The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Chrome Book 4 Revisited
by the BlackHammer Project

Please note that this is still a work in progress

Don't forget the official Armor Layering Rules

Chrome 4 introduced an excellent new armored clothing section, but one which violated most of their old rules along the way. Suddenly your $100 SP10 vest should have cost you $32.50...

This version of the Chrome 4 armor rules make Chrome 4 armored clothing as expensive as the old armors, meaning that stylish body armor is going to cost your punks out the NOSE, choomba!

There are four catagories of clothing: Light, Medium, Heavy and Combat. Light clothes include thin layer clothing such as shirts and stockings. Medium clothing is stnadard outdoors wear in temperate climates such as jeans and jackets. Heavy clothes include leather jackets, hard boots and Medium clothing with obvious armoring. Combat armor is just that, non-concealable armor... although some of it makes it into the EdgeRunner styles.

Any of these clothes can be armored, just as in Chrome Book 4, but if certain restrictions are exceeded, the clothing becomes obviously armored. Any light clothing armored beyond SP:10 is going to look like "pure combat gear". Medium clothes beyond SP:14 enter into this realm of armor instead of fashion, and heavy armor beyond SP:16 (or any armor with hardcase or plate incorporated into the design) fall into the same boat. Combat armor is just that, Armor. Combat armor always has an EV of 1, plus anything more depending on layering and design.

Any Generic Chic clothing incorporating armor has wonderful logos such as ARMORPLAST on it or looks like straight kevlar or epoxide. Above Generic the armor is actually disguised in the clothing. Hard armor segments can only be incorporated into Edgerunner (for high SP) or Urban Flash (SP 10-14).

All necessary tables to build clothing and armor follow (with thanks and appologies to the ChromeBook 4 team):


Light Armor

T-Shirt		10eb
Shirt		20eb
Blouse		15eb
Tank Top	10eb
Tunic		25eb
Sweater		20eb
Jumpsuit	50eb
Dress		50eb
Miniskirt	30eb
Long Skirt	55eb
Shorts		10eb
Gloves		20eb
Long Gloves	30eb
Tie		20eb
Scarf		15eb
Shades		5-50eb
Hat		5-25eb
Toboggan Hood 	10eb
Ski Mask	15eb
Short Cape	75eb
Stockings	20eb
Vest		25eb
Medium Armor

Leather Tunic	75eb
Pants / Jeans	20eb
Heavy Skirt	55eb
Jackets		35eb
Long Jacket	40eb
TrenchCoat	125eb
Cloak		50eb
Long Cape	90eb
Shoes		15eb
Soft Boots	25eb
Soft Kneeboots	40eb
Heavy Armor

Leather Jackets	70eb
Leather Coats	110eb
Heavy Long Coat	55eb
Hrd L. Boots 	50eb
Most Chaps	60eb
Med.Armor w/
Hardcase Parts  (+50%)
Combat Armor

Greaves		80eb
Plate Ins Vests	60eb
Plate Ins Pants	60eb
Hardcase	40eb

Generic Chicx1 Sub-Averagex0.5 Polylogx3
Leisurewearx2 Averagex1 Reacti-Meshx2
Urban Flashx2 Goodx1.5 Polychromicx5
BusinessWearx3 Very Goodx2 AP Proofx3
Edgerunnerx3 Designerx4 Fireproofx2
High Fashionx4 SuperChicx7