The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CheapAss CyberWare for your budget borg

High-tension Ceramic & Plastic Subdermal Armour
The armour is made of a very high-pressure compound instead of the normal high-strength materials. What this means for the consumer is a 25% discount, but each penetrating hit reduces the SP value by 3 as the armour shatters. In addition, for each penetrating hit the armour gains an EV of 1 representing the extreme pain & discomfort of these sharp armour chunks pushing around under your skin (if the owner has a pain editor, reduce this to 1 EV per 2 penetrating hits)

Heavy Duty Subdermal Armour
This armour is bigger and tougher! Using the same laminates as used in Tank armour, HD Subdermal Armour provides 20% more SP than normal, but has an automatic EV of 1, looks like armour (-1 ATTR), and counts against your carrying limit by 1kg per SP (in addition to any REF & ATTR penalty for the higher levels of graduated subdermal armour). Because it's so obvious there is also an additional D6 Humanity Loss.

Subdermal Shin Guards
Just like Subdermal Armour, but on your shins! It doesn't look natural, but hey, you can knee people harder and skate like a maniac without fear of smashing up your legs on impact! Two thirds the cost and same HL as Skull Armour, except ATTR loss is treated as EV. (So SP:12 has a 50% chance of EV:1 and SP:14 is EV:1)

Brazilian CyberLimbs
Brazil has always outlawed enhanced-strength cybernetics, and in response several smaller companies have complied with national law and produced cyberlimbs with normal human strength. These limbs have the normal number of option spaces, 10 SP, cannot mount strengthened myomars or hydraulic rams, and deal damage as a normal flesh limb. They only cost 75% of the normal price of a cyberlimb and have a Humanity Loss of D6+1

Chinese CyberArms
Not all Chinese cyberlimbs are like these, but the most famous of them are (the rest are exported under well-concealed brand names or sold to other companies who put their name on them). They are notoriously bad for fine motor control. This gives a -1 WA with firearms, (and the firearm user cannot benefit from aiming as the gun slowly weaves as the arms constantly overcompensate), and -3 on all active TECH rolls.

tHe HeaDspYkE
The ultimate in ganger cool. This is an eight-inch retractable spike mounted in your forehead or the top of your head, retracting into your skull when not in use! HeadButt with this baby! (2D6 damage cyberweapon, roll hits on the following table: 1-6 head, 7-8 shoulders, 9-10 arms). 3D6 HL, Critical Surgery, 1,000eb, roll D10 on the following table after implantation: (1-2) -1 INT, (3-4) -1 COOL, (5-6) -1 REF, (7-9) Roll D6 on this table twice, (10) Roll D10 on this table twice. Mono-Edged version deals 3D6 damage and costs 2,000 eb.

Geek-Chic! Basically a light-tattoo linked to your web site through an internal cellular or radio connection. Treat it as the Kill Counter, but it keeps track of hits to your web site.

Navel Filters
It's not the latest development in marine communications, nor the latest time saving device for teeny-boppers healing their navel peicings, it's the nick-name for the latest piece of custom stomach-ware from BioMai! A small nano-factory is installed through your navel and linked to your stomach. The factory needs to be "recharged" with an injection of fresh nanites every two months (150 eb, N surgery). The nanites in question exist in the lining of the stomach and wait for CHOOH2 fuel. When CHOOH2 is detected the nanites swarm and begin digesting the molecules. The side product of this process is that the nanites produce regular ethanol! Now you can drink straight from the gas pump at the MegaGasMart and save money on your booze (D6/2+1 eb per gallon!)! (BioMai does not condone drinking and driving, nor do we recommend the consumption of CHOOH2, a volatile, flamable and poisonous liquid fuel product). (500 eb, D2 HL M Surgery)

A cheaper and more radical skinweave alternative. Nanites rebuild the epidermis into a heavy and rough leather-like material. The main advantage over skinweave is "hide" heals naturally at a rate of 1 point per day, not requiring (nor benefiting from) armour-saver drinks
SP:2 N 200eb 50% -1 ATTR D3+1 HL
SP:4 N 400eb -1 ATTR D6+1 HL
SP:6 N 600eb -2 ATTR 2D6 HL

Saint Stephen Impact Booster
Classic Italian rip-off of the Sandevistan Triggered BoosterWare. Provides +1 to Initiative (or +1 REF if you allow Reflex Boosting to increase REF), but is otherwise identical in performance criteria to the Sandevistan system. This system is not compatible with the BOOSTmaster upgrade (although this fact is not advertised... any attempt to BOOSTmaster a Saint Stephen Booster will result in both systems burning out permanently the first time the Saint Stephen system is triggered - resulting in paralysis for the user until the Saint Stephen is removed or repaired). N +1 Initiative 600 eb D3 HL

BioMai Impact Booster
Malaysian copy-cat system improved on the Saint Stephen system. Treat in all ways as the St Stephen system but providing a +2 bonus (1,200eb, D4HL)