The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CheapAss CyberWare for your budget borg

SmartShades II
Smartshades II made their market debut in January of 2020, but were quickly abandonned as most people were unwilling to have a proprietary cybernetic installation done just for some fancy smartshades.
SmartShades II look like normal mirrorshades (even more "normal" than standard smartshades) and have no obvious interface ports or cables to give them away. Instead, SmartShades II require a special magnetic induction interface be installed just above the wearer's ears, along with a custom linkup (SmartShades LinkUp) installed in the neural processor wetware. When teh shades are put on they automatically link to this interface and work almost as well as true cyberoptics.
The main problem for the modern user is finding both the shades and the interface. Since the SmartShades were discontinued, it's quite difficult to get the interface installed anywhere, and those with the interface already installed who have lost their original shades get to look forward to months of hunting through pawn-shops and second-hand stores to find a replacement set.
The true benefit of SmartShades II is the massive number of options available to fill the variable number of option spaces, combining the options from standard cyberoptics (at the usual 80% of normal cost) as well as a whole plethora of additional options (each taking one space) including the Kiroshi Heads Up Display (from Chrome 2), built-in Visual Recognition Chips (from Chrome 1) and the Outline Haloing chips (all at 80% of the list price from the Chrome Books).
SmartShades Interface300 ebD2 HL, Minor Surgery
SmartShades Linkup100 eb0.5 HL, Negl. Surgery
SmartShades II Alpha500 eb2 option spaces
SmartShades II Beta650 eb3 option spaces
SmartShades II Omega800 eb4 option spaces

Independant Cranial Laser Aim Assistance (ICLAA)
Originally created to circumvent the necessity for interface plugs and smartgun linkup for use with smart-rigged weapons in the military, this product is essentially a laser sight set a pre-defined frequency. Originally it could be either mounted on a cyber facial remount or mounted to a helmet.
The concept was that a smartgun processor would be externally mounted on the gun and linked to it's laser sight, an optical-light receiver and the weapon's trigger unit. Whenever the gun's laser sight touches the same point as the ICLAA laser sight, the smartgun processor would fire the gun.
The reality of the situation is that it is nearly impossible to accurately aim the cranially-mounted device, even in a controlled range setting. In combat it became a statistical impossibility. (The helmet-mounted version was even worse as the less stable mounting produced even more erratic aim-points). In fact, most of the times that the smart-trigger did fire, it was while the user was trying to find where the aim point was and was panning around randomly.
Now the only use for this retro-cyber gadget is intimidation, as the borg levels down on you, his aim-assistance laser pans past your eyes...
ICLAA500 ebD3+1 HL, Negl Surgery, +1 Intimidate

Artificial Joints
Long available, but not aoffered as elective surgery... Artificial Joints are normally only used to repair severe bone damage but during 2017-2018 they were also available as elective surgery from several trauma centers cashing in on the CyberWare Craze.
The implants themselves are plastic or titanium joints medled and pinned to the natural bones around them and completely replacing the old joint. They are quite cheap in and of themselves, but the surgery is a pain. These stats are for elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Smaller joints like knuckles can also be replaced, with few (if any) game effects)
Plastic Joints reduce damage from joint-lock style holds to that location by 1 point, cost 125eb per joint, 0.25 HL per joint and are Major Surgery.
Titanium Joints reduce damage from joint-lock style holds to that location by 2 points, cost 300eb per joint, increase the amount of damage required to destroy that location by 1, and provide +1 to HTH damage from unarmed blows that use that joint as the contact point, and have a 0.5 HL and are Major Surgery.

OverPressure Micro-Hydraulics
Some companies experimented with very high-pressure micro-hydraulic rams in cyberlimbs instead of myomers or standard hydraulic rams. These rams have the same game effects as hydraulic rams, but take no space in the limb and do not prevent the limb from having a real-skin cover. They also reduce the limb's SDP by 5 and are even noisier than Hydraulic Rams (giving -2 on stealth rolls). The reduced SDP is to take into account the almost instnat loss of all hydraulic pressure in the limb that occurs when an overpressure line is penetrated.