The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Standard Duty Load
The standard ammo load for most firearms. A blunt-tipped lead bullet of standard weight and powder charge for the caliber of weapon involved
[100% Cost | 100% SP | 100% Damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

+P Loads

Using higher quality powder in slightly larger quantities than a normal slug, +P loads provide more power to a firearm without overstressing the gun beyond it's design limitations. This load can be combined with any other bullet design except for Hot-Loads and HV ammo.
[150% Cost | 100% SP | +1 Dmg | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]


Still usually close to the standard load, sometimes with a lighter bullet weight, but always combined with an increased powder charge. This load can be combined with most modified bullet designs, including all AP loads, hollow and soft loads and sub-munition loads. It does not combine with Explosive , Electrothermic or HV Loads.
[200% Cost | 100% SP | +1 Dmg / die | 100% Trauma | -1 Rel]

Hollow Point

HollowPoint Munitions have a hollow end which both captures tissue and air during penetration as well as notches along the side of the round which causes it to balloon or mushroom out during penetration of soft targets or to practically splatter against harder surfaces.
[150% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Jacketed HollowPoints

Jacketed HollowPoints have either a harder brass, lead or copper wrap on the exterior of the round, reducing the amount of fragmenting the round undergoes while penetrating a target.
[175% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 125% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Dum-Dum HollowPoints

DumDum Rounds have a softer tip and deeper cuts than a regular hollowpoint munition, resulting in a much larger break-up during penetration.
[200% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 175% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Home Made Dum-Dums

DumDums are often also made by firearm enthusiasts at home out of regular soft-point loads with a knife. These home-made DumDums have a tendency to strip in the chamber of the firearm (resulting in a VERY jammed weapon).
[100% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 175% Trauma | -2 Rel]

Pre-Fractured Plastics

Also known as fragmenting plastics, the Pre-Fractured Plasic (PFP) Load is made of a very brittle, high density polymer that has been pre-stressed. On impact (and occasionally on firing) these rounds explode into a barrage of sharp plastic fragments into the target. These loads cannot be used with electrothermic weapons as they always shatter when fired. In other guns they are more prone to jamming and misfiring than normal loads since the plastics occasionally shear or shatter inside the chamber or barrel.
[100% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | -1 Rel]


This round features an all copper slug with a copper ring nose (in the full diameter of the round). This round provides excellent expansion in soft targets, and was designed for hunter and sniper weapons to deliver fatal head shots.
[300% Cost | 150% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]


ThunderZaptm Plastic DumDums are much the same as a regular DumDum in design but are constructed of a semi-flexible plastic of extreme density with a hollow cavity just behind the tip of the round. They tend to mushroom more than break open as much as standard DumDums and are pretty comarable in performance to a standard HollowPoint munition.
[250% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Spartan Lead Dust Loads

Spartan Lead Dust Loads use the same basic round as the ThunderZap, but have filled the cavity with a heavy lead dust. The extra weight increases penetration (although these rounds still smash on impact with heavier solid targets) as well as the sudden discharge of lead dust increasing damage to the target.
[250% Cost | 150% SP | +1 dmg / die | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Tsunami Improved Glaser

Tsunami Improved Glasers are throw-backs to the 80's glaser munitions which fill a hollow round with buckshot inside a lead or plastic bullet. On impact the bullet itself dissintegrates into a blast of buckshot into the target.
[300% Cost | 150% SP | +2 dmg / die | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Talon-3 SoftPoints
based on the Black Talon designs of the mid 1980's, Militech is now producing a line of DumDum munitions with a chemically hardened exterior which mushrooms on impact to produce 8 sharp blade-like points around the edge of the round, tearing deep wounds through soft targets. Currently these rounds are only available in handgun calibers and are especially popular in the larger ranges.
[400% Cost | 200% SP | +1 dmg / die | 175% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Towa Manufacturing HPA Cutters

This round is typical of of the first generation of Cookie Cutter Bullets. The HPA (High Performance Ammunition) is basically a copper-jacketed, hollow-tubed round fired at relatively high velocities. The Cutter projectiles open up very rapidly, but have poor armor penetration. As with most of this line of bullets, the manufacturing costs made them unpopular.
[400% Cost | 200% SP | +1 dmg / die | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Militech MagnumRams

