The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Conventional Munitions
Damages, Calibers and Costs

All weapons listed in the BlackHammer Project and associated sites are listed with a caliber instead of a straight damage rating. This is because weapons firing the same munitions will generally do the same damage, and these damages can be found in various CyberPunk supplements. (I know this is a vast generalization, and that weapon muzzle velocities are modified by barrel length, bullet weight and powder charge, but I'm not willing to go into that much detail, and therefore these generalizations apply).

The primary reason the damages were not listed originally is because I don't use the same damages for certain munitions in my games as they list in the official products. Since this would cause a conflict when they were posted, I just posted the caliber of the munitions fired instead.

This has managed to cause a bunch of email to be sent my way regarding the damages of my weapons, so I've finally surrendered and am posting here a listing of ammunition calibers, their damages in both CYBERPUNK:2020 and in the BlackHammer Project as well as the cost of a box of 50 rounds of this ammo in the BlackHammer Project game. Boxes of 20 rounds can be purchased for half this list price. Any complaints about the following table can be kindly emailed to

Ammo Type CP2020 Dmg BlackHammer BH Cost Notes
5mm 1d6 1d6 5eb European conventional .22 LR munition
.25 ACP 1d6+1 1d6+1 7eb
.22 Long Rifle 1d6 1d6 6eb
6mm 1d6+1 1d6+2 8eb
7mm 1d6+2 1d6+3 9eb
.38 1d6+2 2d6 10eb
9mm 2d6+1 2d6+2 12eb
.41 CL 2d6+1 2d6+2 14eb
10mm 2d6+3 3d6 16eb
Militech 88 ISTS 3d6 3d6+3 20eb 8.8mm Necked-Down 10mm round
.338 3d6 3d6 17eb
.357 Magnum 3d6+1 3d6 18eb
.45ACP 2d6+2 3d6 18eb
.400 Cor-Bon 3d6 3d6+3 22eb Necked-Down .45ACP
.40S&W 2d6+3 3d6 18eb
11mm 3d6 4d6 20eb
CA 10.4mm 3d6+3 4d6+3 35eb Necked-Down 11mm round
.408 Magnum 3d6+2 4d6 25eb
.41 Magnum 3d6+2 4d6 24eb
12mm 4d6+1 4d6+3 30eb
.44 Magnum 4d6 4d6+3 35eb
.454 Casull 4d6+3 5d6 40eb
.50AE (12.7mm) 4d6+2 5d6-1 42eb Desert Eagle & Jericho load
.44 Cor-Bon Magnum 4d6+3 5d6+1 55eb Necked-Down .50AE round
.525 Magnum Express 5d6 5d6+3 55eb
.577 Boomer Magnums 5d6AP 6d6 60eb
14mm Malorian Short 6d6 6d6 70eb
4.5mm Liquid Prop 4d6 4d6 50eb
5.5mm Chinese 4d6+2 4d6+2 40eb
5.56mm NATO 5d6 5d6+2 35eb
5.54mm PACT 5d6 5d6 40eb
5.7mm Caseless 3d6 3d6 25eb
6mm Caseless 5d6 5d6 40eb
7mm Federated Caseless 5d6 5d6 30eb
7mm Can Long 6d6-2 6d6 40eb
7.62mm Sov Short 5d6+2 6d6 45eb
7.62mm Sov Long 6d6 7d6 50eb
7.62mm NATO Long 6d6+2 7d6+2 65eb
6.5CL Hybrid 6d6-1 6d6+2 50eb
9mm CL Long 2d6+4 2d6+4 20eb
.300 Winchester Magnum 7d6+3 5d10 100eb
12.7mm BMG / .50 BMG 6d10 6d10 100eb
20mm Reduced 4d10 4d10 75eb
14.5mm 7d10 7d10 100eb
15mm BMG 7d10 7d10 110eb
15mm Kurz 4d10+3 4d10+3 150eb Available in KTW and Explosive only
20mm 8d10 8d10 Available in EHI
30mm 10d10 10d10 Available in EHI