The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

New BioTech for the Discerning Punk

Arterial Pumps

Stronger, tougher arteries that actually Help circulation!
The thick, flexible, muscular walls of the arteries expand when blood is pumped into them and then contract, pushing it onward and assisting the pumping action of the heart. This nanotech enhancement reinforces the muscle tissue of the arteries to increase their pumping action and accelerate blood flow throughout the body to give you the aerobic performance of an Olympic athlete (+1 Endurance, +1 Athletics)

Arterial Pumps2,100eb1D3 HLN Surgery

Iris Reaction Boost

A Faster Iris is a less damaged Iris! FlashBangs be gone!
By shortcutting the nervous pathway from the optical nerve to the iris, and enhancing the iris muscle itself, this nanotech modification gives the eyes a lightning-quick reaction time to adjust to different light levels, as well as the ability to close completely in extremely bright-light situations. This is in almost all ways equivalent to cyberoptic flare compensation.

Iris Reaction Boost500eb1D2 HLMI Surgery

Staged Neural Bridge

Ambidexterity without special chipware or natural predisposition!
This is a bioware bundle of cultivated nerve tissue that links the spacial coordination areas of both sides of the brain to make the subject ambidextrous. Tasks performed with the off-hand normally have a +3 penalty applied to the difficulty. The Neural Bridge reduces the penalty by its level.

Staged Neural Bridge200ebD2 HLMI Surgeryper level (max 3)


Store backup oxygen for when your team-mate cuts the cheese.
ChronoHemeTM (nitroriboseneophosphomethe1,4-globin) bonds oxygen in the manner that hemeglobin does, but it releases the oxygen only when hemeglobin has released all it's oxygen. This creates an additional air supply in the bloodstream. A character with this modification can go for 2 minutes per point of Body without taking a breath as long as they have had sufficient oxygen exposure before (i.e. coming up from underwater, taking a fast breath, then going back down doesn't work)

ChronoHeme5,000eb1D2 HLN Surgery