloud of the chemical weapon
TechJager Air Fouler+ 400 ebFills a 10' x 10' room with selected chemical agent gas
FlashLight Gas Dispenser+50 eb3 shot spray can with 2m range, hidden in the bottom of a working flashlight

Chemical Warfare Gear
USM-1128 Gas Mask200 ebUS Military Gas Mask with 2 filter system
Surplus Gas Mask60 ebGas Mask with single filter
Esporma Environment Suit725 ebSP:10, SP:30 vs corrosives, air supply, etc
EnviroScanner400 ebDetects radiation & biological contamination within 7m
Royo BodyFree Masks w/ shield700 eb+1 ATTR in Eurostyle environs, (+2 w/ Dif Grooming roll), protects once vs. Chemical Weapons