The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

New BodyWares for the Discerning Punk


The all new skinweave replacement!
At it's simplest, DermalMesh is a cybernetic version of skinweave, as such it cannot be combined with skinweave and it also combines poorly with Subdermal Armours (see below). DermalMesh is a "mesh" of monowire-based filaments layed into the inner dermal layers of the client. The mesh is normally layed with aproximately 1.5mm to 2mm between mesh lines (depending on location on the body, with meshing being up to .5mm apart on the chest and as low as 2mm apart on the armpits and throat). The mesh almost completely resists any attempts at cutting or tearing, and therefore is excellent protection against blades and monowire attacks. The mesh helps reduce deformation to tissues caused by blunt impacts, but only to a limited amount, and is next to useless against bullets and shrapnel, which tend to push individual filaments out of the way on their way into the target.
Currently DermalMesh is available at up to Rating 5, with ratings 1 and 2 being Major Surgery and Ratings 3+ being Critical Surgery. DermalMesh in locations over Subdermal Plating are considered to be at half-rating.
Regardless of the SP rating given below, any blow which strikes against DermalMesh will cause at least 1 point of damage since the Mesh is below the outer skin layer.
Slashing BladesSP = Rating x 5
Blunt WeaponsSP = Rating x 2
Bullets over 8mm diaSP = Rating x 2
Bullets 8mm dia and underSP = Rating x 1
Flechettes & NeedlesSP = 0

DermalMesh1,000ebD3 HLPer Level of Rating (max 5)

Wrist/Arm Reinforcement

That new gun just pack too much kick? Check this out!
Localized muscle and bone lacing, using special crystal matrices in the bones and muscle build-up polymers acually increasing the strength of the wrist and forearm areas. This cyberware allows the owner to use firearms as if his STR/BOD was 1 or 2 points higher, as well as being able to do an additional 1 or 2 damage with bare-hand crushing attacks.

Other potential (if less useful) locations include the jaw area (Pitbull Reinforcement), ankles (The Achilles BeGone - special design for olympic gymnasts) and most other joints.

Level 1 Reinforcing350eb0.5 HL-1 Recoil, +1 Crush
Level 2 Reinforcing900eb1 HL-2 Recoil, +2 Crush
(by Denise Robinson / Dextra)

Bone Lacing

Stronger AND Tougher. Dish it out and bring it on!
By lacing the skeleton with lattice chains of plastics and metals, this combination of nanotech and replacement surgery increases the bone's tensile strength and integrity. Lacing will add to the character's weight and the metal-based lacings will turn up on metal detectors. Because of the extra weight and hardness, unarmed blows deal more damage from those with bone lacing. Also, bone breakage is almost unheard of.

Plastic400eb1 HL+1 damage, 5kg
Orbital Crystal2000ebD2 HL+1 BTM, +1 damage, 5kg
UltraPlastic900ebD3+1 HL+1 BTM, +3 damage, 15kg
Aluminium1000ebD3 HL+1 BTM, +2 damage, 10kg
Titanium2000ebD6+1 HL+2 BTM, +3 damage, 15kg
Tungsten-Titanium3000ebD4+1 HL+2 BTM, +1 damage, 10kg

Muscle Augmentation

Better, stronger, more resiliant musculature through nanotech!
Previously known as muscle lacing, by weaving in Kevlar-like materials to the musculature, performance can be increased drastically. Each level of Muscle Augmentation adds 1 to Strength and .5 to MA. Current tech limits Augmentation to 2 levels.

Level 1 Augmentation700ebD3 HL+1 STR, +0.5 MA
Level 2 Augmentation1,400eb2D3 HL+2 STR, +1 MA

EndoSkeletal Rebuild

Rebuild yourself with more ergonomic musculature anchorpoints!
Using cultured muscle, ligament and boneline tissues, our crack surgeons reconstruct and rebuild the skeletal anchor points in your body. This moves the anchoring points of your muscles further away from the joints, giving you better leverage and therefore strength. For each level of this surgery, the subject receives +1 STR (but not BOD) and -0.5 REF (as the body becomes more and more ackward to maneuver). A recipient may have up to half his unaugmented BOD (rounded down) in levels of Endoskeletal Rebuilding.

1 Level of Rebuilding2,000ebD3+1 HL(CR) +1 STR, -0.5 REF