A 2014 attempt to revive the Cookie Cutter munitions, this second-generation round is an ultra-light, tefflon-coated copper tube. It provides better penetration than the HPA Cutter, and a lower recoil due to the lightness of the round. (-1 WA per 15 rounds fired in full auto instead of -1 WA per 10). Again, sales were plagued by the high cost.
[500% Cost | 150% SP | +1 dmg / die | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Copper-Wrapped Armor Piercing

These rounds are generally standard lead munitions with a copper wrapping over the lead, allowing it to keep it's form during penetration.
[300% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

KTW Armor Piercing

KTWs are essentially identical to Copper-Wrapped Armor Piercing munitions, but are of a hardened metal with a thin coat of tefflon. They also happen to be illegal for civilians in the US.
[350% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Semi Armor Piercing

Semi Armor Piercing loads are the basis of most of the dual-purpose munitions. Inside the standard lead slug is a small steel rod core which penetrates armor better than a standard lead load.
[300% Cost | 66% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Titanium Armor Piercing

Titanium Piercers are made of high-tensile, light-wifht titatnium steel - a good penetrating munition, providing for comparable damage to soft targets becasue of it's rapid speed loss inside the target. Because of the light weight, however, the armor penetration is less effective beyond short range. (100% SP at medium range and beyond)
[500% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Steel Jacket Magnesiums

Steel Jacket Magnesiums are lighter than a standard load, but ignite as they leave the barrel of the firearm, producing a tracer effect as the round flares it's way to the target. Because the round needs to be super-heated to ignite, it must be fired from a handgun of 11mm or larger bore or a rifle of 5.56mm or larger, or any weapon using Electrothermic Enhancement. The tracer effect means that firing full auto at rnages greater than short is still at +1 per 10 rounds fired instead of -1. For non-automatic weapons the firer can get a +1 to hit on the second round of firing at the same target, and a +2 on te third round and thereafter. In addition, those hit by the round take d3 damage per turn for 2 turns after being hit. At ranges over Short, treat armor at full strength (100% SP)
[350% Cost | 66% SP | +d3 dmg/turn - 2 turns | 100% Trauma | -1 Rel]

Tungsten Carbide Penetrators

Tungsten Carbide Penetrators are very much like standard AP loads, but are of very dense Tungsten Carbide with a tefflon coating, providing for improved penetration of armor and barriers.
[800% Cost | 33% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Armor Piercing Incendiary

Armor Piercing Incendiaries use a variety of armor defeating designs, but they all contain a phosphorous or thermite load just behind the tip of the bullet.
[500% Cost | 50% SP | +d3 dmg/turn - 2 turns | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Depleted Uranium

(Thumpers) or DPU rounds are quite famous for their increased damage-dealing ability as well as their impressive armor penetration. The head of a thumper is made of super-dense depleted uranium (uranium which has supposedly be depleted of it's radioactivity). Any metal armor or surface penetrated by a DPU round will become extremely hot, doing 1d4 damage per turn for 3 minutes to anyone touching or wearing the surface in question.
[1200% Cost | 50% SP | 150% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]


AV munitions are manufactured of a pointed solid stainless steel slug, providing increased penetration, especially against hard targets. AV ammo is only available for small arms (weapons that do D6's, not D10's) for whom penetration vs vehicles is not halved for being a small arm when calculating penetration. Use the following stats for use against soft targets.
[250% cost | 66% SP | 100% damage | 66% Trauma | +0 Rel]

High Velocity

HV Ammo is the latest in ultra-hot loaded armor-piercing munitions. Using a secret bullet design and increased powder charge, the HV slugs tear through hard and soft amor. Although these rounds are infamous for totally overpenetrating soft targets, they come ito their own against hard targets where they do full trauma damage. Armor penetrated by HV ammo is reduced 3 levels, while unpenetrated armor is still reduced by 1 level. Weapons firing HV slugs have theri reliability decreased by 1 level, plus an additional level for every 4 rounds or fraction thereof fired in a burst. In addition weapons firing in full auto have a 25% chance of knocking any precision equipment (laser sights, gas venting, smartlinking, etc) out of whack. Weapons can be modified to fire HV ammo safely, but as a retrofit this costs 400% of the weapon's base price. HV ammo cannot be combined with any other ammo types.
[700% Cost | 25% SP | 100% damage | 25% Trauma | ** Rel]


