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The BlackHamer Project

The BlackHammer Approved header is for all things that are "official" in BlackHammer Project cyberpunk games. Once upon a time anything found on this site was from my own games, but as the submissions flow in and my own rules change (witness the many initiative rules on the site), we've had to make some decisions as to what we allow and what we don't. We've also included here some rules we haven't written articles for, and a list of what optional rules from other supplements are currently in effect.

The Record Sheets - 4-page character record folder includes Strength (new stat), Stress & Alternate Cyberpsychosis (from Grimm's CyberTales), 3D6 system hit locations, and all the usual stuff for a record sheet. 56k ZIP file with four PDF documents inside.

BlackHammer Cyberware - full listing of all cybersystems currently allowed in BlackHammer games, with stats, prices, HL and surgery codes...

Shots that hit body armour and do not deal enough damage to penetrate still deal 1 point of damage if the damage rolled was within 5 points of the SP value of the armour, forcing a stun save at the very least.

All weapons and equipment featured on this site (although some have had their prices edited between publication here and final playtesting), with the notable exceptions of the DeadEye CyberOptic and the FID Weapon Creation System and all the novelty entries.

Our revision of the ChromeBook 4 Armour System

A third attempt at an Initiative system that hasn't seen print yet...

The 3D6 based Hit Locations table

Our own house-rules Firearms Combat Rules.

Our Drug Production rules and the plethora of drugs so far designed for it with the exception of the Hunter BioMeds.

The Humanity Loss rules from the basic rulebook supplemented by those from Dark Metropolis, slightly modified in the Change For The Machines article. I happen to like the current psychosis rules.

The Stress rules and expanded character background creation system from Grimm's CyberTales and Dark Metropolis by Justin Schmidt.

Players can create their own skill packages, usually using existing roles packages as a guideline.

One new Stat, Strength.

All the material currently on the HACK page.

The HellHound 101
Hound with Desert Eagle
Photo by Dextra

So, ten years of running this game, and two full years of running this site and I thought I should finally clarify what is and what isn't "official" BlackHammer Project materials on this site.
In the past year in particular we've been receiving many submissions of excellent materials that have made it onto the site but that for one reason or another I have not allowed into my games (especially all the CyberPsychosis rules addendums, ideas, changes, alterations, etc...). In addition I occasionaly get requests for what rules I play with.
Once again, this page may not get updated as often as it should and more material may be added to the site without being refered to here as specifically "in" or "out", but hey, you get what you pay for choombah!