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The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project is the descendent of two CyberPunk creations of mine. The first of these was the BlackHammer Project, an NPC Netrunner & Databroker team headed by J'son BlackHammer, an NPC netrunner version of myself at 18, projected into 2020 at 36 years of age. Originally J'son was projected into the CyberPunk 2013 game world as a 28 year old NPC netrunner who specialized in ICE code. By 2020 he's heading a team of ex-SysOps and pro programmers who build datafortresses for corporate and Edgerunner clients and who occasionally code some heavy ICEbreakers and Multi-Purpose softs, such as TANK.

Original ChromeBook X CoverThe second item was the "CyberPink List". Originally titled the "BlackHammer CyberPunk Technophile Price List", the appendices to this list contained my homebrewed combat rules, initiative system, drug rules, new cybertech and weapon and armor laws. One copy of this book was printed on pink paper and was labelled "CyberPink" by my father, and thus CyberPink was born.

When I finally decided to bring all this material on-line, I was planning on two basic websites, the first was to be CHROMEBOOK X. Each issue of ChromeBook X would contain 20-40 items of my new tech (guns, cybernetics, cyberdecks, drugs, vehicles, etc) as well as a few new rules that we had created and incorporated into our games. I actually built the framework for the first issue along with a slew of new gear and stuff, but held off on publishing it to the web until JackAttack was ready to roll.

The second site was of course, JackAttack. Originally planned as an e-zine styled site, JackAttack was going to include a monthly article of "24 hours on the street" with one gang or edgerunner or whatever, combining flavour text and some gaming notes; a screamsheets section detailing what has happened in our version of Night City; a new corporation; and a flavour article or two. But to change the content of the site regularly would require an archive to hold all the old information in...

And that archive was to become... The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project. The project site eventually grew to encompass both of the original sites which never got published in their original form. In fact, the cover for ChromeBook X I later modified to act as the splash page for the ChromeBook 5 website. The JackAttack e-zine has become a sub-page of the Project, containing our flavour materials, adventures and corporations. And since it's uploading in September of 1997, the site has grown by leaps and bounds! New sub-pages have developped and therefore new navigation bars had to be produced, graphics kept piling up (I have another 3-4 megs of CP graphics on my hard drive that I haven't found a use for yet), articles kept being delayed so other ones could be written, and then the submissions started coming in (and I'm STILL way behind on them - with sincere appologies to Chopper Chopper, Eggo Von Eggo, DartBoard and Rich in particular)

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