Hyper-Penetration loads are the basic dual-purpose load, combining Armor-Piercing and Hollow-Point designs to provide the best of both worlds. A soft lead slug with a dimpled point and pre-constructed tear lines is cast around a carbide rod about half the diameter of the round itself. The round has all the effects of a HolloPoint round when impacting on soft (unarmored or SP5-) targets, but the soft lead body strips off the round on impact with harder surfaces, and the carbide core is propelled through as an armor piercing round.
Soft [500% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]
Hard [500% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]


HydraShok Munitions are very much the best of both worlds. A very soft round with an incredible mushrooming / fragmenting ability which is actually increased by the presence of a central Carbide Core which protrudes slightly into the cap. Because of the extreme softness of the load, it has been known to jam up weapons.
Soft [400% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 175% Trauma | -1 Rel]
Hard [400% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | -1 Rel]

Starburst Expanders

Starbusts are the first third-generation dual purpose munition. The StarBurst design uses a deep well made up of a series of wedge-shaped ribs and flutes. Massive expansion is due to it's extremely deep cavity with the Carbide Core extended into it, directing impact energies outwards.
Soft [600% Cost | 200% SP | 100% damage | 175% Trauma | +0 Rel]
Hard [600% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

DUC - Depleted Uranium Core

Combining the cheap efficiency of the Hyper-Penetration round with the core design of a DPU thumper instead of a Carbide Core, the DUC has seen some use by anti-borg teams, but the DPU is still prefered for most roles that would call for a DUC. Militech hot-loaded DUC rounds have a green band around the casing base, thus presenting us with the street-named "mallard duck" ammo.
Soft [600% Cost | 150% SP | +1 dmg / die | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]
Hard [600% Cost | 50% SP | +1 dmg / die | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Blades Memory Plastics

Blades Memory Plastic expanding muntions are a wedge of superdense memory plastic around a ceramic core. The design is very strong and lightweight, increasing penetration at close range, but losing speed rapidly (50% SP at short range only). The memory plastic is designed to expand into a wedge of vaguely SpawnBlade design when penetrating into a wet target. Tis increases penetrating damage and makes the round quite difficult to remove safely (+5 dif to first aid and medtech rolls). Unfortunately, if the round gets wet after firing (in rain, water, etc) there is a 50% chance that it will expand prematurely (where it rapidly loses aerodynamics, -3 to hit, -50% damage, 100% SP).
[600% Cost | 100% SP* | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Tsunami Partition

The partition round is made up of two hard-cast-core rounds inside a thin lead sheath. The design is tough enough to hold together on impact, but tears into two pieces during rapid deceleration through a semi-solid medium (did you say, human flesh?). The result is a round that penetrates well and still delivers the larger wound cavity of a hollowpoint or fragmenting round. Currently only available in larger rifle calibers (6.5mm, 7.62N and up).
[500% Cost | 100% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Flechette Load

Flechette Loads fire a cloud of fine air-foil flechettes at the target, effectively turning the firearm into a variety of shotgun. Flechettes are usually made of a dense polymer, with excellent armor-piercing characteristics against light (body) armor. It cannot penetrate hard armor surfaces. Treat the blast as a shotgun blast. Due to the multiple strikes, armor penetrated by Flechette Loads is damaged 3 levels.
[300% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Kendachi Fragmenting/Explosive Flechettes

This load fires a tight cluster of 6 to 12 flechettes made of a a brittle ceramic with explosive cores. The flechettes avoid over-penetrating by exploding inside their targets. Due to the multiple hits, armor penetrated is damaged 3 levels.
[1000% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Saboted Single Flechette

This munition fires a single flechette encased in a foamed-alluminium sabot which is discarded as soon as it clears the barrel. These flechettes travel at speeds well over three times the norm. At those speeds the fine triangular cross-section of very dense polymer allows it to penetrate armor with ease while it's long, flexible construction practically forces it to fish-hook once in a soft target, dealing impressive damage.
[500% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 66% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Super-Dense Flechette Cluster

