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C a r n i v o r e I n c o r p o r a t e d
C a t a l o g u e . a n d . P r o d u c t s
-- No Respect for the Meat --
Carnivore Inc.

Headquarters: Savannah GA
Regional Offices: Night City, New York, San Francisco, Miami.
Major Shareholder: Philip Gore, Savannah GA, holding 27.3% of total shares.
Employees: Worldwide: 1,749; Troops: 0; Covert: 21

BackGround: Carnivore Inc was founded 5 years ago in Savannah by current major shareholder Philip Gore, an alpha-class full conversion, when he saw a lack of crossover between Borg and ACPA gear, even though they were of comparable strength. He also noted that many products for ACPA did not truly take advantage of their potentially massive strength. He started with "Spike" furniture knock-offs and variants, but made his true breakthrough three years ago with the Equalizer Charges. Now Carnivore Inc. logos, stickers and propaganda can be found on many privately-owned ACPA as well as any number of Borgs (think of the "No Fear" stickers).

Equipment and Resources: Carnivore inc has three Osprey II aircraft moved as needed between their offices. Each office also maintains one short-distance helicopter and a top of the line machine shop to custom-work any piece for any Borg or ACPA. Officially all Carnivore security troops is provided by Militech, but it's a well-known fact that many Carnivore employees are heavily or completely borged and the offices have several suits of custom ACPA in storage or ready for sale.

Equalizer Charges
. Carnivore Equalizer Charges were Carnivore's breakthrough into the anti-meat-market. Shaped explosive charges designed to blow forwards like a HEAT tank shell with a limited (1m) burst radius, these toys are found strapped to the fore-arms of Borgs and ACPA to provide them with uncontested Hand-To-Hand dominance. Combined with the art of PanzerFaust, these babies are GOD.
. Equalizer Charges are rated according to the minimum safe SP rating on the limb they are to be mounted on. If mounted on a limb of this rating or better, they are guaranteed not to damage the ACPA or Borg in question. Many ACPA pilots opt for slightly over-charged Equalizers, willing to take the risk of some internal damage for the extra punch.
. Note that no ACPA or Borg can actually safely mount the 100-rated Charge. Damage dealt by the Charge is HEAT vs the target (already calculated into the PEN rating) and is normal vs the wielder (therefore max damage from a rating 80 Charge is 160 to the target and 80 to the wielder).


Carnivore Meat Grinder
. The heaviest hand-to-hand weapon ever, the Meat Grinder is the ACPA pilot's dream and nightmare rolled into one. A huge warhammer made of a high molybdenum and manganese aluminium-killed steel alloy weighing in at 90 kilos, the Meat Grinder includes a rating 100 equalizer charge built into the head. This weapon must be wielded with two hands and requires a minimum of 40 Str. If the Equalizer charge is triggered, the hammer is -TOAST-, but most likely so is that tank you were hitting.

Meat Grinder-5 WA7D10 damage + fist90kgSP:40