The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Fichier 1: BioMai (formerly Biotech Malaysia)

BioMai Logo
Biotech Malaysia

Biotech and BioPlastic Manufacturer

Headquarters: BioMai, North Borneo

Regional Offices: Jakarta, Manilla, Bali, Medan

Name and Location of Major Shareholders: Board of Directors, 50%; Denis Sportek (Bali), 8%


World Wide: 18,500
Troops: 100
Covert: 15

Emerging from a 1998 merger of several Malaysian banking groups and their acquisition of two local (to Malaysia) biotech firms and finally a combined controlling interest of an electronics research firm initially an off-shoot of AT&T, BioMai barely managed to survive the collapse and was forced into restructuring soon thereafter.

What emerged from that economic distress, under the leadership of Denis Sportek, was Biotech Malaysia. With control of much of the money and most of the financial institutions in Malaysia, Denis arranged to "purchase" legislation to help Biotech Malaysia in their research and production. Foremost among these was a bill allowing them to produce technologies and products normally protected by international copyrights and patents within Malaysia. Several other countries enacted legislation allowing the unmolested import of these technologies, allowing them to purchase Biotech created by Euro, American and Transnational firms without having to pay their high prices. Of course in time these products made it onto the gray and black markets of nations where they drastically undercut the legitimate patent-holders prices.

Soon after their break into the international markets, Biotech Malaysia went through another restructuring to reflect their enlarging market, and became BioMai. Around this time it was also noted that much of the Malaysian economy is entirely dependant upon BioMai's banking businesses, and the World Bank changed Malaysia's credit rating to be the same as BioMai's.

While this invasion of foreign markets made many enemies of the Transnationals, they universally regarded BioMai as nothing more than a leech or bottom feeder, tightened security and initiated advertising campaigns promoting their "superior and safer" products. But BioMai did not allow the money made in these underhanded persuits go to waste. Instead of upgrading espionage efforts to get a cutting edge, BioMai began legitimate research.

In 2019 BioMai became one of the first producers of enhanced capacity BioPlastic data chips for MRAM and APTR storage (as well as for other types of chipreaders and writers), as well as a new proprietary format of APTR chips designed to take advantage of the design structure of the new Biochips.

BioMaiInternational Operations

Most sales and R&D for BioMai are conducted in Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Interference in BioMai operations in Malaysia is a capital offence by federal law. BioMai's main compound lies deep inland and is only accessible by private airstrip, boat or by driving along a heavily guarded private road for 60 miles beyond the nearest town. BioMai has no mentionable presence in Europe.

North American Operations

As BioMai faces a plethora of lawsuits over patent infringements around the world, operations in NorAm are obviously curtailed to secrecy. It is generally know, however, that BioMai works with Kiroshi when forced to operate in NorAm. In exchange for this cover, BioMai manufactures no optical products to date and also seels lower-end Kiroshi products throughout Indonesia.
This alliance is a source of bad blood with several of Kirshi's other allies, specifically with CYBEMATRIX, whose wet-drive design is being dubplicated exactly bio BioMai and is cutting into their sales world-wide.

BioMai Sales and Offices

BioMai Sales outlets offer a pleasant, tropical appearance and presence (although often quite chintzy on closer look - think of every one of those 4 million sun-tan parlours (aka Fake n Bake) in your home town) with palm tree APEX units, coconut cyberdecks, and pleasant polynesian (or at least locals in grass skirts) service personnel. Since much of their product line is BioWare, most outlets include a simple cybersurgery, and those that don't usually have privileges at a nearby hospital (most outlets are like this in the Malay Islands).
BioMai offices in the Malay Islands are usually relatively well defended, but nothing exceptional (nor up to par compared with the Transnationals and most other large corporations). They usually rely on the local military and police for their protection, maintaining a small security force in-house to watch for espionage and theft.
BioMai offices in North America are hidden inside Kiroshi facilities usually and rely on the Kiroshi contract security forces there, with only a handful of internal security men working exclusively in the BioMai part of the facility.

BioMai Equipment and Resources

BioMai has a total of four helicopters, one AV-4 and a small fleet of ground vehicles and many hovercraft and boats. None of these are combat-capable except the one AV (which is lightly armed) as BioMai relies on local security and military forces in the Malay Islands.

BioMai Products

BioPlastic Chips
BioMai owns 13% of international BioPlastic chip sales through their subsidiary BioPlastics Malaysia Inc. These chips are used by various companies as blanks for APTR, MRAM and computer data storage chips and can also be purchased unformatted in most markets. A generic 1MU BioPlastic Chip (formatted for data storage) is priced at a conservative 10 eb in NorAm and Europe, and sell a chipreader / recorder unit no larger than a pack of cigarettes that can be hooked up to almost any computer or cyberdeck for 100 eb.

Enhanced Capacity Chips
In 2019 BioMai indicated in a press release that they had created a high-density, enhanced-capacity BioPlastic Chip format that could hold up to 6 MU per chip, and they have continued to improve this technology until their current chips have up to an 8 MU capacity. These prices are for Blank BioPlastic Chips formatted for Data Storage. Blanks formatted for MRAM storage cost 3x the listed price and formatted for APTR storage cost 5x the listed price.
2 MU50 eb
3 MU200 eb
4 MU500 eb
5 MU800 eb
6 MU2,000 eb
7 MU5,000 eb
8 MU10,000 eb

Remote ChipJack
The BioMai remote chipjack converts interface plugs into a chipjack! Just jack the cables into your plugs and insert your MRAMs and APTRs into the 2" x 4" x 2" box attached to the cables and WHAMMY, Instant chipjack! Only 200 eb!

WetWare Drives
BioMai WetWare Drives are identical to the CyberMatrix drives presented in Chrome Book 1, and are a constant thorn in the side of CyberMatrix's sales dept.

BioMai Impact Booster
A reduced-scale version of the Sandevistan Booster system, the BioMai Booster provides +2 to Initiative (or +2 REF if you allow Reflex Boosting to increase REF), but is otherwise identical in performance criteria to the Sandevistan system. This system is not compatible with the BOOSTmaster upgrade (although this fact is not advertised... any attempt to BOOSTmaster a BioMai Booster will result in both systems burning out permanenty the first time the BioMai system is triggered - resulting in paralysis for the user until the Impact Booster is removed or repaired).
BioMai Impact BoostN+2 Initiative1,200ebD4 HL

BioMai Neural Bridge
This bioware linking of the brain lobes makes actions with either hand equally easy... or difficult. The character has no -3 off-hand penalty, but instead is at -1 with BOTH hands.
BioMai Neural BridgeM400ebD4 HL