An SDFC munition fires a tight cluster of ultra-dense steel-alloy airfoils. Each flechette has a fine triangular cross-section, designed to perforate armor. Due to the multiple hits, armor penetrated is reduced 3 levels.
[600% Cost | 25% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Memory Expanding Flechettes

Memory Expanders borrow bleeding-edge technology from the famous SpawnBlades. Each flechette in the cluster expands and compresses (thanks to memory plastics) to roughly the shape and size of a quarter once inside a soft target. They penetrate armor as well as most flechettes, but do terrifying damage once beyond it. Due to the multiple hits, armor penetrated is reduced 3 levels.
[2500% Cost | 50% SP | 100% damage | 150% Trauma | +0 Rel]

APFSF - Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Flechettes

Firing a tight cluster of fin-stabilized tefflon-coated tungsten flechettes, APFSF are the milspec of flechette loads, and incredibly hard to come by. Becase fo the fin stabilization, APFSF munitions add 50% to the range of the firing weapon. Due to the multiple hits, armor penetrated is reduced 3 levels.
[800% Cost | 25% SP | 100% damage | 50% Trauma | +0 Rel]


Rubber ammo is often used by Law Enforcement and security when non-lethal weapons are needed. Rubber ammo does half real and half stun damage.
[125% Cost | 100% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma* | +0 Rel]


When it's time to use TRULY non-lethal ammo, the Eurpocops turn to Gel rounds (aka Stun Baton rounds). These rounds splatter on impact, delivering all their kinetic energy, but never penetrating. All damage but 1 point is stun.
[200% Cost | 25% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma* | +0 Rel]

FiberGlass and SuperDense Plastics

These loads are designed to not show up on metal detectors, and fiberglass rounds a difficutl (20+) to spot using X-Rays or Very Difficult (25+) if appropriately camouflaged. Both of these rounds carry less kinetic energy than a standard slug.
[150% Cost | 100% SP | -1 dmg / die | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Ceramic Fragmenting

CERF loads were one of many developed for firing inside space stations, aircraft and other sensitive locations. These ceramic loads are pre-fragmented and shatter on impact with hard armors and aircraft skins.
[300% Cost | 400% SP | 100% damage | 200% Trauma | +0 Rel]

CEREX - Ceramic Explosive

In appearance, this round is no different than a CERF load, but at the core is a shaped explosive charge, propelling the fragmenting ceramics through armor and target. Armor penetrated by CEREX loads is damaged 3 levels.
[800% Cost | 150% SP | 150% damage | 200% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Explosive Charges

Explosive loads deal significantly more damage to a target than a standard munition. Usually composed of a TDX-based explosive in a hollow plastic shell, these rounds deal 50% more damage than a standard munition, in addition the explosive impact is guaranteed to deal damage past personal body armors (1/2 of damage always penetrates) hand has a tendency of knocking things down (-1 stun save). Armor hit is damaged 1 SP, or 2 SP if penetrated.
[500% Cost | 100% SP | 150% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Area Explosive

Area Explosives are solid explosive, with almost no actual bullet. They are only effective to 1/2 normal range due to their light weight, but they deal 1/2 their normal damage to all targets within 1m of the impact point. These are usually used as door openers or removers, as they will blow a 6 foot hole in light surfaces. Otherwise treat these rounds as Explosives, with all applicable bonuses.
[1500% Cost | 100% SP | 100% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]

Gerard Matrix APEX Munitions

These loads pack a specially stabilized, shaped charge of TDX3 in a heavy-case slug designed to deliver all the damage forwards into the target. Treat as an explosive charge load for all applicable modifiers.
[2000% Cost | 50% SP | 150% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]


Duplex rounds load two smaller shots into one round. These rounds are inherently less accurate due to their design (-1WA), but when they hit, the target is struck by d2 rounds, each doing 2/3rds of the normal damage for a round of that type. Duplex munitions can be combined with most other types.
[300% Cost | 100% SP | 66% damage | 100% Trauma | +0 Rel]